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Under Cabinet Lights

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights are used for a variety of purposes, primarily in kitchens, but also in workshops, desks, retail stores, and other areas where task lighting is beneficial. We carry high quality LED under cabinet lights in a variety of sizes. Browse our selection or talk to one of our LED lighting experts today.

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Types of Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lighting is a fantastic way to enhance the functionality and ambiance of residential and commercial spaces. Let's delve into the different types available:

Under Cabinet Strip Lights - These are typically flexible, come in rolls, and can be cut to size, offering a continuous, streamlined look that’s perfect for creating an even layer of light under the cabinets.

LED Light Bars - These are rigid strips of LEDs that provide a more focused and intense light, ideal for task lighting in food preparation areas.

Hardwired Light Bars - Similar to the white bar but available in various colors and finishes, these provide a permanent lighting solution that requires professional installation.

Plug-In Light Bars - Offering the convenience of plugging directly into a power outlet, these bars are easy to install and move, making them versatile options for different spaces.

Rope Lights - These consist of small lights encased in a transparent, flexible plastic tube, providing a unique aesthetic that can contour to the shape of the cabinets.

Tape Lights - Very similar to strip lights, these come with adhesive backing and can be stuck directly underneath the cabinets for a quick and easy installation.

LED Puck Lights - Shaped like hockey pucks, these small circular lights provide focused pools of light, creating ambiance or highlighting certain areas.

Hardwired Puck Lights - These puck lights are wired into your home’s electrical system and often come with a switch for easy control.

Plug-In Puck Lights - They plug into an outlet, allowing for a simple, tool-free installation, and can be easily moved or adjusted as needed.

Battery-Powered Light Bars - These bars are not reliant on being near an outlet, giving you the freedom to install them anywhere. They are incredibly user-friendly but may require frequent battery changes.

Under Cabinet Linear Lights

Under cabinet LED strip lights present a versatile and innovative lighting solution for enhancing kitchen functionality and aesthetics. These lights are particularly designed for under cabinet installation, offering a seamless and elegant way to illuminate countertops and workspaces.

A standout feature of LED strip lights is their linkable nature, allowing for a customized lighting setup tailored to specific kitchen dimensions and requirements. They can be connected end-to-end (Direct Link) or with a cable link between fixtures (Cable Link), providing flexibility in layout and installation. This feature ensures that light is distributed evenly across the workspace, eliminating shadows and dark spots, which is essential for tasks that require precision and clarity.

The adjustable beam angle, up to 90°, is another significant advantage. It enables focused lighting on specific areas, enhancing task efficiency and comfort. Whether you're preparing meals, cleaning, or showcasing your kitchen's design, the ability to adjust the light focus adds both functional and aesthetic value.

Under Cabinet Lighting Power Sources

Under cabinet lighting enhances kitchen functionality and aesthetics, illuminating countertops and workspaces with style. These lights come in various forms, categorized notably by their power source, which influences installation, flexibility, and energy efficiency. Understanding the different types by their power source can help in selecting the most suitable option for specific needs and setups.

Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting - Hardwired lighting systems are directly connected to the home's electrical system, requiring a more involved installation process that typically needs professional assistance. This type of lighting is seamlessly integrated into the kitchen's design, offering a clean and clutter-free appearance without visible wires or plugs. Hardwired systems are ideal for those undergoing a major kitchen renovation or new construction, where wiring can be planned and installed within the walls. They're reliable and can be easily connected to wall switches or smart home systems for convenient control.

Plug-In Under Cabinet Lighting - Plug-in models offer a simpler installation process, ideal for DIY projects or as an addition to existing kitchens without the need for extensive remodeling. These lights plug directly into existing electrical outlets, providing flexibility in placement and the option to move or adjust as needed. While they are easier to install and relocate, managing the cords and ensuring proximity to outlets are considerations to keep in mind for a tidy setup. Plug-in lights can vary in style and brightness, suitable for renters or those seeking a quick lighting upgrade.

Battery-Operated Under Cabinet Lighting - Battery-operated under cabinet lights are the epitome of installation convenience, eliminating the need for electrical work or proximity to power outlets. These lights are perfect for areas difficult to wire or for temporary lighting solutions. Battery-operated models can be installed virtually anywhere, offering significant flexibility. However, they may require more maintenance in terms of battery replacement or recharging, depending on the model. Many battery-operated lights come with adhesive backing or simple mounting hardware, and they often feature integrated controls or remote operation for ease of use.

Color Temperature (CCT)

A chart showing a wide scale of varying color temperature ranges measured in kelvins with their corresponding everyday colors for reference

Warm White (Under 3000K) - Warm white lights emit a cozy, yellowish glow, reminiscent of the sunrise or sunset. This color temperature creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, making it ideal for traditional kitchens or spaces where a relaxing, homey feel is desired. Under cabinet lighting with a warm white temperature is excellent for entertaining or dining areas of the kitchen, as it enhances the richness of wood finishes and softens colors.

Neutral White (3000K to 4500K) - Neutral white strikes a balance between warm and cool, offering a clean and clear light that is closer to natural daylight. This CCT range is versatile, suitable for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. It provides excellent visibility for cooking and food preparation tasks without altering the natural colors of food and surfaces. Neutral white under cabinet lighting is a popular choice for its ability to blend with most decor styles and its effectiveness in task lighting.

Cool White (4500K to 6500K) - Cool white lighting emits a brighter, more invigorating light with a slight bluish tone, mimicking the midday sun. This color temperature is energizing and enhances concentration, making it perfect for task areas where precise activities like chopping, measuring, or reading recipes occur. Cool white under cabinet lights are favored in contemporary or industrial kitchen designs, contributing to a clean, minimalist aesthetic while improving visibility and reducing eye strain during detailed tasks.

Adjustable CCT - Some under cabinet lighting solutions offer adjustable color temperature settings, allowing users to switch between warm, neutral, and cool white according to their needs or preferences throughout the day. This flexibility is particularly useful in kitchens used for multiple purposes, from cooking and meal prep to homework and office work. Adjustable CCT lighting provides the convenience of customizing the kitchen's ambiance and functionality with the touch of a button, ensuring optimal lighting for any activity or time of day.

Under Cabinet Lighting Installation

Use captive wood screws to attach mounting plate to underside of cabinet.
Position the light anywhere on the mounting plate. Magnets will hold the fixture permanently in place.
Plug power source shown here. This fixture can also be direct wired.

Under cabinet lighting installation types vary based on the design of the lighting system, the layout of the kitchen, and the specific needs of the homeowner. These differences can impact both the aesthetic appeal and the practical functionality of the lighting. Understanding the various installation methods can help in choosing the best option for a kitchen upgrade or a new installation project. Here are the main types of under cabinet lighting installations:

Under Cabinet Puck Lights - Puck lights are small, circular lights that can be installed individually under cabinets to create pools of light on the countertop below. These can be surface-mounted or recessed into the cabinetry, offering a discrete lighting solution. Puck lights are versatile and can be spaced out according to the lighting needs of the area. They are suitable for creating accent lighting or highlighting certain areas of the countertop.

Under Cabinet Strip Lights - Strip lights, also known as tape lights or LED strips, are long, flexible bands of light that provide a continuous, uniform light source. They can be cut to length and are typically adhered directly to the bottom of the cabinets using a self-adhesive backing. Strip lights are ideal for creating an even layer of light across the entire countertop, eliminating shadows and providing excellent task lighting. Their low profile and flexibility make them popular for sleek, modern kitchen designs.

Under Cabinet Linear Lights - Linear lights are rigid bars of light that offer a more structured installation compared to strip lights. They can be linked together to cover longer stretches under cabinets and are usually mounted using screws or clips. Linear lights provide a consistent, diffuse light ideal for general task lighting across the kitchen workspace. They work well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles, offering a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional lighting.

Battery-Operated Under Cabinet Lights - Battery-operated under cabinet lights are an excellent choice for easy installation without the need for wiring or electrical work. These can come in the form of puck lights, strip lights, or linear lights and are often installed using adhesive backing or small screws. Battery-operated lights are perfect for areas where it's not feasible to run power or for temporary lighting solutions. While convenient, they may require more maintenance in terms of battery changes or recharging.

Hardwired Lights Under Cabinet - Hardwired under cabinet lighting systems are directly connected to the home's electrical system, offering a permanent lighting solution. This installation type requires more extensive preparation and usually the involvement of a professional electrician. Hardwired lights are turned on and off with a switch, and they can be integrated into smart home systems. This method is ideal for homeowners seeking a seamless and reliable lighting solution without visible wires or plugs.

Plug-In Under Cabinet Lights - Plug-in under cabinet lights are a more straightforward installation option that plugs directly into an existing outlet. This method allows for easy DIY installation and the flexibility to move or adjust the lights as needed. However, managing the cords and ensuring access to outlets are important considerations for maintaining a clean look.

LED Under Cabinet Lights

Using LED under cabinet lights brings a multitude of benefits that can transform the functionality and ambiance of a kitchen or workspace. Firstly, LEDs are renowned for their energy efficiency, consuming significantly less power than traditional lighting solutions, which leads to noticeable savings on electricity bills over time. This efficiency does not come at the expense of brightness or quality of light; LEDs provide bright, clear illumination that enhances visibility and makes tasks easier and safer to perform.

The versatility of LED under cabinet lighting also stands out. Available in various color temperatures, LEDs can create the perfect mood for any setting, from warm and inviting atmospheres for dining to cool and bright environments ideal for cooking and preparation tasks. This adaptability extends to their design; whether in the form of puck lights, strips, or linear fixtures, LEDs can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen layout, complementing both modern and traditional designs.

Durability is another hallmark of LED lighting. LEDs have a long lifespan, often lasting several years before needing replacement. This durability ensures a consistent lighting experience with minimal maintenance, sparing homeowners the hassle of frequent bulb changes. Additionally, LEDs operate at cooler temperatures than incandescent or halogen bulbs, reducing the risk of heat damage to cabinets and food items stored underneath.

Installation of LED under cabinet lights is generally straightforward, offering options for hardwired systems for a permanent solution or plug-in and battery-operated models for easier installation without extensive electrical work. This flexibility makes LED under cabinet lighting accessible for a variety of needs and skill levels, whether for new construction, remodeling, or simple upgrades.

In essence, LED under cabinet lights enhance the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of a space. Their energy efficiency, longevity, and versatile design options make them a smart choice for anyone looking to improve their kitchen or workspace lighting.