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ESL Vision

ESL Vision Lighting

ESL Vision, also commonly referred to as ESL lighting, is a US based LED lighting manufacturer that specializes in designing modern lighting fixtures with high energy-efficiency. ESL Vision is known for several products including LED tape light, LED tubes, light bulbs, and other indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Popular ESL Vision Lighting Products

SKU Product
ESL-TI-2-S-10W-2L-F30 Ti 2′ - 10 Watt
ESL-CL-36W-450S-M LED Corn Bulb | 36W | 5000K | CL Series
ESL-TI-3-S-13W-1L-F35 3 Foot Tubes Ti Series, 13 Watts, 3500K Kelvin, 1599 Lumens, 123 LM/W
ESL-TI-K14-S-26W-2L-F50 K14 4′ - 26 Watt
ESL-CL-55W-440EX39 LED Corn Bulb | 55W | 4000K | CL Series
ESL-CCR-R56-15W-140 5" Round Commercial Can | 15W | 4000K
ESL-CCR-R8-25W-140 8" Round Commercial Can | 28W | 4000K
ESL-MUR-350W-350 350W Retrofit Kit | 5000K
ESL-MUR-200W-350 200W Retrofit Kit | 5000K
ESL-CCR-R56-15W-130 5" Round Commercial Can | 15W | 3000K
ESL-TI-NBS2-S-13W-F30 LED 2ft Strip Light | 13W | 3000K
ESL-TI-NBS4-S-13W-F30 LED 4ft Strip Light | 13W | 3000K
ESL-TI-F313-S-44W-F50 LED Stairwell Light | 44W | 5000K

More About ESL Vision LED Lights

ESL Light Bulbs - ESL bulbs are known as energy-efficient and cost effective LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor fixtures. ESL has a high quality LED corn lamp that’s used as a replacement for outdated HID bulbs. These corn lamps are part of the CL Series.

LED Wall Packs - ESL is well known for various outdoor lighting solutions, particularly their LED wall pack lights. These outdoor security lighting fixtures are designed with cutting-edge LED technology. This technology allows the light to be highly customizable in terms of watts, color temperature, lumens, along with other attributes.

Mini Wall Packs - One of the most popular lighting fixture types that ESL Vision produces are mini wall packs. ESL mini wall packs range from 8-30 watts or 1901-3724 lumens. These small outdoor security lighting fixtures provide a small yet powerful source of illumination. ESL mini wall packs are great to illuminate alleyways, walkways, or small areas around a building.

Showing a cutout of an ESL Vision wall pack, where the photocell and driver are installed inside

More About ESL Vision

ESL Vision was started in 2010. The company began as a home based business but quickly grew once the bullet light was developed in 2011. The Bullet Light is an LED light designed specifically for billboard applications. This product was revolutionary in that one single 80 watt light bulb was now able to light a billboard. This saved customers a tremendous amount of cost while increasing energy savings for the end-user.

After moving around for a while, ESL Vision moved into its first warehouse in 2014. Although a 3-year lease was signed on the first warehouse, ESL Vision rapidly outgrew the space and moved into its second warehouse space in only a year’s time.

As of 2020 and forward, ESL Vision has a rapidly growing team that prioritizes customer service as well as product innovation. First-rate customer service is always at the forefront of ESL Vision.

Manufacturer Information

Name: ESL Vision
Address: 1957 S 4800 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
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