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Indoor Lights

Commercial Indoor Lighting

Commercial Indoor Lighting Examples

UFO High Bay Lights Durable round shaped lighting fixtures for focused lighting from ceilings 15 feet or higher. These are commonly found in workshops, warehouses, and commercial gyms.
Linear High Bay Lights Suspended rectangular shaped fixtures capable of projecting a wide area of light from ceiling heights typically around 15 to 30 feet.
Drop-Ceiling Lights Square and rectangular shaped lighting fixtures that emit a soft beam of light that’s ideal for work environments. These are commonly found in offices, hallways, and other workspaces.
Suspended LED Lights Suspended LED fixtures typically come with a hook mount and are easily hung from ceilings, giving them excellent adaptability to a range of installation scenarios. These lights feature a broad beam pattern to provide excellent illumination for retail stores, warehouses and general purpose lighting needs.
Commercial LED Shop Lights Commercial LED shop light fixtures are designed to be suspended from high ceiling heights of above 20 feet. They provide intense lumen output and are popular in many applications including warehouses, auto shops and storage facilities.
Vapor-Proof Lights Vapor proof LED fixtures are ideal for areas with moisture issues or accidental splashes of water. These lights are sealed from weather and dust ingress, and are commonly used in entryways, commercial kitchens, auto shops, etc.

Commercial Indoor Lighting Overview

A corporate break room complete with a kitchen is illuminated using LED troffer indoor lighting fixtures

Over the past decade, LED technology has come to completely dominate the lighting industry as the primary choice for practically all lighting applications. This is especially true for indoor commercial lighting applications, which often are large scale operations involving many light fixtures covering a large square footage area of a facility. In fact, finding any other type of lighting technology besides LEDs in modern commercial buildings today is quite rare.

Whether it be through retrofitting existing indoor lighting or for new construction projects, there are several key reasons why users choose LED technology for indoor commercial lighting applications. These primarily include its improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, longer lifespan and better lighting accuracy. Any one of these benefits is enough of a reason for a user to consider choosing LED lighting over traditional types, and all of them combined make the decision to switch a no-brainer.

Indoor Lighting Design

In order to maximize the effectiveness of indoor lighting, a lighting system must be designed specifically for the application. There are multiple factors that come into play when designing a lighting system, beginning with the foot candle requirements for the area. Once this is known, all other factors can then be taken into account, specifically things such as ceiling heights, as well as the square footage of an area and the configuration of the floor space of the building itself.

Once these factors are known, then fixtures can be selected that are best tailored to the application. Ideally, these fixtures will provide a good balance of both lumen output and energy efficiency, resulting in the maximum amount of illumination for the minimum amount of operating costs. This can mean a lower number of higher powered fixtures, or a higher number of lowered powered fixtures - which is entirely dependent on what makes the most sense for the particular application.

Determining the quantity and lumen output of fixtures for an indoor lighting design is a challenging task, as there is no standard one-size-fits-all solution for every application. There is a significant amount of science and mathematics that goes behind a properly designed lighting configuration, which is normally outside the wheelhouse of most building managers and even your average lighting contractor. It is for this reason that we offer in house photometric design services, with photometric planners on staff who are able to come up with an ideal lighting setup for your building's specific needs. This ensures that customers and end users will be able to receive the maximum returns on their lighting investment.

To showcase our indoor lighting design capabilities, below is an example of a photometric plan we created for an office building utilizing flat panel lights designed to integrate into their existing drop ceiling configuration:

A photometric plan for an office space showing the placement and size of flat panel LED lighting fixtures

Common Indoor Applications

Warehouse Lighting - Indoor storage facilities such as warehouses have significant illumination requirements, due to not only the large surface area to be illuminated but also the tall ceilings typically featured in these buildings. For warehouses, UFO high bays are the most common type of fixture used due to their ease of installation, durable housings and exceptionally high lumen output capabilities.

Linear high bays are also a popular choice and are often used in combination with UFO high bays to provide wider angle illumination. For lower ceilings and in areas where lumen output is less critical, shop lights are a popular cost effective choice. Finally, for warehouse entrances and areas that may be potentially exposed to weather, vapor tight fixtures and wall packs are commonly used due to their durability and strong lumen output.

Commercial Office Lighting - There are several types of lighting fixtures used for commercial office spaces, mainly depending on the interior design aesthetics of the building. Generally speaking, most traditional office spaces are equipped with drop ceilings that utilize troffer fixtures that seamlessly integrate into the panel grids. In these scenarios, users often will opt to replace the fixtures outright with LED troffers for a simple and straightforward installation. However, those with existing T8 style troffer fixtures have the option of simply swapping out the fluorescent tubes for LED retrofit tubes, giving them virtually all the same benefits of an LED troffer light without needing to replace the entire fixture.

In addition to troffer lights, suspended LED fixtures are another popular choice for commercial office spaces that utilize open ceiling designs. These fixtures are easily suspended from ceilings via cables, chains or other means. Because they are designed with commercial interiors in mind, they are stylish and provide a clean streamlined appearance that will be appreciated in any office setting. Flat panel lights are also a common choice for commercial offices, as they can be flush mounted directly to finished drywall ceilings or integrate into drop ceiling configurations - offering maximum flexibility for ender users.

Commercial Shop Lights - Workshops and general purpose service areas require durable, cost effective and energy efficient light fixtures that produce good lumen output to ensure proper illumination for accurate and precise work. Most of the fixtures used in commercial shop applications are linear utility style lights, due to their ease of installation and performance for the money. Other types of fixtures include linear low-bay lights for areas requiring higher lumen outputs, and vapor tight fixtures for areas where ingress of moisture and foreign debris is a concern.

Walk-in Coolers & Refrigeration Units - These unique operating environments require the most durable of commercial lighting to ensure they function reliably year after year. For walk-in coolers and refrigeration units, moisture is always a concern for electrical equipment, with lighting fixtures being no exception. Because of this, vapor tight fixtures are almost exclusively used for these applications. These types of fixtures provide excellent lumen output while at the same time being sealed from the ingress of fluids and debris.

Utility Room Lighting - Because these rooms are not used on a consistent basis like other areas in a commercial building, cost effectiveness and simplicity are top priorities for users. Shop utility lights are by far the most ubiquitous style of fixture used for this application, thanks to their low initial costs, ease of installation, and minimal energy consumption. For certain utility rooms, wall packs are another popular choice, especially in areas where overhead lighting is not as practical.

Retail Stores - There are a variety of different fixtures used for retail store applications, depending on the illumination requirements of the particular store. For certain stores with open ceiling designs, suspended linear ceiling lights are a popular choice due to their streamlined design and excellent light output. For stores with traditional drop ceilings, troffer lights and flat panels are the best choice as they integrate seamlessly into the ceiling configuration. For more basic warehouse style retail stores, simple utility style linear shop lights are commonly used due to their excellent value and adequate lumen output.

Commercial Garage Lighting - For commercial automotive garages and parking areas, there are a variety of different fixtures used depending on the particular areas they will be mounted in. Generally speaking all fixtures will be sealed from moisture and dust ingress, which is important for garages that are open to the outside environment periodically when vehicles are moving in and out. Specifically, linear vapor tight fixtures are very common for garages due to their great light output and easy flexibility. Other types that are commonly used are canopy lights for entryways and wall packs for both the inside and outside walls in the garage.

Stairway Lighting - Multi-story commercial office buildings require lighting fixtures within stairwells to ensure safety for visitors and staff. We provide highly versatile lighting solutions to ensure high quality lighting throughout stairways.

Conference Room Lighting - We use lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the highest quality of illumination for conference room settings. Our lighting products are energy-efficient, reliable, and provide an ideal atmosphere for corporate office settings.

Commercial Gym & Rec Centers - In exercise facilities such as gyms and rec centers, lighting is important to not only make for a pleasant experience for users but also to ensure safety and reduce the number of accidents through improved visibility. In these facilities, the lighting is usually mounted from high ceilings, requiring high output light fixtures in order to provide adequate lumen outputs on the ground level.

For rec centers, gyms and basketball courts with ceilings over 20 feet, UFO high bay lights are the most popular option due to their narrower beam angle and exceptionally high lumen output. In faculties with lower ceilings, linear low bays are commonly used because of their wider beam angle that makes better use of their lumen output at lower mounting heights.

In addition to overhead lighting, gyms and rec centers are in the unique position of having inherently high germ risks due to athletes perspiration and excessive breathing compared to normal indoor environments. To combat this, new types of lighting have been developed in the form of UV filtration units. These units utilize high powered ultraviolet lights that filter air as it passes through. Combined with high output overhead LED lighting for optimal visibility, this two pronged approach to athletic center lighting seeks to maximize safety for all users of these facilities.

Types of Indoor LED Lighting Fixtures

There are a huge range of options available when selecting indoor LED lighting, especially for commercial buildings. Which fixture is selected is largely dependent on where the fixture will be mounted, as well as its intended role. Fixtures are available that provide wide angle lighting for broad area coverage, such as a workspace or an office area. On the other end of the spectrum, fixtures with a high powered focused beam provide intense lighting over a very specific area, usually from high ceilings such as in a warehouse or large shop. Below is a list of the most common types of indoor LED lighting fixtures used in commercial applications.

Drop Ceiling Lighting - Drop ceiling lights are designed for ceilings, particularly in commercial buildings. The fixture is a square/rectangular design and is made in sizes of 1 x 4, 2 x 4, and 2 x 4. One of the most common types of drop ceiling lighting fixtures are LED troffer lights.

Troffer Lights - Designed to fit in drop ceilings, troffer lights seamlessly integrate into existing office spaces. This provides the benefits of LED lighting while not disrupting the interior design of commercial buildings.

Flat Panels - Used for applications requiring the lowest profile lighting possible, flat panels are designed to be mounted either a drop ceiling, suspended via cables or mounted directly on a flat ceiling surface.

T8 Tube Fixtures - Similar in shape and design to traditional linear fixtures, these T8 tube fixtures are designed to use T8 LED tubes instead of fluorescent tubes. These are very popular for shops, garages and various commercial and industrial applications.

Low Bay Lights - Designed for high lumen output over a wide angle, low bay lights are ideal for workshops, garages, warehouses and any other building with a low ceiling that requires serious illumination. These are normally suspended from ceilings using chains or cables.

Strip Fixtures - Ideal for smaller areas such as workbenches, shipping counters and hallways, strip fixtures are an economical and straightforward solution for basic lighting needs. They use T8 style LED lamps and come in multiple lamp configuration sizes and styles.

High Bay Lights - These are the highest powered lights available for interior lighting on commercial and industrial buildings. Normally in a circular shape, LED high bays come in a variety of wattage ranges and have a high lumen output with a narrow beam angle in order to illuminate large areas from high above.

Wrap Lighting Fixtures - Wrap around lights are commercial ceiling lights that disperse illumination evenly in various directions. These lights are found throughout hallways, storage areas, closets, and more.

Suspended Lighting Fixtures - Suspended lighting fixtures are a lightweight fixture with a compact design that’s easily suspended from the ceiling. These provide powerful energy efficient illumination to any office building, retail store, school, or security lighting application.

LED Shop Lights - LED shop lights are tube ready fixtures that provide exceptional illumination in a practical and reliable design. LED Shop Lights deliver excellent lumen output and require no bulbs to replace. These are excellent for suspended or surface mount installations in workshops, garages, and utility rooms.

Stairway Lighting - Multi-story commercial office buildings require lighting fixtures within stairwells to ensure safety for visitors and staff. We provide highly versatile lighting solutions to ensure high quality lighting throughout stairways.

Conference Room Lighting - We use lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the highest quality of illumination for conference room settings. Our lighting products are energy-efficient, reliable, and provide an ideal atmosphere for corporate office settings.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting - In addition to indoor lighting, we provide high quality outdoor lighting products to illuminate the exterior of buildings and other commercial applications. This includes: parking lot lighting, canopy lighting fixtures, floodlights, wall mounted lights, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is commercial lighting?
Commercial lighting essentially means lighting for business or governmental entities that aren’t residential or industrial buildings. Common examples of commercial lighting applications include: office spaces, schools, hospitals, and retail stores.

Q. Where are commercial lighting fixtures used?
There are many types of commercial lighting fixtures such as troffer lights, suspended ceiling lights, utility lighting, and more. These fixtures all have different purposes but are usually found on the ceilings of office buildings, conference rooms, stairways, storage rooms, etc. There are also many types of outdoor lighting fixtures to cover the exterior lighting needs for commercial businesses. In short, these lights are used for illuminating the interior or exterior of a business or municipality that doesn’t require a specialized design to survive industrial conditions.

Q. What is the difference between industrial and commercial lighting?
There is a fair amount of overlap between industrial and commercial lighting products so the two are often used interchangeably. The main difference is that industrial lighting fixtures are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments such as warehouses or manufacturing plants. On the other hand, commercial lighting fixtures are designed to meet the lighting needs of businesses without additional layers of protection. Commercial fixtures ideal for businesses with more tame conditions such as an office building or retail store.

Q. Why use commercial LED lighting?
There are many benefits to using LEDs for commercial applications. One of the main benefits is that LEDs are more energy efficient as opposed to traditional lighting methods such as fluorescents. This energy-efficiency can save substantial costs for a business or municipality. Other benefits include:

  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer working environments
  • Easy to replace
  • Higher quality illumination