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Project Type/Lighting Applications

Commercial Lighting - Commercial lighting involves lighting for businesses and other entities that operate in the commercial sector. Examples of commercial lighting projects include; gymnasiums, shopping malls, self-storage units, gas stations, healthcare facilities, and more.

Industrial Lighting - Industrial lighting refers to lighting for warehouses as well as other industrial applications such as factories, oil rigs, manufacturing plants, and large storage facilities. These lighting projects generally involve materials handling, processing, and storage. It’s not uncommon to require specialized fixtures that are explosion proof for types of projects.

Government/Municipal - Lighting for government and municipalities generally involve a combination of commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting fixtures. These projects range from small government office buildings all the way up to large scale highway and street lighting projects for municipalities.

Sports Lighting - Sports lighting is fairly broad in that these projects can range from small recreational soccer fields all the way up to professional sports stadiums. Sports arena lighting requires high powered fixtures that project higher than normal lumen outputs in order to properly illuminate a field for both athletes and spectators. We carry a variety of stadium lights and LED flood lights at varying lumen outputs to serve virtually any sports lighting application.