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Topaz Lighting

Topaz Lighting

Topaz Lighting is a leading manufacturer of Electrical Fittings and LED lighting products. They primarily specialize in LED lights for commercial and residential applications. This includes a wide range of stylish LED fixtures such as color selectable LED flat panels. In addition to stylish indoor lighting solutions, Topaz also offers a variety of cutting-edge outdoor security lighting fixtures such as color selectable LED flood lights.

Popular Topaz Lighting Products

SKU Product
F-L24/55WPCTS/D-79 2x4 Back Lit LED Flat Panel – Selectable Wattage & CCT - 40W/50W /55W 3500K/4000K/5000K
RDL/4RND/9/5CTS 4” CCT Selectable, LED Canless Recessed Downlight - 9W
RDL/6RND/12/5CTS 6" CCT Selectable, LED Slim Recessed Downlight - 12W
F-L22/40WPCTS/D-79 2x2 LED Flat Panel - Power & CCT Selectable
F-L24/40/40K/D/BL-87 2'x4' LED Flat Panel, 40W - 4000K
F-L24/40/40K/D/BL-87 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - 12.5W - 3500K
F-L24/40/40K/D/BL-87 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - 12.5W - 4000K
F-L24/40/40K/D/BL-87 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - 12.5W - 5000K
F-L24/40/40K/D/BL-87 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - 12.5W - 6000K
F-ARL/150/50K/S3 LED Outdoor Area Light W/ Slipfitter Mount - 150W, 5000K
F-L8/64W/CTS/D-87 8' LED Linear Strip Light - CCT Selectable
F-L4/40W/CTS/D-87 4’ LED Linear Strip Light - CCT Selectable
SDL6/15/930/D-28 6" LED Surface Mount Disk Light, 15W, Dimmable, White, 3000K
17100LEDP2 Topaz LED Temporary Light, 100 Watt, Orange

More About Topaz LED Lights

Topaz Lighting 2x2 and 2x4 LED flat panels with the color and power select features

LED Recessed Downlights - Topaz sells a variety of LED recessed downlights which is also known as can lighting. These lights are color selectable and an overall great addition for any home or commercial building.

LED Panel Lights - Topaz LED panel lights are well known throughout the lighting industry. These panels come with color and power selectability which allow you to adjust the light to the exact wattage and color temperature of your choosing. These lights provide a modern stylish look to any office or commercial building.

LED Outdoor Area Lights - Topaz LED outdoor area lights are a high quality solution for street lighting, parking lot lighting, and general outdoor security. These lights come with a slipfitter mount and attach to round parking poles.

LED Linear Strip Lights - Topaz LED linear strip lights are color selectable and provide a modern look to any workshop, garage, storage area, etc.

More About Topaz Lighting and Electric

Topaz Lighting and Electric has been a leading provider of electric fittings and lighting solutions for over 35 years. Topaz was acquired by Southwire in 2021 and has three primary warehouse locations in New Jersey, California, and Florida. Topaz Lighting prides themselves on fast lead times, personalized customer service, and top quality electrical products.

Manufacturer Information

Name: Topaz Lighting Corp.
Address: 3241 New York 112
Building 7
Medford, NY 11763
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