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Crane Lights

LED Crane Safety Lights

Introducing a new cutting-edge solution for crane safety and precision. The Straits® LED crane lights we offer use state-of-the-art LED technology to reduce accidents, protect workers, and increase precision for crane operators.

  • IP67 Rated & UL Certified
  • Requires external power supply
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Highly visible & energy efficient
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  1. Round shaped LED used for crane safety manufactured by Straits Lighting
    LED Crane Light - 140W Red Overhead Crane Safety Light - Straits Lighting
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:140W
    • Lumens:11666
    • Kelvin:Red Zone
    • Voltage:9-60V
    • Base:Adjustable U Bracket
    • Beam Angle:Spot/Line
    • Dimensions:9 x 3.86 x 9.21
    • Lens:Line Lens
  2. Round shaped LED used for crane safety manufactured by Straits Lighting
    LED Crane Light - 140W Blue Overhead Crane Safety Light - Straits Lighting
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:140W
    • Lumens:11666
    • Kelvin:Blue Zone
    • Voltage:9-60V
    • Base:Adjustable U Bracket
    • Beam Angle:Spot/Line
    • Dimensions:9 x 3.86 x 9.21
    • Lens:Line Lens
  3. Rectangular shaped 18 watt LED light used for crane safety manufactured by Straits Lighting
    LED Forklift & Crane Light - 18W Blue Zone Safety Light - Straits Lighting
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:18W
    • Lumens:1500
    • Voltage:10-80V
    • Base:Adjustable U Bracket
    • Beam Angle:Spot/Line
    • Dimensions:5.98 x 2.36 x 2.24
    • Lens:Line Lens
  4. Rectangular shaped 18 watt LED light used for crane safety manufactured by Straits Lighting
    LED Forklift & Crane Light - 18W Red Zone Safety Light - Straits Lighting
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:18W
    • Lumens:1,500
    • Voltage:10-80V
    • Base:Adjustable U Bracket
    • Beam Angle:Spot/Line
    • Dimensions:5.98 x 2.36 x 2.24
    • Lens:Line Lens
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LED Crane Light Information Center

Infographic diagram of an overhead crane with arrows showing where crane safety lights are mounted on the trolley frame — Navigation —

Unlike many solutions on the market, the LED crane safety lights we offer are specifically designed for overhead and gantry cranes as well as similar cranes used in industrial settings. These lights are mounted directly on the trolley frame and project a clearly visible beam of blue or red LED light that illuminates the hazardous area around a carried load.

These safety lights increase precision for crane operators and prevent potentially catastrophic accidents. They also serve as a warning signal under OSHA guidelines.

About Our Crane Lighting Fixtures

18W Blue Crane Safety Light Rectangular shaped fixture that produces a linear beam of blue LED light. The fixture can be yoke mounted to a flat surface or any other type of bracket or surface that the user provides. The linear beam of blue light provided can be used in conjunction with a red linear beam crane light or as a standalone light.
A blue colored linear LED crane light is shown turned on with its twin beam lens facing the viewer
140W Red LED Crane Light Round shaped crane light fixture that specializes in use as a spotlight, providing an intense circular beam from extended distances to provide clear safety warnings to personnel. It also has the option to be adapted to produce horizontal beam using a lens cover, giving users a linear beam crane light capability. This particular LED fixture produces a red beam, which is universally understood to mean danger or to get the attention of those in the area.
A series of circular red colored LED spotlights are shown mounted high up on an overhead crane used in a Canadian manufacturing facility
140W Blue LED Crane Light Crane light with a round housing that excels in use as a spotlight by providing a powerful circular beam from extended distances in order to make sure personnel stay clear of cranes and other heavy equipment. With the use of a lens cover, this crane light has the ability to be converted into a linear beam light to help illuminate specific areas of loading zones, assisting crane operators in positioning their equipment, etc. Equipped with a blue LED beam, this light can be used in conjunction with a red crane light or as a standalone light, depending on the application requirements.
A circular blue colored LED crane light with a spotlight beam pattern is shown mounted high up on a crane in conjunction with red crane lights
24W Red Crane Safety Light (Legacy) Rectangular shaped fixture that produces a linear beam of red LED light. The fixture can be yoke mounted to a flat surface or other types of user fabricated mounting brackets. This is the highest powered linear crane light we offer, giving extended range for the tallest cranes.
A red colored linear LED crane light is shown turned on with its long narrow lens facing the viewer
150w Crane Light Driver LED crane lights require a driver to power them correctly. This crane light driver is powerful enough to run multiple lights at once, as long as the total wattage does not exceed its 150W capacity. It has four mounting holes to allow it to be securely mounted to a flat surface or fabricated bracket.
A 150W LED driver is shown with four visible mounting holes to allow it to be mounted out of the way on a flat surface or custom fabricated mounting bracket

Differences Between Crane Lights

While all crane lights serve the purpose of improving safety around cranes and other heavy equipment, there are some noteworthy differences between different types. These differences have to do with the intended usage of these lights, as well as their mounting location within the crane work area. It is important to understand these differences before purchasing crane lights to ensure that the correct type is chosen for the application.

One of the biggest differences in crane warning lights has to do with the type of beam produced. Some lights such as our crane spotlights are adaptable to be used as either spotlights producing a highly focused circular beam or lights producing a narrow line style beam that creates a clear perimeter around a piece of equipment. This is accomplished with the use of a lens cover with horizontal lines built in that changes the focused circular beam into a straight line.

The easy adaptability of these crane spotlights makes them a popular choice for a wide range of customers and facilities. Something to note is that when a lens cover is installed the effective range of a light is reduced by over half, so this should be taken into account during the selection process.

Other crane lighting fixtures we offer are designed to work strictly with a line style beam. These crane positioning lights are normally shaped in a rectangular manner in order to maximize the effectiveness of the linear beam. These lights fulfill a specific niche in which they have no equal in terms of form and function. Their sleek low profile also helps them to fit in a wider range of places without getting in the way of the functioning of equipment.

Another very obvious difference between crane lighting fixtures is the use of red or blue colored lights. Red is considered to be an easy to see color that is universally understood to indicate danger or as a warning for workers to pay attention. Because of this, red is the most popular color chosen for crane lights. However, in certain situations the use of blue lights can be advantageous, particularly if the workplace has workers who are colorblind to certain color wavelengths. Blue lights can also be used in conjunction with red lights, making for an unmistakable crane warning light pattern that maximizes worker safety. offers a wide range of commercial lighting options for businesses and municipalities. This includes specialized safety lights for overhead cranes, construction areas, and other industrial needs.

Types Of Cranes

Overhead Crane Lights
An overhead crane is a crane that operates in industrial environments such as a construction area or warehouse. Overhead cranes are also referred to as bridge cranes and contain parallel runways that have a traveling bridge across the gap. These cranes are commonly used for manufacturing or maintenance.

The area around overhead cranes is extremely hazardous. This is due to the nature of cranes transporting heavy materials from heights. In fact, OSHA has specific requirements regarding overhead and gantry cranes. Our LED overhead crane lights are specifically designed to provide clearly visible warnings around overhead cranes, which ensures safety throughout the work area and minimizes workplace accidents.

Gantry Crane Lights
Gantry cranes are built on top of a gantry which is a structure used to oversee a work area. These cranes can either be massive or small. For instance, gantry cranes have been used to construct aircraft carriers. On the other hand, they can also be used in machine shops for smaller jobs such as repairing an automobile. Gantry cranes are also known as portal cranes and are very similar to overhead cranes. As a result, the three terms are often used interchangeably.

Gantry cranes are similar to overhead cranes in that they often carry heavy loads and require safety measures to protect workers from potential accidents. However there are several differences between overhead and gantry cranes that require slightly different lighting solutions. Our gantry crane lights are specially tailored to increase safety around gantry cranes and increase the efficiency for operators.

Bridge Crane Lights
Bridge cranes are a type of overhead crane that utilizes either a girder system to move a trolley back and forth with an integrated hoist for lifting loads. Single and double girders are the most common types used on these cranes, depending on the load rating of the crane itself. Most bridge cranes have a pair of rails on which the girders ride, giving the crane a full X and Y axis movement range. The largest bridge cranes often have an operator's station located at one end of the girder or on the trolley itself in order to position the operator for optimal visibility while handling their load.

These cranes are designed for the heaviest uses, and are especially well suited for cargo handling with container ships. They are also popular with large scale industrial operations, such as locomotive repair facilities, heavy industrial manufacturing, steel plants and more. Due to exceptionally large and heavy loads these cranes handle, crane safety lights are practically a requirement in order to ensure worker safety and prevent personnel from being injured, crushed or accidently killed from a load.

Jib Crane Lights
As one of the more specialized cranes available, jib cranes are used for certain applications where a bridge or gantry crane are not practical or required. These can be either free standing or wall mounted, with some even being mounted on vehicles such as service trucks. While they generally have a lower load capacity due to their single arm design, they have numerous advantages in terms of compact size, and the ability to swing a load in a wide arch. For larger jib cranes that lift loads high up above, crane safety lights are a common feature that is added to protect workers from accidents and injuries from falling loads.

Installation Height And Beam Length

18-24 Watt Crane Lights

For 18 and 24 watt lights, the length of the beam is about twice the size of the installed height.

Installed Height Beam Length
5ft 10ft
10ft 20ft
15ft 30ft
140 Watt Crane Lights

For 140 watt lights, the beam length will vary based on both installation height as well as whether or not the fixture is using a lens.

Installed Height Beam Length Spot Beam Diameter
16ft 13.7ft 2.1ft
32ft 31.5ft 3.9ft
49ft 49.2ft N/A (too dim)

LED Crane Light Uses

Crane Positioning Lights
Positioning lights on cranes are used to illuminate zones around loading areas. These high precision lights not only inform employees about a moving load but they also help crane operators position the crane with increased precision. This increase in precision and situational awareness helps to improve efficiency and reduce workplace accidents.

Crane Warning Lights
LED safety lights help protect workers and pedestrians around a crane loading area by providing a visual warning. This warning area is typically illuminated by either a single beam of light or it can be highlighted as a box by using four separate lighting fixtures for maximum safety. Using our LED solutions as crane warning lights provide a clearly visible warning that prevents accidents and accounts for individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing.

Spotlight System
One of the options in our crane lighting solutions uses a spot light system to increase employee safety around crane loading zones. These spot lights offer intense illumination capabilities which gives them the greatest range from the ground. This lighting intensity also makes them the ideal solution for getting the attention of those occupying crowded workplace areas. In addition to their primary role as spotlights, they can also be adapted with a lens cover to be used as linear lights for illuminating zoned areas.

Red Safety Lights
Red LED safety lights project a bright red-colored beam of light to give workers and pedestrians clear visual warning. Red is a highly visible color that’s often used to signal potential danger. Our products allow construction equipment such as cranes to project these red visual warnings which is more effective than sound alarm systems.

Blue Safety Lights
Blue LED safety lights project a bright blue-colored beam of light to provide warning around crane loading areas and other hazardous environments. Blue LED lights are used in conjunction with red colored lights to ensure visibility across all environments. Using both red and blue safety lights also alleviates problems associated with individuals who may have color blindness to either red or blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are crane lights?
Crane lights refer to lighting fixtures which are attached to cranes. These lights are used for general illumination as well as to provide warning around areas where the crane is carrying a heavy load. These lights may also be used to assist crane operators with positioning.

Q. What type of cranes are your lights compatible with?
The LED crane safety lights we offer are most compatible with fixed cranes that use a hoist to lift heavy loads. These cranes are commonly found in industrial areas such as construction sites, warehouses, or shipping docks. These cranes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Overhead cranes (a.k.a. ceiling cranes)
  • Gantry cranes (a.k.a. goliath cranes)
  • Bridge cranes
  • Jib cranes

Q. Do I need an external power driver?
Yes, a crane light driver is required to power our crane lights so you’ll need to include it in your purchase unless you already have one.

Q. Can the crane light driver be used for multiple lights?
Yes, the driver can power multiple lights at once as long as it does not exceed the 150 watt limit. This means you’ll need a driver for each individual 140 watt crane light; however, you can power multiple 18 watt or 24 watt crane lights with one single driver. The driver has four mounting holes to allow it to be securely mounted to a flat surface or fabricated bracket.

Q. Where are safety lights mounted on the crane?
Crane safety lights are mounted on the trolley which actually holds the load. Because they are mounted on the trolley, they follow the crane hook and load it’s carrying it throughout its path, clearly illuminating a safety zone on the ground below. The lights are powered via external power supplies known as a driver which can be remotely mounted out of the way, giving the crane lights themselves a lower profile which makes daily use of the crane easier for operators.

Q. Can crane lights be used for both indoor and outdoor environments?
As IP67 certified lights, our LED crane lights are designed for use in all weather conditions both indoors and outdoors. These high performance fixtures feature a robust and durable design capable of handling harsh conditions and rough treatment typically seen in industrial environments. In fact, our LED crane lights are powerful enough to project a clear and highly visible red or blue beam regardless of the conditions, ensuring optimal worker safety at all times.

Q. Why use LED Lighting?
LED lighting is very useful for industrial applications such as crane safety. This is a useful source of illumination for many reasons. First, LEDs are more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting options. Secondly, LEDs are highly energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance cost. Finally, with the right products, LEDs are highly durable even through harsh or hazardous conditions.

Technical Specifications

The tables below contain technical information on our LED crane light products. For full product specifications check the individual spec sheets listed below the tables.

SKU Watts Lumens Volts Beam Color
20260011 18W 1,500 10-80V Blue
20260012 18W 1,500 10-80V Red
20260021 24W (Legacy) 2,000 10-110V Red
20260041 140W 11,666 9-60V Red
20260031 140W 11,666 9-60V Blue
140W Crane Light Spec Sheet
24W Crane Light Spec Sheet
18W Crane Light Spec Sheet

LED Crane Light Driver

The LED crane light driver serves as a power supply to our LED crane lights. This driver is sold separately and is required to operate the lights.

SKU Wattage Limit Voltage
20260060 150W 100/277V
Crane Light Driver Spec Sheet

Safety Certifications

The lighting products we offer have been tested and certified for safety by globally accredited organizations. You can find more information on these safety certifications below.

UL Certified - Underwriters Laboratories is a global leader in the safety testing and certification of products. A UL certification ensures that a light performs within industry standards and is of sound electrical design and construction. This is especially important for crane safety lighting due to the critical role it plays in keeping personnel safe.

IP65 & IP67 Rated - Our lighting products carry IP ratings of either IP65 or IP67 which means they are considered “dust tight” and protected against dust, oil, water, and other non-corrosive material. IP ratings are governed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). For outdoor and high humidity applications, having these IP ratings is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of a lighting fixture. Having these ratings allow our LED crane safety solutions to function effectively in indoor industrial environments as well as outdoor environments through any weather condition.

OSHA 1910.179 - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) has documentation on Overhead and gantry cranes. In section 1910.179(i), they discuss the use of warning devices for these cranes. According to OSHA:

“a warning device Except for floor-operated cranes a gong or other effective warning signal shall be provided for each crane equipped with a power traveling mechanism.”

Additionally, OSHA provided clarification that a visual rotating beacon or strobe light is an acceptable warning signal on a radio operated crane.

The LED safety lights in our store qualify as effective warning signals for overhead and gantry cranes under OSHA standards as these lights provide a more effective visual warning cue than a strobe light and account for workers who may be deaf or hard of hearing.

Product Manufacturers

We work with top quality crane lighting manufacturers to ensure we deliver the best products to your company.

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