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LED Cricket Batting Cage Lighting Case Study

In this case study, we delve into a project for a business facility owner who needed to upgrade the lighting in a 40x100x12ft area used for subleasing. Prior to a new tenant moving in, the owner decided to replace the outdated strip lights with new, energy-efficient LED lights. After evaluating the space and its specific requirements, our team recommended a comprehensive lighting solution that would optimize illumination, enhance the functional appeal of the space, and ensure energy savings.

This transition was aimed not only at improving the aesthetic and operational aspects of the facility but also at enhancing its appeal to potential tenants looking for a modern, well-lit commercial space.

Cricket Batting Cage Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a cricket batting cage lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. In this example, twenty three surface mount 85W linear high bay with selectable power and color were specified. This design would result in an average 61.7 footcandles with a maximum 81.1 fc and a minimum 20.6 fc. The space was subleased to a person who wanted to convert it to a cricket batting cage. He requested additional lights be added to the walls to increase average illumination to 100 fc.

Thirteen additional 110W linear high bays (physically adjustable) were modeled. This resulted in an average 100 fc with a 128 fc maximum and 42.3 fc minimum. The lights were installed and field reading verified the results at 100 fc. Wire guards were then added to the side wall linear high bay lights for extra protection even though netting was installed.

Fixture Type 1: 85W Linear High Bays
Fixture 1 Count: 23
Fixture Type 2: 110W Linear High Bays
Fixture 2 Count: 13
Accessories: Linear High Bay Wire Guards
Area Dimensions: 40×100 ft
Ceiling Height: 12ft
Cricket Batting Cage Average Illumination: 100 fc
Cricket Batting Cage Max Illumination: 128 fc


After the installation of the new LED lights in the business facility, the results were overwhelmingly positive. The facility owner was impressed with the uniformity and quality of the illumination, which perfectly suited the expansive layout of the space. The advanced LED technology provided by our lighting solutions delivered the desired outcomes, creating a bright and welcoming environment for the incoming tenant.

The facility owner appreciated the significant improvement in light distribution and the professional recommendations that led to the upgrade. The enhanced lighting not only made the space more attractive and functional but also offered substantial energy efficiency gains. This reduction in energy consumption is expected to lower operating costs significantly, adding long-term value to the property. Overall, the update has greatly improved the facility’s marketability and tenant satisfaction.