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Request An Expert Photometric Lighting Plan For Your Project


Photometric Example

Photometric lighting plan for a 30 foot wide by 53 foot pole barn with a ceiling height of 14 feet. The plan lays out stats such as lumens, watts, and more

Why Choose Photometric Analysis?
There are several reasons to choose a photometric analysis lighting plan for your project. The biggest reason is to ensure even distribution of lighting, which is critical for effective illumination. Additionally, this plan will help to ensure that your light configuration is set up for maximum energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings over time. It also takes the risk out of purchasing your own lights, as you will be working with an expert with years of experience instead of guesstimating on your own.

What Does this Provide?
This provides an accurate portrayal of the ideal lighting setup, with a visual report of your space as well as the identification of fixture locations, foot candle measurements across the space and how well balanced the lighting is across the space.

What Can I Expect?
Every lighting plan will have different results due to variances in different spaces, as well as differences in fixture types, wattages, lumen outputs, etc. It should be noted that lighting results indicated by the plan are no longer valid if the specified fixture is changed out for something different.

Turnaround Time
Lighting plans take into account a number of critical engineering and technical factors. Accordingly, most plans will take 24 to 48 hours to properly complete. Certain plans, such as specialty applications and large scale projects, may take longer.