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Drop Ceiling Lights

LED Drop Ceiling Lighting

Drop ceiling lighting is critical for many commercial operations. Browse our selection of top quality LED troffer, flat panel and tunable lights.

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  1. 2 X 4 Tri-Line LED Troffer Light for Commercial and Office Ceilings
    2 X 4 Tri-Line LED Troffer Light for Commercial and Office Ceilings
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Certifications:UL, RoHS
    • Base:G13
    • Lens:Frosted
    "was" $105.99 Special Price $102.81
  2. 2 X 2 Tri-Line LED Troffer Light for Commercial and Office Ceilings
    2 X 2 Tri-Line LED Troffer Light for Commercial and Office Ceilings
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Certifications:UL, RoHS
    • Base:G13
    • Lens:Frosted
    "was" $63.99 Special Price $62.07
    Out of stock
  3. 2'x2' size flat panel LED light shown from an angle with the clear lens facing the viewer
    2x2 LED Flat Panel Light | 5000 lm (40W), | Dimmable Drop-Ceiling Light with Selectable Color Temperature
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:40W
    • Lumens:5000
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:100/277V
    • Certifications:UL, DLC Premium, RoHS
    • Base:Suspended Cable Mount
    • Beam Angle:120°
    • Lens:Frosted
    • Rated Life Hours:50000
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LED Drop Ceiling Lighting Guide

Large indoor spaces often use drop ceilings as a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing form of ceiling finishing. This accomplishes several engineering purposes, namely to provide insulative properties while allowing access to things such as plumbing, ventilation ducts, electrical lines, etc. In order to provide lighting for these spaces, specially designed light fixtures are intended to seamlessly integrate into these drop ceiling systems.

Traditionally these drop ceiling lights were of the fluorescent type, using T12 and T8 size tube lights. However in recent years, LED technology has come to dominate the drop ceiling marketplace with various designs intended to replicate traditional fixture types. There are several reasons for this, namely the increased energy efficiency as well as longer service life and a higher quality of light produced. Drop ceiling lighting comes in various options to fit a range of different applications, as described below.

Selection Factors

One of the first factors in selecting a drop ceiling LED lighting fixture is the dimensions or mounting size required. Drop ceiling lights typically come in 2’x4’ and 2’x’2 sizes, and it is obvious that knowing which size the ceiling requires is the first step in selecting a new fixture. Certain ceilings may require retrofitting in order to properly mount modern LED fixtures, especially if they use an odd sized ceiling tile arrangement such as a 6”x48” or 5”x84”. If a brand new drop ceiling is being installed, this takes any headache out of the equation due to the tile configuration being set up from the beginning to work with modern lighting.

Secondly, it is important to know the lumen requirements for the fixtures, which varies depending on application. In the past this was relatively simple, as the output of fluorescent tubes was normally measured in watts. However, due to the dramatically increased energy efficiency of LED technology, this is no longer a relevant or accurate way of measuring light output. Instead, lumen ratings are the standard of measuring a light's output, providing an equal comparison regardless of the technology used.

A factor that most do not consider is the color temperature of the light itself. In the past, this was pretty limited due to the range of color options available with fluorescent lights. However, with LED lights there are a range of color temperatures available, allowing the user to tailor the lights to each specific environment. This is hugely beneficial for retail and office environments where the color temperature used can have a significant impact on customer sales as well as worker productivity.

Drop-Ceiling Troffer Lights

Our LED Troffers provide an excellent replacement for existing fluorescents. A perforated lens guard coupled with a Flex-Diffuser™ emits an ultra-soft light that is ideal for computer work. Use X-Series LED T8 lamps for optimum light levels, while saving up to 60% over traditional fluorescents.

A dimly lit office building with old fluorescent lighting
A well lit office space after being renovated with LED lights

Commercial Office Lighting

By far the most popular use of drop ceiling lighting is in commercial applications, especially large scale operations such as corporate offices. Efficiency and ease of maintenance is the name of the game in these facilities, which makes drop ceilings a default choice for any building manager or interior designer. The use of LEDs in these drop ceiling lights is hugely beneficial, in that it provides not only higher energy efficiency but also a longer lifespan - both of which can save tremendous amounts of money overtime.

In addition to this, LED lights offer significant improvements in lighting accuracy, which is measured using the Color Rendering Index. This has multiple benefits, the first being a more pleasant work environment due to reduced eye strain as well as the absence of flickering associated with fluorescent lighting traditionally used in these applications. The increase in visibility not only increases worker productivity, it also has a major effect on improving safety by reducing the number of accidents resulting from poor visibility and eye fatigue.