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UFO High Bays

LED UFO High Bay Lights

When choosing lighting for commercial or industrial facilities with high ceilings, UFO led high bay lights are a simple yet effective solution. These round shaped fixtures project bright focused illumination to the area below. The compact design also makes them highly durable and energy-efficient. We carry UFO LED high bay lights with a wide range of lumen outputs, including specialized fixtures with adjustable wattage, dimming, and motion sensor technology.

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  1. 210W LED UFO High Bay | 30,000 Lumens, Selectable Power and CCT, Dimmable, 120-277V | MHB08 | CLL
    210W LED UFO High Bay | 30,000 Lumens, Selectable Power and CCT, Dimmable, 120-277V | MHB08 | CLL
    • Brand:CLL
    • Watts:210W
    • Lumens:30,000
    • Kelvin:3000K/4000K/5000K
    • Voltage:120-277V
    • HID Equal:400W MH
    • Base:IH standard/YM available
    • Lens:Prismatic
    "was" $99.99 Special Price $89.99
  2. 155W LED UFO High Bay | 17,400 Lumens, 5000K, 120V | CLLHB09 | CLL
    155W LED UFO High Bay | 17,400 Lumens, 5000K, 120V | CLLHB09 | CLL
    • Brand:CLL
    • Watts:155W
    • Lumens:17,400
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:120V
    • Base:Hook Mount / Conduit Pendant Mount / U-Bracket available
    • Beam Angle:90°
    • Lens:Medium Lens
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58 items

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LED UFO High Bay Lights Overview

The LED UFO high bay lights we offer are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the lighting needs for any warehouse or facility with high ceilings.

Watts - Our LED UFO high bays range from 50W up to 400W

Lumens - Our LED UFO high bays range from 6,900lm - 52,000lm

Color Temperature (Kevin) - We offer 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K LED UFO high bays including specialized fixtures with adjustable color temperature (CCT)

What is a UFO LED High Bay Light?

UFO LED high bay lights are high powered circular lights designed to illuminate floor spaces from high ceiling heights. These fixtures derive their name from their circular “UFO” appearance which resembles a round compact shape which maximizes both fixture durability as well as illumination. This design makes UFO led high bay lights a popular lighting option for warehouses, workshops, and other industrial settings.

UFO high bays differ from linear high bay lights in that they project a more focused and intense beam of light in a circular pattern which make them a more ideal lighting option if your goal is to brightly illuminate a specific area below from a high ceiling point.

Round shaped UFO LED high bay lighting fixtures illuminating a large hangar from a high ceiling.

Professional UFO High Bay Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a 3D basketball court lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. In this example, 16 300 watt UFO high bay lights were used to produce an average of 41.4 footcandles across the court.

3D Photometric false color showing the even lighting distribution across the court
Footcandle analysis of a basketball court with 300W high bays

How Many UFO High Bay Lights Do I Need?

Infographic chart showing how many LED high bays are needed and recommended fixture spacing based on ceiling height. 10 to 19 foot ceilings require 12,000 to 21,000 lumens with 10 foot spacing while 40 foot ceilings require 47,000 lumens or more with 35 foot spacing.

In order to determine the number of high bay lights required to illuminate the space, you’ll need to determine several factors including,

  • Ceiling height
  • Dimensions of the space
  • Facility usage
  • Environmental factors

For example if you have a ceiling height that’s under 11 feet, we generally recommend using a high bay fixture that’s between 50-100 watts and 9,000-12,000 lumens.

As ceiling height increases, higher lumen output and wattage will be required to adequately illuminate the space.

UFO LED High Bay Fixture Spacing

When it comes to fixture spacing for UFO LED high bay lights, it’s important to consider the size of the lighting space as well as ceiling height.

Generally speaking, for ceiling heights that range from 10 to 40 feet high, you’ll want to space the fixtures as far apart as the ceiling height; for instance, fixtures mounted at 40 feet should be spaced around 40 feet apart, while fixtures mounted at 30 feet should be spaced about 30 feet apart.

Here’s a chart with projected UFO high bay spacing based on ceiling height.

Ceiling Height Recommended Spacing
10-foot ceiling 12-15 feet apart
20-foot ceiling 15-19 feet apart
30-foot ceiling 19-29 feet apart
40-foot ceiling 30-40 feet apart

Common Applications

UFO LED high bay lights are ideal for commercial and industrial areas with ceiling heights ranging from 10-40 feet high. Common practical applications include but are not limited to the following,

LED UFO High Bay Uses

When it comes to selecting the right high bay lighting option, there are several important considerations. For instance, the fixture must be designed to project optimal illumination from high areas. Also, the fixture needs to withstand prolonged use without the need for maintenance. The LED UFO high bay lights we offer are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the lighting needs for any warehouse or facility with high ceilings.

UFO High Bay Lighting Guide

Round UFO high bay fixtures projecting bright illumination from the ceiling of an industrial facility

Lighting is a fixed overhead cost for owners and building managers of every warehouse, shop or industrial facility in existence today. UFO High Bay Lights are commonly used in these facilities, due to their ease of installation and tremendous light output for their size. In recent years, LED’s have become the dominant choice in commercial lighting for those who are looking to reduce their overhead costs and maintenance schedules. We offer a large selection of high quality and long lasting LED UFO High Bay Lights for every possible application. Common applications for this type of fixture includes:

One of the largest benefits of LEDs over traditional HIDs for UFO high bay lights is the dramatic reduction in energy consumption. Our Apollo series lights reduce energy consumption and costs by about 70% compared to typical HID high bay lights. This benefit alone is enough for most warehouse owners and managers to make the switch to LEDs, however there are several other benefits of LED lighting for high bay environments.

In addition to their energy efficiency, LEDs have significantly reduced maintenance requirements. Our Apollo units have a rated lifespan of a minimum of 50,000 hours, which is nearly 6 years of continuous 24/7/365 operation. Generally speaking, LED’s are not prone to the wear and tear of switching on and off like traditional lighting. This means they can be turned off regularly without the worry of premature wear - resulting in further energy savings and an increase in their already exceptional lifespan.

Another benefit of using our LED UFO high bay lights is the notable increase in visibility due to their higher lumen per watt rating and the improved accuracy of the actual light they produce. This not only increases productivity but also improves safety for warehouse workers and staff and makes for a more pleasing working environment.. Our Apollo series for high bay lighting have a distinct advantage in both of these areas, producing a significantly increased lumen rating with less wattage than a typical HID high bay light.

In addition to this, LED high bay lighting produces a far better quality of light, with a higher CRI rating than any HID light available. This CRI rating (Color Rendering Index) measures the accuracy of light compared to natural sunlight, which has a CRI of 100. LED lighting typically has a CRI rating approaching 90, whereas HID lighting normally never goes beyond a CRI of 80. While on paper this might not seem like a significant improvement, it is in fact a noticeable difference that improves not only visibility but also decreases eye strain on workers and employees.

Types of UFO High Bays

There are several different types of UFO high bays for various lighting needs. These needs are typically differentiated by lumens, watts, or the fixture’s individual design. Other factors may include color temperature, or mounting options. In this section we’ll list the brands/types we carry and describe their individual function.

Apollo High Bay Series - The Apollo Series by Straits Lighting is a highly energy-efficient brand of high bay lights designed specifically for commercial and industrial environments with high ceiling heights (30-40 feet). There are three primary classes of Apollo High Bays (HBF, HEA, and HBI). Each of these classes have their own unique benefits.

Apollo HEA - Apollo HEA high bays have the lowest price point as they are designed for environments that don’t require a specialized design. In other words, these are used in areas that aren’t exposed to harsh conditions or require constant use for a prolonged period of time. These fixtures are commonly referred to as “economy high bays” and provide up to 230 watts and 31,510 lumens of LED light.

Apollo HBI - HBI high bays have an extra wide design to provide illumination over a wide area. Apollo HBI’s are the mid range option or the Apollo Series. That is, they’re considered a standard option for warehouse and industrial areas with high ceilings. These lights provide up to 360 watts and 43,887 lumens of LED light.

Apollo HBF - HBF high bays are the most powerful and durable class for the Apollo Series. These fixtures have a robust steel construction with added layers of durability. Apollo HBF’s are used in areas that are exposed to the harshest environmental conditions or require constant prolonged use.

5000K LED UFO High Bays - 5,000 Kelvin is the typical color temperature used for this type of fixture as this is the standard for most LED lighting applications. LED lights that operate at 5,000 Kelvin emit a cool bright white color that’s highly visible in dark areas. Most of the LED high bays we offer operate at 5,000K.

4000K LED UFO High Bays - 4,000 Kelvin is a color temperature that projects a white LED light that’s slightly dimmer than 5,000K. This type of LED bulb provides a warmer effect to the area underneath. 4,000K LED high bays are ideal for areas that get cold and require workers to operate in.

Yoke Mount - Yoke mount brackets are adjustable brackets that can be attached to high bays. When fixed with this mounting bracket, the fixture can fit any flat surface and adjust to various angels.

Pendant Mount - Pendant mounts allow lights to be suspended from the ceiling of high bays via a chain, cable, pipe metal rod or some other sort of device. This allows light to be directed straight down from the UFO fixture.

Polycarbonate Lens - Poly lenses are famous for their light weight, impact resistance and budget friendliness. Recommended for environments where there is a high likelihood of impact with a light fixture, and/or areas where potential shards of broken glass are too dangerous.

Tempered Glass Lens - Glass lenses are preferred when optical clarity and scratch resistance are paramount. They also are far more resistant to yellowing than polycarbonate lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are UFO High Bays?
UFO high bay lights are lighting fixtures that derive their name from their circular “UFO” appearance. These types of lights are popular in warehouse, workshop, industrial and commercial spaces with ceiling heights of 20’-40’. Their round compact shape not only makes them resilient but also produces a significant amount of illumination.

Q. What are the benefits of using UFO LED High Bays?
The durable round shaped design of a UFO high bay allows the fixture to provide necessary illumination from high ceiling areas while providing durability through harsh environmental conditions. Using LED bulbs for this type of fixture also adds further durability and energy efficiency. These benefits are further discussed in a White Paper report by Industry Today. According to the report.

“...LED’s have gained in popularity since they deliver better light output and quality while using less energy. And due to a long life cycle, they are easier and less costly to maintain. Upgrading your lamps alone or both lamps and fixtures will significantly reduce your warehouse’s electrical expense.” (Industry Today, 2016, Using LED Lighting as a Cost Savings Strategy to Reduce Warehouse Expenses).

Q. How do I choose the right UFO High Bay?
The selection and variety of UFO high bay lights can often be confusing or overwhelming for business owners or building managers shopping for lights for their facility. Generally speaking, the right UFO high bay light will be the one with the correct lumen rating and light spread for the application. This will depend on multiple factors, such as the height of the light as well as the area intended to be illuminated.

A secondary consideration is how you are looking to mount the light. It is important to ensure the UFO light selected will be compatible with the mounting solution you choose. Almost all of our Apollo UFO high bay lights are compatible with commonly available mounting solutions. However it is important to make sure you select the correct optional mounting accessories that may be required separately in order to complete the installation.