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Recommended Foot Candles

What are Foot Candles? In the world of lighting, there are several methods to measure a light’s output. While in the past this was typically measured simply by its wattage rating, the process is much more sophisticated today. As LED technology has rapidly evolved, methods to quantity a lights output have improved as well – …

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Center Beam Candlepower

The lighting world today has never been more technologically advanced, with extraordinarily powerful electronics and high output LEDs. With this advancement in technology comes more sophisticated forms of performance measurements, namely in terms of measuring light output. Historically speaking this was most commonly measured in watts, which was effectively the universal language used by industry …

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Overhead Crane Safety

As overhead and bridge cranes become increasingly used in commercial, industrial and shipping applications throughout the world, crane safety has become an important concern for both workers and business owners. There are many different ways in which crane safety can be improved, both by proper operating procedures and also through the use of new technologies, …

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Modern Crane Warning Systems

With the ever expanding global economy, overhead cranes have become a critical tool for companies operating in the international marketplace, as well as domestic manufacturing and industrial operations. These large and powerful cranes regularly lift and transport hundreds of tons of cargo, equipment and other loads on a daily basis. Despite their vital role, there …

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LED Technology

Lighting technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade thanks to new innovations in LED technology. LEDs, short for Light-Emitting Diodes, have seen widespread use since their commercial introduction nearly six decades ago as simple indicator lights for items such as control panels, stereos and various other types of electronic equipment. Today, LEDs have progressed …

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LED Wall Pack Guide

LED Wall Pack Buyers Guide Wall pack lighting fixtures are a popular choice for commercial and industrial customers across the globe for many years, due to their low profile and high light output. These fixtures have traditionally used HID or high-pressure sodium lamps, due to their strong light output. However in recent years LED technology …

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Overhead Crane Manufacturers

Largest Overhead Crane Manufacturers Used in heavy industry and commercial shipping throughout the world, overhead cranes are a vital part of domestic and international business. Also referred to as bridge cranes, suspended cranes or overhead traveling cranes, these machines are designed to be reliable and efficient material handling devices that are often more cost effective …

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LED Lights For Business

Benefits of LED Lights for Business Quality lighting is essential for all types of businesses, whether they be retail, commercial, or industrial operations. Like other business necessities, lighting carries with it inherent ongoing costs that a business must pay in order to continue operations. In order to maximize efficiency and profitability of a business, most …

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