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Warehouse LED High Bay Case Study

This case study involves a warehouse that used the LED high bay products we offer to replace outdated T5 fluorescent high bay lights throughout their facility. When the company switched to LEDs, they saw many benefits including a 84% increase in annual ROI. Continue reading to learn more about this case study and how our LED products save substantial costs for industrial applications.

Before and After

The warehouse was originally using T5 fluorescent lights in their high bay fixtures. These fixtures were replaced with Apollo LED high bays which potentially doubles the overall rated life hours. As you can see in the images below, switching to LEDs increased the overall brightness within the warehouse space while saving significant costs for their company.

A dimly lit warehouse before LED retrofitting
Brightly illuminated warehouse after LED retrofitting

Cost Savings Report

We’ve prepared some information using a case study from a supplier in the metal industry for both heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloys.

Current Annual Lighting Cost

Energy (kWh)769,620
Energy Bill Savings$87,737
Maintenance Cost$13,677
Current Annual Lighting Cost$101,414

LED Lighting Cost

Energy (kWh)475,373
Energy Bill Savings$54,193
Maintenance Cost$3,923
LED Annual Lighting Cost$58,115

LED Retrofit Cost

Estimated Material Cost$59,266
Estimated Installation Cost$25,000
Estimated Sales Tax$3,556
Purchase Price (Tax Included)$87,822
Utility Company Rebates($25,768)
Federal Tax IncentivesTBD
Total LED Retrofit Cost$62,055

Annual LED Savings

Energy (kWh)294,247
Energy Bill Savings$33,544
Maintenance Cost$9,754
Total Annual Savings$47,450

Financial Summary

Net Purchase Price$57,033
LED Annual Savings$47,450
Monthly Cost of Waiting$3,954
Payback Period1.2 Years
IRR (7 Year)84%
Total LED Lifetime Savings$373,614
Net LED Lifetime Savings$311,560


  • 36% increased illumination levels
  • 3x increased life span
  • Annual savings of $373,000
  • Increased annual ROI by 84%
  • Mercury levels reduced by 100%
  • 201 tons of CO2 removed

More About The Products

The Apollo HBI is a UFO high bay with a robust durable steel construction. This fixture is perfect for warehouses and industrial facilities. The product uses cutting-edge LED technology to provide optimal illumination from high ceilings in both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Furthermore, it’s steel construction and IP65 safety rating ensures safety and durability through the most demanding environments.