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LED Troffer Lights

LED Troffer Lights

Our LED troffer lights provide top quality illumination and save energy costs for our customers when compared to traditional fluorescents. These lights are a great option for drop ceiling lighting inside offices or commercial spaces.

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Information on LED Troffer Lights

LED Troffer Lights are one of the primary staples for lighting the interior of your building or office space. These drop ceiling lighting fixtures come in various sizes such as 2x4 and 4x4. The primary model we sell at our store is called the Tri-Line.

Tri-Line LED T8 Troffer - The Tri-Line LED Troffer Light provides a highly energy efficient lighting option for offices, retail stores, and other commercial applications. This fixture uses premium materials to provide enhanced light levels in a modern troffer design and is both UL and cUL certified.

Tri-Line 2x2 - The 2x2 model uses three 2 ft LED tubes

Tri-Line 2x4 - The 2x4 model uses three 4 ft LED tubes.

Recommended LED Tubes - We recommend using X-Series LED T8 bulbs as this can save up to 60% on energy-costs when compared with traditional fluorescents.

Replacing Fluorescent Troffers

Our LED Troffers provide an excellent replacement for existing fluorescents. A perforated lens guard coupled with a Flex-Diffuser™ emits an ultra-soft light that is ideal for computer work. Use X-Series LED T8 lamps for optimum light levels, while saving up to 60% over traditional fluorescents.

A dimly lit office building with old fluorescent lighting
A well lit office space after being renovated with LED lights

Current Annual Lighting Cost

Energy (kWh)65,283
Energy ($)$7,181
Maintenance ($)$3,358
Current Annual Lighting Cost

LED Annual Lighting Cost

Energy (kWh)23,481
Energy ($)$2,583
Maintenance Cost$2
LED Annual Lighting Cost

LED Retrofit Cost

Estimated Material Cost$10,251
Estimated Installation Cost$0
Estimated Sales Tax$615
Purchase Price (Tax Included)$10,866
Utility Company Rebates($3,760)
Federal Tax IncentivesTBD
Net LED Retrofit Cost$7,106

Annual Savings with LED

Energy (kWh)41,802
Energy ($)$4,598
Maintenance ($)$3,353
LED Annual Savings

Financial Summary

Net Purchase Price$10,866
LED Annual Savings$7,954
Monthly Cost of Waiting$663
Payback Period0.9 Years
IRR (7 Year)115%
Total LED Lifetime Savings$62,667
Net LED Lifetime Savings

Environmental Impact

CO2 Offset / yr29 tons
CO2 Equiv. Trees Planted1,306

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Troffer lights?
Troffer lights are a common type of commercial lighting fixture used to illuminate the interior of offices and other work spaces. These fixtures are commonly referred to as drop-ceiling lights and are placed in areas known as T-bar ceilings, grid ceilings or suspended ceilings.

Q. What are different types of Troffer lights?
Troffers can be distinguished in two primary ways. The first involves the type of bulbs they hold. For instance, troffer lighting fixtures may hold: LED tubes, fluorescent tubes, or integrated LED arrays.

The second distinguishing feature involves the size of the fixture. The lighting fixture is available in several different sizes. These sizes include 2 foot by 2 foot fixtures (2’x 2’) as well as 2 foot by 4 foot fixtures (2’x4’).

Troffers also may come with a variety of accessories to manage glare/brightness and the distribution of light. For example, A perforated lens guard coupled with our Flex-Diffuser emits an ultra-soft light that is ideal for computer work.

Q. Where are troffers used?
Troffers are used for a variety of commercial lighting applications. These applications include: hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, hallways, and more.