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Straits Lighting

Straits Lighting

Straits Lighting is a top quality LED lighting supplier that specializes in producing lights for industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications. We work with Straits to deliver the highest quality of LED solutions to businesses across the U.S and offer bulk discounts on all Straits Lighting products.

Types of Straits Lighting Products

Apollo HBI Series - The Apollo HBI Series high bays are round shaped UFO high bays that deliver 32,000 lumens of illumination to indoor facilities. These lighting fixtures are ideal for industrial facilities such as warehouses due to their robust design and longevity.

Apollo HBE Series High Bays - The Apollo HBE Series are round shaped UFO high bays that deliver 31,5000 to the inside of warehouses and other industrial buildings. These high bay fixtures are cheaper than other members of the Apollo Series but to not have the added layers of durability. These are most ideal in industrial or commercial settings that don’t involve harsh environments and prolonged use.

LED Crane Lights - The crane safety lights manufactured by Straits are among the best in the world and use cutting-edge LED technology to project red and blue lights around dangerous loading areas to protect workers. These also serve as a guide for crane operators and improve overall safety and precision around cranes.

Wattsun High Bays - The Wattsun Series is a customly designed high bay lighting fixture that has innovative fold-out panels to provide flexibility in how you light your space. This is an excellent option for transforming existing industrial lighting fixtures into a more energy-efficient and sleek design.

Broadcast Series Floodlights - The Broadcast Series is a line of LED floodlights that have a unique compact design that maximizes durability and energy efficiency. These outdoor lighting fixtures contain cutting-edge LED chips to maximize performance while maintaining energy-efficient illumination. These lights are an excellent option for parking lots or commercial building exteriors.

Streamline NX-Series LED T8 - The Streamline NX-Series are LED T8 tubes that are excellent for retrofitting existing fluorescent tubes in any office building, retail store, or other commercial space. These LED bulbs come in a variety of wattages, lumens, and kelvin temperatures. The Streamline T8 series lights are also available in a U-Bend design.

Streamline Plug & Play LED T5 - The Streamline Plug & Play Series is a line of LED T5 tubes. These LED lights are intended for use with electronic ballasts and ideal for lighting indoor commercial facilities such as retail stores. They also use a shatter resistant lens and are resistant to shock and vibration which make them an ideal option for lighting industrial facilities such as warehouses.

Cascade LED Wallpack - The Cascade series is a line of adjustable LED Wall Packs that provide high quality environmentally-friendly illumination to building exteriors. These wall-mounted outdoor fixtures are a great option for lighting around flag poles, parking lots, walkways, alley ways, exterior man doors, etc.

Tri-Line LED T8 Troffer - The Tri-Line Troffer provides enhanced lighting levels in a modern troffer design. These lighting fixtures are an excellent fluorescent troffer replacement especially in office buildings and other indoor commercial spaces.