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LED Lighting Rebates - DTE Energy Customers

Commercial LED Lights is a qualified distributor for the DTE Energy Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program. This means that you receive instant discounts on our LED Lighting products if DTE Energy provides electricity to your business. There is no paperwork required to qualify for these discounts.

LED Lighting Layout & Design Planning

An example of a photometric plan showing the location and lighting spread of different LED fixtures in a horse stable

Proper planning of your lighting arrangement is critical for success. Many times, lighting fixtures are purchased without consideration of how they fit into the overall structure or design of the area they are illuminating. This creates a situation with less than optimal lighting performance, as well as decreased energy efficiency. However this can be rectified with proper forethought.

Photometric lighting plans are the best method of determining not only the quantity of LED fixtures required for an application but also the type and lumen outputs of each fixture. Because these plans are often complex and highly technical, it is strongly recommended that they be completed by a licensed expert specializing in lighting design. This is of such importance that has a photometric design team who can work with you to custom tailor our lighting solutions to ensure the best outcome for your project.

Contractor LED Lighting Supply

Contractors rely on suppliers as a critical part of their business operations. In fact, choosing the wrong suppliers can cause serious problems for a contractor’s business, even crippling it in extreme cases. Understandably, contractors are very selective as to the suppliers they choose, especially for large projects. In the world of online sales, choosing the right supplier is even more challenging than in the past.

At, we understand the importance of providing a reliable supply of state of the art lighting solutions at competitive prices in order to ensure contractors win jobs. Unlike many online LED suppliers, building long term business relationships with our customers is central to our business model, with customer satisfaction the true barometer for success. We look forward to working together to ensure the continued success of your business with our LED lighting products.

Commercial Quality At Affordable Prices

When it comes to lighting for commercial and industrial businesses, you need the right solutions. For example, lighting for industrial applications such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility requires specialized lighting products that are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, lighting for commercial applications such as outdoor parking lots or inside office buildings requires the ability to deliver high quality illumination to cover wide areas in an energy-efficient manner.

At Commercial LED Lighting, we provide a wide variety of LED lighting solutions that cover the needs for virtually any business operating in the commercial or industrial sector. Our products use state-of-the-art LED technology to deliver high performance illumination that’s energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

We stock industrial products such as safety crane lights, warehouse lighting fixtures, LED high bay/low bay lighting fixtures, and more. Furthermore, we provide commercial lighting fixtures for non-industrial businesses. This includes LED tube lighting fixtures, shop lights, troffer lights, etc. In addition to indoor lighting, we have a wide variety of outdoor lighting solutions including LED floodlights, canopy lights, and parking lot lighting fixtures.

Regardless of the type of business you operate or are representing, we're here as your dedicated online LED lighting store to cover the illumination needs of your industry.

Wholesale LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lights provides high quality lighting solutions for industrial and commercial needs. We work with top lighting manufacturers to deliver the best products at wholesale rates. Our lights are used to illuminate warehouses, commercial buildings, and outdoor areas throughout the U.S.

We have a wide selection of products including: high bay lights, tube lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, and outdoor security lights to ensure illumination and security throughout your area. Browse our selection of indoor and outdoor lighting products or contact one of our experts and let us help you find the best fit based on your needs. If you’re a contractor, first time customer, or have a large order, contact us about our discounts and promotions.

We work with top quality LED lighting manufacturers