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Commercial LED

Commercial LED

Commercial LED (CL) is a leading LED lighting manufacturer dedicated to delivering commercial quality lighting products at reasonable prices. These products include a high quality selection of LED tube lights, ceiling panels, high bays, flood lights, and LED wall packs.

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  1. 100W Commercial LED Wall Pack | 14,300 Lumens | 4000K
    100W Commercial LED Wall Pack | 14,300 Lumens | 4000K
    • Brand:Commercial LED
    • Watts:100W
    • Lumens:14,300
    • Kelvin:4000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • HID Equal:300W HID
    • Base:Wall Mount / Junction Box
  2. 120W Commercial LED Wall Pack w/ Integrated Photocell | Selectable Power - 16,800 Lumens | 5000K
    120W Commercial LED Wall Pack w/ Integrated Photocell | Selectable Power - 16,800 Lumens | 5000K
    • Brand:Commercial LED
    • Watts:80W / 90W / 100W / 110W / 120W
    • Lumens:16,800
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • HID Equal:350W HID
    • Base:Wall Mount / Junction Box
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  3. 150W Floodlight - 20,250 Lumens, Selectable Power, 5000K | No Mount | 120-277V | Commercial LED
    150W Floodlight - 20,250 Lumens, Selectable Power, 5000K | No Mount | 120-277V | Commercial LED
    • Brand:Commercial LED
    • Watts:150W
    • Lumens:20,250
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • HID Equal:300W HID
    • Base:No Mount
    • Beam Angle:T3
    • Lens:Type III
    Corrosion Resistant | 120-277V| | 150-300W MH Equal Learn More
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61 items

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Popular Commercial LED Lighting Products

SKU Part# Product
CLW4-805WMBR-2835 L80W5KWMCL4P Commercial LED Wall Pack (80W - 5000K - Dimmable)
CLT99-15WT8F50K-B V2 L15T85KBCL99 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type B - Ballast Bypass - 15W, 1,900 Lumens, 5000K
CLT99-15WT8F40K-B V2 L15T84KBCL99 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type B - Ballast Bypass - 15W, 1,900 Lumens, 4000K
CLT94-18WT8AM-50-AB L18T85KABCL94 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - Ballast Bypass - 18W, 2,300 Lumens, 5000K
CLT94-18WT8AM-40-AB L18T84KABCL94 4 ft. LED T8 Tube - Type A+B - Ballast Bypass - 18W, 2,300 Lumens, 4000K
CLU4-150P5PDBK-TN L150W5KUFOCL4 Commercial LED High Bay (150W - 5000K)
CLF4-150VP5YYBR-TN L150W5KFLTCL4P LED Floodlight - 150W - 20,250 Lumens, 5000K, 120-277V - Mountless
CLF4-300VP5YYBR-TN L300W5KFLTCL4P LED Floodlight - 300W - 40,500 Lumens, 5000K, 120-277V - Mountless
CLW4-505WMBR-2835 L50W5KWMCL4P 50W Wall Pack - 7,100 Lumens, 5000K
CLW4-605WMBR-2835 L60W5KWMCL4P 60W Wall Pack - 8,700 Lumens, 5000K
CLW11M1205WMBR L120W5KWMCL11 120W Wall Pack - 16,800 Lumens, 5000K
CLP7-2X2-BLS-40WD-50KBN L2X2B40W5KCLP7 2x2 LED Backlit Panel - 40W, 4,400 Lumens, 5000K
CLP2-25W-1X4-28-TG-01 4K L1X425W4KCLP2 1x4 LED Edgelit Panel - 25W, 3,250 Lumens, 4000K
CLU11-150WRD1-BK50 L150W5KUFOCL11 LED UFO High Bay - 150W, 20,250 Lumens, 5000K

Commercial LED Tubes

Commercial LED tubes are becoming increasingly popular in commercial establishments. They offer a variety of advantages over traditional lighting, including energy savings, improved visibility, and longer life. LED tubes are available in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

They are also highly efficient, consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting. Additionally, they produce a higher quality light with less glare. LED tubes are also eco-friendly, containing no hazardous materials. They are also safer to use, as they produce very little heat. LED tubes are a great choice for businesses looking to reduce their electricity bills and improve the quality of their lighting.

One of the most popular commercial LED tubes on the market is the CLT94-18WT8AM-50-AB Type A and B Dual Mode Series LED tube. This tube light is a type A+B hybrid which means that it can operate both with and without a ballast. This LED tube light also contains a film coated shatter resistant glass which makes it highly durable and ideal for commercial and industrial environments.

SKU Part# Product
CLT97-18WAB4DS L18T8TUNABCL97 18W T8 Tube - Type A+B - Tunnable CCT
CLT94-18WT8AM-40-AB L18T84KABCL94 18W T8 Tube - Type A+B - 4000K - Frosted Glass
CLT94-18WT8AM-50-AB L18T85KABCL94 18W T8 Tube - Type A+B - 5000K - Frosted Glass
CLT94-18WT8AT-50-AB L18T85KCABCL94 18W T8 Tube - Type A+B - 5000K - Clear Glass
CLT97-24WT5-40K-AB L24T54KABCL97 24W T5 Tube - Type A+B - 4000K
CLT97-24WT5-50K-AB L24T55KABCL97 24W T5 Tube - Type A+B - 5000K
CLT94-15WT8AM-40-B L15T84KBCL94 15W T8 Tube - Type B - 4000K
CLT94-15WT8AM-50-B L15T85KBCL94 15W T8 Tube - Type B - 5000K
CLT97-15WT850KBA-A L15T85KACL97 15W T8 Tube - Type A - 5000K

Commercial LED Flood Lights

Commercial LED Flood Lights are the perfect choice for lighting up large outdoor areas and surfaces. They provide a bright and even light that can be used for illuminating sports fields, buildings, and other areas. They are energy efficient, long lasting, and cost effective. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. With their low power consumption, they provide an excellent lighting solution for commercial spaces.

They are also available in different colors and can be used to create stunning visual effects. Commercial LED Flood Lights are perfect for providing large scale lighting for commercial areas, and are a great way to save energy and reduce energy costs.

Commercial LED has several high powered LED flood lights with tunable wattage and high light efficiency. These attributes make commercial led flood lights one of the top choices on the market for outdoor commercial lighting.

SKU Part# Product
CLF4-15P3KNBR L15W3KFLKNCL4P 15W 3000K Knuckle Mount
CLF4-15P5KNBR L15W5KFLKNCL4P 15W 5000K Knuckle Mount
CLF4-30P3KNBR L30W3KFLKNCL4P 30W 3000K Knuckle Mount
CLF4-30P5KNBR L30W5KFLKNCL4P 30W 5000K Knuckle Mount
CLF4-100QP5YYBR L100W5KFLCL4P 100W 5000K Mountless Floodlight
CLF4-150QP5YYBR L150W5KFLCL4P 150W 5000K Mountless Floodlight
CLF4-150VP5YYBR-TN L150W5KFLTCL4P 150W Tunnable CCT Mountless Floodlight
CLF4-300VP5YYBR-TN L30W5KFLTCL4P 300W 5000K Mountless Floodlight

Commercial LED High Bay Lights

Commercial LED high bay lights are an energy-efficient lighting solution for large indoor spaces. They are designed to provide bright, uniform illumination to a wide area and can be used in warehouses, factories, retail stores, and other commercial settings. LED high bay lights are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective and reliable option for businesses.

They provide a crisp, white light that enhances visibility and productivity. Additionally, LED high bay lights are available in a variety of wattages, lumen outputs, and beam angles, allowing businesses to customize their lighting to suit their specific needs.

Commercial LED has several high bay lighting options including their ever popular CLU4-150P5PDBK-TN LED UFO / High Bay Fixture. This LED UFO high bay has an ultra high lighting efficiency of 135 lumens per watt along with a high light transmittance optical glass lens. This DLC Premium Listed fixture is one of the most ideal options for warehouse and industrial lighting.

SKU Part# Product
CLHB11-165WBMB1G1-WH50 L165W5KHBCL11 165W 5000K Linear High Bay
CLHB11-220WBMB1G1-WH50 L220W5KHBCL11 220W 5000K Linear High Bay
CLU4-150P5PDBK-TN L150W5KUFOTCL4 150W Tunable CCT Linear High Bay
CLU11-150WRD1-BK50 L150W5KUFOCL11 150W 5000K UFO High Bay
CLU11-240WRD1-BK50 L240W5KUFOCL11 240W 5000K UFO High Bay

Commercial LED Wall Packs

Commercial LED wall packs are outdoor light fixtures that are typically mounted on exterior walls of commercial buildings, parking garages, and other structures. They are designed to provide bright and efficient lighting that enhances safety and security in these areas.

Commercial LED wall packs feature a rugged and durable construction, with weather-resistant materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are often equipped with features like motion sensors and dimming capabilities, which can further enhance their energy efficiency and versatility.

These outdoor wall packs are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan, making them an ideal choice for commercial settings. They are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various applications, and can be configured to provide different levels of brightness and color temperature.

SKU Part# Product
CLW11-305WMBR-S L30W5KWMTSCL11 30W Slim Wall Pack - Tunable CCT
CLW4-505WMBR-2835 L50W5KWMCL4P 50W Standard Wall Pack - 5000K
CLW4-605WMBR-2835 L60W5KWMCL4P 60W Standard Wall Pack - 5000K
CLW4-805WMBR-2835 L80W5KWMCL4P 80W Standard Wall Pack - 5000K
CLW4-1505WMBR L150W5KWMCL4 150W Standard Wall Pack - 5000K

More About Commercial LED

Commercial LED is a premier manufacturer of LED lighting products. With over 33 years experience in the lighting industry, there are few other LED suppliers that have more knowledge and expertise with producing high quality LED lighting products at reasonable prices.

Commercial LED has a large selection of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions including tubes, UFO high bays, LED flood lights, wall packs, and more. One distinguishing feature about this manufacturer is the fact that they have internal sales representatives as opposed to outsourcing to an outside sales agency. This makes Commercial LED a highly desirable company to work with and work for.

This customer oriented LED lighting manufacturer is truly top notch. Their high quality products and customer service stand out in the lighting industry. Commercial LED is partnered with JD Lighting, a large international lighting company.

The corporate headquarters of JD Lighting is located at,

681 SW 16th Terrace
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

JD Lighting also has several regional distribution centers in the United States. These distribution centers include,

750 District Drive
Itasca, IL 60143
4430 Bronze Way
Dallas, TX 75236
New Jersey
1100 Taylors Lane
Suite 1
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
4305 N Lamb Blvd
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Manufacturer Information

Name: Commercial LED
Address: PO Box 668755
Pompano Beach, FL 33066
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