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LED Low Bay Lights

LED Low Bay Lights & Fixtures

Low bay ceilings are generally classified as heights under 20 feet from the floor. We have LED low bay lights that are ideal for these ceiling heights. These lighting fixtures provide the necessary levels of illumination without incuring unnecessary energy costs.

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We offer LED low bay lights that deliver some of the best lumens-per-watt on the market. This means our fixtures deliver exceptional performance with high energy efficiency. In other words, when you use our low bay’s you get optimal illumination while saving costs.

The low bays we carry are tube lighting fixtures that give pleasant yet effective illumination throughout the interior of buildings.

Triton LED Low Bay

The Triton LED Low Bay by Straits Lighting is the primary model we offer. This fixture is constructed with die-formed heavy gauge cold rolled steel for maximum durability and provides reliable energy efficient illumination for ceiling heights up to 30 feet. Due to it’s high energy-efficiency and durable design, Triton Low Bays are ideal for warehouses and commercial lighting applications such as retail stores.

We offer two separate versions of the Triton Low Bay fixture. Each of these versions are 4 feet in length; however, the differing variable is the amount of lamps the fixture can hold. One version holds 6 lamps, while the other design holds 4 lamps.

Whichever style you choose, we advise using our LED T8 Tubes to maximize performance and energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED low bays illuminating a warehouse

Q. What are Low Bays?
Low bay lighting fixtures are used to provide lighting in areas with low ceilings. Ceilings that are considered “low” by industry standards are generally under 20 feet.

Q. What are Low Bays used for?
Low bays are used to provide the necessary levels of illumination for ceilings that are lower than about 20 feet. These lights are specially designed to diffuse light and minimize brightness and reflections in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for people throughout the facility. These fixtures commonly use LED tubes and are found throughout low ceiling storage areas, retail stores, small warehouses, etc.

Q. What are High Bays?
Unlike low bays, high bay lights are used for ceilings that are higher than about 20 feet. These fixtures project stronger lighting in order to ensure necessary illumination. These lights are found throughout larger buildings such as large warehouses, recreational facilities, airports, etc.