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High Powered High Bays

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High Powered High Bay Light Uses

High powered high bay lights are the ideal choice of light for large scale indoor facilities such as manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses and industrial facilities. Over the past decade, LED technology has come to dominate the high powered high bay market due to its exceptional illumination performance, long service life and impressive energy efficiency. The high powered high bay lights we offer are designed to meet the lighting needs of any application, no matter how extreme.

High Powered High Bay Lighting Guide

For business owners and building managers, lighting is a fixed overhead cost that comes with any warehouse, manufacturing facility or industrial operation. However, this doesn’t mean it should always be expensive and maintenance intensive. With the advent of high powered UFO high bay lights in recent years, they have become the dominant choice for new installations and retrofits alike.

Manufacturing plant being lit with LEDs

Their unparalleled lumen output, thrifty energy consumption and solid state durability make them the best option for commercial lighting applications that require high light output. We offer a large selection of high quality high powered high bay lights for a wide variety of different applications. The most common types of applications for these specific types of fixtures include

One of the primary benefits of LEDs over traditional lighting technologies used in high bays such as HIDs is their dramatically improved energy efficiency. Our Apollo series fixtures have been shown to reduce energy consumption by approximately 70% when compared to commonly used HID high bay units. This massive savings in operating costs alone is a significant enough benefit for most business owners and building managers to make the switch to LEDs.

However there are several other benefits to LED high bay lighting that should be considered. One of the other key selling points of LED illumination is their reduced maintenance requirements. With a minimum rated service life of 50,000 hours, our Apollo fixtures do not require users to lift a finger for at least six years, even with 24/7/365 continuous operation.

High powered high bay lights produce a considerable increase in visibility due to their higher lumen per watt rating when compared to traditional style high bay lights. In addition to this, the light they produce is also far more accurate thanks to its higher Color Rendering Index CRI rating it has, increasing worker safety as well as making a generally more pleasant working environment. Our selection of high powered high bay lights offer a significant advantage in both of these areas, even when compared to competing LED lighting offerings.

Because high powered lighting is only as effective as its setup, our team of lighting experts has taken the initiative to offer in-house photometric planning services. It is important to us that our customers and end users receive the maximum benefit from their lighting fixture, which can be reliably and consistently achieved with a proper photometric plan. These plans ensure not only the best possible illumination, but also the maximum energy efficiency by specifying the right wattage, placement and quantity of fixtures.

A photometric plan for a warehouse space showing the placement and size of high powered LED high bays

Types of LED High Powered High Bays

There are multiple variations of high powered LED high bay lights available for different lighting requirements. Below are a listing of the brands and types we carry:

Apollo High Powered High Bays - Manufactured by Straits Lighting, the Apollo series of high powered high bay lights are energy-efficient fixtures designed specifically for commercial and industrial environments with high ceiling heights. The primary submodel in this series used for applications requiring high power outputs is the HBI class.

5000K LED High Bays - The typical color temperature used for high bay fixtures is 5000 Kelvins, which is considered to be the standard for most LED lighting applications. This color temperature emits a cool bright white color that provides optimum overall visibility regardless of the conditions.

Apollo HBI - This class of high bays features an extra wide design in order to provide illumination over a wide area. Apollo HBI’s are considered to be the standard choice for warehouse and industrial applications with high ceilings thanks to their strong lumen output. These fixtures provide up to 360 watts and 43,887 lumens of LED light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between regular and high powered high bays?
While similar in purpose and overall design, high powered high bay lights feature a far more powerful lumen output for maximum illumination performance. They are physically larger and have higher wattage requirements when compared to regular high bays.

Q. Why choose LEDs over regular high powered high bays?
There are many reasons why LEDs are a far better choice for high powered high bays than traditional technologies such as HIDs and sodium lamps. LED fixtures are much more energy efficient, and also provide a much greater lumen output for both their size and wattage range. Combined with the improved quality of light itself, LED technology is simply the best option for high powered high bay fixtures.

Q. How do I choose the right high powered high bay?
There are different options for high powered high bays, including various models, wattage ranges and lumen outputs. In addition to the specifics of each individual light, there are additional considerations that need to be taken into account, including the overall illumination requirements of the application, shape of the floorplan, specific ceiling height and more. It is for this reason that a photometric plan is strongly recommended in combination with the purchase of these units in order to ensure the best possible results from these excellent fixtures.