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Suspended LED Lights

Suspended Linear / Architectural Lighting

Add high quality illumination to your office, commercial building, or industrial space with our suspended linear LED lighting fixtures. These lights are commonly used in retail stores as they provide visually appealing and comfortable lighting throughout an indoor space.

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Information on Suspended LED Fixtures

Suspended LED lights are highly versatile lighting fixtures that can be used to illuminate virtually any space. That is, they are very easy to install and suspended from practically any ceiling. The light dissipation from these lights are diffuses which creates illumination that’s both pleasant yet visible. This makes suspended LED fixtures an excellent option for commercial lighting applications such as retail stores or offices.

These types of lighting fixtures come in a variety of sizes, wattages, and designs, we’ll break down some of the main options below.

Suspended LED Strip Fixtures - These fixtures have a simple compact strip shaped design that holds a number of LED tubes depending on the size of the fixture. Strip lights occupy minimal ceiling space and offer a lightweight versatile lighting option for practically any indoor area.

4 Foot Suspended Strip Fixture - The 1x4 LED Strip fixture we offer holds two LED T8 tubes which are sold separately.

8 Foot Suspended Strip Fixture - The 1x8 LED T8 Strip Fixture holds four 4ft LED T8 tubes which are sold separately.

LED Troffer Lights - Troffer Lights are rectangular shaped ceiling lights you commonly see on the ceilings of offices. These lights come in various sizes such as 2x4 and 4x4. Our troffers are UL and cUL certified and use highly energy-efficient LED T8 tube lights as their source of illumination.

Suspended Streamline Tube Fixture - This fixture’s lightweight & low profile design allows it to be suspended from the ceiling and provide compact and powerful energy efficient illumination to any office building, retail store, school, or security lighting application.

Suspended Low Bay Fixture - Suspended low bay fixtures are ideal for ceiling heights up to 20-30 feet. These fixtures use LED tubes as their bulbs. We offer low bay tube lighting fixtures that hold 4 lamps as well as 6 lamp models.

Frequently Asked Questions

A suspended low bay fixture in a commercial garage

Q. What Is Suspended LED Lighting?
Suspended LED lighting refers to any type of lighting fixture that holds LED lamps (usually tube lights) and hangs from the ceiling. These types of lights are generally used for low to mid range ceiling heights (less than 30 ft) as higher ceilings have more ideal designs.

Q. What Is Architectural lighting?
As the name may suggest, architectural lighting refers to illumination around a building’s architecture. This lighting may be used for functionality as well as aesthetic purposes. For example, people always notice the highly visible and elaborate lighting both outside and inside a casino. In this case architectural lighting is used to bring attention to specific areas within the premise. Architectural lighting is often suspended from ceilings and comes in a variety of designs.

Q. What is Linear Lighting?
Linear lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are linear (strip) shaped as opposed to having a rectangular or round shaped design. These types of lights are generally suspended from ceilings and use tube lights as their bulbs.