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Extruded Arm Mount Flood Lights

Extruded Arm LED Flood Lights

Extruded arm mounts are intended to affix LED flood lights to poles and flat vertical surfaces in order to project intense illumination around a specific area. This is ideal for parking lots and large corporate campuses that require solid illumination for safety and security purposes. Our extruded arm mount flood lights are used throughout the country by businesses, parking facilities and municipal customers who demand the best.

Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

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About Slipfitter Mounting for Outdoor Fixtures

Two LED flood lights mounted with an adjustable slipfitter pole mount casting illumination onto a small commercial parking lot

For outdoor lighting applications, floodlights are the go-to option for a wide variety of customers, due to their versatility, high performance and durability in all weather conditions. Because of these attributes, they can be found in just about any parking lot, parking structure, fuel station and any other outdoor lighting application that requires stout illumination in a compact and durable package.

The slipfitter mount gives customers utilizing traditional-style round or square light poles the ability to quickly and seamlessly add floodlight performance capabilities to their outdoor lighting setups. One of the biggest advantages of a floodlight for outdoor lighting is its ability to provide a directional beam that also has a wide angle, providing broad illumination that is easily tailored for each specific application. When combined with a slipfitter mount that gives nearly infinitely adjustable angles, there are few better lighting fixture choices available.

Slipfitter Mount for Parking Poles

As mentioned previously, slipfitter mounts are designed to slide over top of square or round light poles, such as those used in parking lots. Once slid over the top of the pole, they are secured using opposing screws that clamp down to ensure a strong and secure connection. This means the mount can be rotated 360° on the pole itself, in addition to having a 180° rotation back and forth through the adjustable hinge built into the mount.

One of the additional advantages of slipfitter mounts is that the wiring is cleanly tucked away within the mount itself, providing an aesthetically pleasing look that also protects wiring for foreign objects and accidental damage. This is especially relevant for parking lots, where these fixtures are exposed to extreme weather conditions, animals, birds and other things that can destroy lesser fixtures.

Diagram showing an LED flood light with an adjustable slipfitter that mounts to parking lot poles and security posts. The diagram illustrates how to use the side bolt to adjust fixture angle as well as the bottom screws for pole mounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a slipfitter mount?
This is a type of mount that is normally used for attaching flood lights to round and square light poles. It is designed to slip directly over top of the pole, and allows for a nearly infinite adjustment range to adapt to any application.

Q. Where are slipfitter mounts used?
These lights are typically used in outdoor applications such as parking lots, parking facilities, pedestrian walkways, etc. Slipfitter mounts are typically used in these applications because of their ease of adjustment, simple installation and their streamlined appearance.

Q. What is a slipfitter mount light fixture?
This is a fixture that is designed to mount a floodlight to a round or square pole by slipping directly over top of the end of the pole. Unlike other mounting types, this integrates both an adjustable hinge and tucked wiring to ensure a clean installation.