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Municipal Lighting

LED Lights for Government & Municipalities

Municipal lighting is important for providing safe & reliable illumination throughout cities and towns. Having quality illumination not only provides safety and convenience, but also deters crime. We carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor municipal lighting solutions for our partners in the public sector. Whether you represent a local, state, or federal government agency, or have been contracted by one, we are here to serve your lighting needs.

LED Street Lights

Used to illuminate roadways, highways and replace outdated HID street lights. A straits stf series led street light is shown with its reflector facing down and a photo cell mounted on the top Shop Now

LED Canopy Lights

Used in municipal parking structures, car ports, canopies, and walkways. Brown outdoor canopy light with the lens facing the viewer Shop Now

LED Flood Lights

Use for general area lighting, landscape lighting, sign lighting, and outdoor security Shop Now

LED Wall Packs

Wall mounted security lights used to illuminate around the exterior of buildings and alleyways A medium sized LED wall pack is shown with a clear diffuser lens facing the viewer Shop Now

LED Troffer Lights

Designed specifically for drop ceilings for a traditional look, mimicking legacy style fixtures with modern LED tech Shop Now

LED Flat Panels

Square shaped lights used in office areas, hallways, schools, and other tile ceilings. Shop Now

LED Tubes

LED tube lights and retrofits for indoor facility lighting and replacing outdated fluorescents. Closeup view of a Straits Lighting X-Series 4 foot LED T8 tube light with two prongs on the end Shop Now

Linear Strip Lights

Use for speciality lighting situations necessitating narrow linear lighting, such as hallways, storage areas, and low ceilings Chrome colored Strip Fixture Shop Now

Municipal Lighting Overview

Bright LED street lights illuminating a highway within the city limits of a municipality

Municipal lighting is an important way for cities and towns to provide safe and reliable illumination for their citizens. These lights provide security, safety, and convenience for people to move around at night. It also serves as a deterrent for criminal activity and helps to improve visibility for motorists.

Municipal lighting systems can range from basic street lighting to more complex systems that include decorative lighting and security lighting. LED lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their long life span, low energy consumption, and minimal environmental impact. LED lighting can significantly reduce the amount of energy that is used to power a city’s lighting system, which can result in lower energy bills and a decrease in the city’s carbon footprint.

By investing in energy efficient lighting systems, cities can save energy, money, and help protect the environment.

Municipal Street Lights

Municipal street lights play a vital role in providing lighting for public roads and streets, ensuring the safety and security of pedestrians, motorists, and properties at night. They help reduce crime rates and enhance visibility, allowing people to navigate the streets and roads safely and comfortably.

Estimates put the number of street lights in the U.S. between 45 to 55 million, with the majority of them being high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and metal halide bulbs. These lights are present throughout parking lots, roadways, and warehouses throughout the United States.

Many cities and municipalities across the U.S have replaced antiquated street lighting technology with modern LED street lights. These cities include Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and more. This switch is occurring due to LED street lights producing higher quality illumination as well as major cost savings since LED fixtures both consume less energy, and require less maintenance.

We help cities and municipalities make this switch with our top quality LED street lighting fixtures. Our lights are IP65 weatherproof rated, DLC Premium Listed, and come with a dusk till dawn photocell for maximum energy savings.

Municipal Lighting Applications

Streets and Roadways - Streets and highways are critical areas when it comes to municipal lighting. Needless to say, these areas contain varying degrees of vehicle and foot traffic. As a result, having proper illumination is paramount for the safety of citizens. We carry a variety of high quality LED street lighting and tunnel lighting solutions to ensure maximum illumination, safety, and energy-efficiency.

Parks and Recreation - We have a variety of outdoor lighting solutions for public parks and recreation areas to promote safety and security around these environments. This includes a variety of LED flood lights, area lights, and post lighting fixtures.

Transportation Systems - Transportation systems such as tunnels, subways, elevated railways, and bus stops require adequate illumination for purposes of safety and convenience.

Indoor Facilities - We have a variety of indoor lighting solutions for municipal facilities such as city halls, public recreational centers, and government buildings. This includes facilities with high ceilings, low ceilings, and office environments.

Water Treatment - Water treatment plants often have complex lighting needs. This is due to the size of these facilities as well as various lighting requirements. For instance, some areas within the facility may require specialized lights for hazardous areas. These facilities also require a variety of different lights depending on the ceiling height. Furthermore, outdoor areas will need acquitted lighting in order to properly illuminate parking areas, as well as building parameters.

Lighting Requirements

When it comes to municipal lighting, the U.S General Services Administration (GSA) lays out certain criteria depending on the area you wish to illuminate. According to the GSA, lighting should be designed to enhance both the overall building architecture as well as the effect of individual spaces within the building.

Below is a chart with several GSA lighting requirements based on average lumens per square meter (lux); for the benefit of the reader, we’ve converted lux into foot candles (fc) and provided these numbers as well.

Application Illumination Level in Lumens/Square Meter (lux) Illumination Level in Foot Candles (fc)
General Parking Structuctures 50-100 4.6-9.2 fc
Parking Structure Entrances 500 40.45 fc
Office/Cubicle Areas 500 40.45 fc
Computer & Data Processing 500 40.45 fc
Conference Rooms 300 27.87 fc
Training Facilities 500 40.45 fc
Indoor Corridors 200 18.58 fc
Lobbies & Entrances 200 18.58 fc
Elevator Lobbies 200 18.58 fc
Pedestrian Tunnels/Walkways 200 18.58
Indoor Stairwells 200 18.58
Bathrooms 200 18.58 fc
Locker Rooms 200 18.58
Janitorial / Storage Areas 200 18.58
Generator / Electrical Rooms 200 18.58
Mechanical Rooms 200 18.58
Maintenance Shops 200 18.58
Control Rooms 200 18.58
Loading Docks 200 18.58
Dining Areas 150-200 13.94-18.58 fc
Garbage Rooms 200 18.58
Kitchens 500 40.45 fc
Gymnasium & Fitness Areas 500 40.45 fc
Child Care & Education Centers 500 40.45 fc