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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

Our LED flood lights range from 15 watt small area lights to 400 watt industrial fixtures used in airports and large parking lots. We can fill any outdoor security lighting need regardless of the size of your project!

Knuckle Mount

Use for landscape lighting, uplighting trees, and buildings

LED flood light using knuckle mount for attachment point intended for use in landscaping and general building lighting
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Slip Fitter Mount

Adjustable pole mounted flood lights for parking lot and area lighting.

Slip fitter style LED flood light shown with angled mount and exposed mounting hole for pole to slide into for installation in parking lots and walkways
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Yoke Mount

Flexible yoke mounted flood lights for signage and any other area lighting need.

Yoke mount style LED flood light shown with lens facing viewer and mount installed showing mounting holes for flat surfaces such as building walls and exterior structures
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Trunnion Mount (Traditional)

Standard flat surface mounting for outdoor security

Trunnion mount style flood light with clear lens showing LED array and adjustable mount installed for mounting on any flat surface such as walls, poles and exterior surfaces
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High Power Flood Lights

Heavy duty flood lights for industrial needs (i.e. large parking lots, stadiums, airports)

Flood light with exceptionally high power output from its large LED array shown behind clear lens with bare mounting option for custom installations in applications requiring high lumen output such as sports arenas
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High Voltage Flood Lights

Heavy duty flood lights with industrial power requirements (i.e. warehouses)

High Voltage flood light on its side without a mount
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Extruded Arm Mount

Use for flat surface pole mounting for parking lot and street lighting

Extruded arm mount style flood light with LED array visible through clear lens, facing down toward viewer in the same manner as it would be mounted outside of a building or on a light pole
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Unmounted LED flood lights for replacing current fixtures, or custom mounting needs

LED flood light shown with no mount in order to allow user to customize mounting solution to their application such as exterior building or parking lot lighting
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Set Descending Direction

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LED Flood Light Uses

Bright LED flood lights on the tower of an airport illuminating the ground

Flood lights are one of the most versatile options available for outdoor lighting. These lights have a wide variety of mounting options and can be adjusted to fit virtually any lighting needs. Common uses for these lighting fixtures include:

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Illumination and security of building exteriors
  • Pole-mounted lighting (i.e. street lights)
  • Commercial outdoor lighting (i.e. retail stores).
  • Outdoor stadiums
  • Soccer or football fields
  • Construction site lighting
  • Mounted and used as spotlights

Selecting Wattage and Lumens

Choosing the correct wattage and lumens will depend on individual lighting needs. For example, 15 watt lights are ideal for smaller lighting applications such as illuminating a walkway or door while 400 watt lights are necessary for larger industrial sized applications such as highways, airports, or stadiums. We've prepared a chart below to give you an idea of different wattage and lumen levels for LED flood lights and when they're applicable. The chart also has HID wattage equivalents if you're replacing existing fixtures.

Chart showing wattage and lumens for LED flood lights. These numbers range from 15 watt lights with 1,663 lumens for small outdoor areas all the way up to 400 watt lights with 50,200 lumens for large industrial areas such as highways.

Accessories And Mounting Options

We have a wide variety of accessories and mounting options available for our LED flood lights. This makes our lighting fixtures highly versatile and well equipped to provide high quality illumination for any of your outdoor or security lighting needs.

Knuckle Mount - The knuckle mount is an adjustable mounting option that allows for aimable illumination. A knuckle mounted LED flood light is easily installed in outdoor settings at the ground level and is typically used to provide lighting to signage, trees, or other areas that require upward illumination.

Extruded Arm Mount - The extruded arm mount for flood lights are a standard mounting option that’s L-shaped. This mount allows you to hoist up the lighting fixture and provide targeted lighting to a fixed area.

Slip Fitter Mount - A slip fitter mount is used for pole lighting. In this case, the mounting bracket is used to attach the flood light to a pole and provide illumination over a wide outdoor area. This type of mounting is ideal for parking lot lighting and other applications which require a pole mounted fixture.

Trunnion Mount - A Trunnion Mount uses a pivoting point to allow the flood light to cast illumination from side-to-side. This is a great option if the flood light will need to be tilted or shifted.

Floodlight Photocell - A photocell uses a sensor to detect the level of lighting available outside and turn on if necessary. In other words, once it becomes dark, the light will turn on. Lighting fixtures that use this technology are commonly referred to as “dusk to dawn lights.” We have photocells available for our LED flood lights to enhance security around outdoor areas.

Yoke Mount - The Yoke Mount allows you to attach the flood light to the wall of an outdoor and project illumination to a desired area.

Available Brands

Broadcast Series (Straits Lighting) - This LED flood light which is manufactured by Straits Lighting delivers exceptional performance and energy savings in a compact design. The high output LED chip provides uniform illumination to any office building, retail store, school, or security lighting application. The durable bronze finish and long-lasting LEDs ensure durability in the most demanding environments while saving energy and maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a flood light?
A flood light is a versatile lighting fixture that projects a beam of light to provide illumination to an outdoor area. These lights have a wide variety of mounting options and are used both for security, and general lighting purposes.

Q. Where are flood lights used?
Flood lights are a highly flexible type of lighting fixture that can be used for virtually any outdoor lighting application. Common uses for flood lights include: exterior building security, parking lot lighting, and lighting for outdoor sports fields such as football or soccer.

Q. What are the advantages of LED flood lights?
LEDs offer several advantages over traditional lighting options. For instance, LEDs turn on instantly and don't require time to warm up. LEDs also aren’t susceptible to wear out overtime due to harsh outdoor conditions or continued use and thus require little to no maintenance costs. Other advantages include:

  • Environmentally friendly lighting
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Easy installation