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LED Ready / Strip Fixtures

Industrial LED Strip Lights

Using LED strip lights is an affordable solution for commercial and industrial lighting. These lightweight fixtures occupy minimal space while providing ample illumination for your work area or storage facility. These fixtures hold LED tubes and work great in warehouses, hallways, garages, and more.

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Information on LED Strip Lights

We provide a variety of LED strip fixtures to meet your lighting demands. This includes 4 foot fixtures, 8 foot fixtures, and fixtures that are built to withstand hot or wet locations.

4 Foot Strip Fixture - The 1x4 LED Strip fixture we offer holds two LED T8 tubes which are sold separately. This indoor ceiling light can accept high lumen output tubes, which is perfect for any work area where precision is essential.

8 Foot Strip Fixture - The 1x8 LED T8 Strip Fixture holds four 4ft LED T8 tubes which are sold separately. This fixture is a great replacement for fluorescent fixtures as it occupies much less ceiling space and is much lighter in weight.

Vapor Tight Strip Fixture - The Keystone 28W Vapor Tight Fixture offers an integrated LED solution, with airtight protection from any environment. This fixture is weather resistant and no parts are left exposed to corrosion.

Replacing Fluorescent Fixtures

In many cases, it may be necessary or more ideal to simply replace your existing fluorescent fixtures as opposed to retrofitting your bulbs. Fluorescent fixtures are larger, require more maintenance, cause more noise (buzzing sound), etc. As a result, replacing these fixtures with LED strip lights will alleviate these concerns and provide you with a more ideal option. Our strip lights offer a great replacement for outdated fluorescents; we can work with you in recommending the best option with the right LED bulbs.

Four lighting fixtures with fluorescent tubes providing dim illumination to a garage workshop area before switching to LED T8 strip fixtures
Three LED strip lighting fixtures providing bright illumination to a garage workshop area after replacing the old fluorescent fixtures

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are LED Strip Lights
As the name suggests, strip lights are a thin lightweight strip fixture that holds tube lights and come in various lengths, mounting options, and designs.

Q. What are the different sizes?
These lighting fixtures are available in 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot lengths.

Q. What are the benefits of LED strip lights?
There are many benefits to using these types of fixtures. For one, they are very light and compact so they don’t occupy much ceiling space. Another benefit is that they have a long life span so you rarely need to replace a fixture or bulb. Finally, they have a very cool temperature and don’t make a lot of noise as opposed to fluorescents.