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LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bays

Our LED high bay lights are specially designed to maximize energy savings and illumination from high ceiling heights. We carry a wide range of fixtures in various wattage and lumen outputs in order to fill virtually any warehouse or commercial high bay lighting requirements regardless of the size of your project.

LED UFO High Bay Lights

Round shaped fixtures for focused lighting commercial and industrial facilities.

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Linear High Bays

Flexible fixtures for broad lighting coverage over large commercial and industrial areas.

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High Powered High Bays

High intensity round shaped fixtures for maximum lighting in commercial and industrial facilities.

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Types of LED High Bays

The ceiling of an industrial facility showing round LED high bay lights projecting bright illumination

UFO High Bays - The name UFO high bay is derived from the fact the lighting fixture is shaped like a UFO. This circular design allows the fixture to effectively provide necessary illumination from a high ceiling height. It’s also designed in this compact shape to ensure durability through harsh environments often present in industrial settings.

Wattsun LED High Bays - The Wattsun Series by Straits Lighting is a new prototype high bay lighting fixture with a unique cutting-edge design. The lighting fixture resembles a typical UFO high bay; however, it’s designed with innovative fold-out panels to provide flexibility in how you light your space. This design maximizes the area of illumination while minimizing energy-costs

Linear High Bays - Linear high bays have a strip shaped design and use long LED tubes to provide illumination. These lights are known for high energy efficiency and are commonly used throughout airports, airplane hangers, large gyms, storage facilities, recreational centers, etc. Although these high bays fill many industrial needs, they also have commercial uses such as office buildings and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are high bays?
As suggested by the name, high bay fixtures are used to provide lighting within areas that have high ceilings. Ceilings that are considered “high” by industry standards generally range from 20-40 feet. Naturally, areas that have a high ceiling require more illumination; thus, require a more powerful lighting source. High bay lights are specifically designed to illuminate these areas.

Q. Where are high bays used?
High bays are used in a wide variety of indoor settings. For example, these lighting fixtures are often used to light the interior of warehouses from high ceiling heights. The types of high bays found in warehouses are often industrial quality. In other words, these warehouse high bays are designed to withstand harsh or demanding environments they may encounter. On the other hand, high bays are also used in less demanding environments such as office buildings or any other ceiling that’s around 20 feet or higher.

Q. What are low bays?
Unlike high bays, low bay lighting fixtures are used to provide lighting in areas with low ceilings. Ceilings that are considered “low” by industry standards are generally under 20 feet. Since these areas don’t require as powerful of a lighting source, low bays are specifically designed to provide necessary illumination without unnecessary consumption of energy.

Q. Where are low bays used?
As the name suggests, low bay lighting fixtures are used to provide illumination from ceiling heights that are considered “low” by industry standards (usually less than 20 ft). These types of fixtures typically don’t have as strong of an energy output due to the lower ceiling to ground height.

Q. What are the benefits of high bay LED lights
Using LEDs for high bay lighting fixtures have many benefits. First, LED high bays are more energy efficient and require less maintenance costs. In other words, they save costs when compared to traditional HID fixtures. Secondly, when using the right product, HIDs are easily retrofitted with LEDs, meaning that you can easily replace existing bulbs. Another benefit is that LEDs are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional bulbs used in high bay fixtures.