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Keystone Technologies

Keystone offers various lighting solutions with cutting-edge LED technology. This technology includes color and power selectability which allows the user to adjust watts, lumens, and color in order to suit their individual lighting needs.

Popular Keystone LED Products

SKU Product
KT-BPLED40PS-14-8CSA-VDIM /G2 XFit 1x4 Back-Lit LED Flat Panel
KT-BPLED40PS-22-8CSA-VDIM /G2 XFit 2x2 Back-Lit LED Flat Panel
KT-BPLED50PS-24-8CSA-VDIM /G2 XFit 2x4 Back-Lit LED Flat Panel
KT-FLED15-R1A-UNV-8CSB-VDIM 15W LED Flood Light w/ Photocell | Keystone Xfit
KT-SHLED23-48-840 Keystone 4' LED Shop Light (23W)
KT-SHLED40-48-840 /G2 Keystone 4' LED Shop Light (40W)
KT-SWLED25PS-2A-8CSA-VDIM-P 2ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
KT-SWLED45PS-4A-8CSA-VDIM-P 4ft XFit Stairwell Fixture | Keystone
KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-DX2 15W 4ft T8 LED Tube Light (4000 Kelvin)
KT-FLED100-R1A-UNV-8CSB-VDIM 100W LED Flood Light (Selectible Mounting)
KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-DX2 15W 8ft T8 LED Tube Light (5000 Kelvin)
KT-DDSLEDT8-8-4L 8 FT LED Ready Strip Fixture (4 lamp)
KT-WPLED35-M1-8CSB-VDIM 35W LED Wall Pack (Traditional, Non-Cutoff)
KT-LED14.5T8-48G-850-DX2 14.5W 4ft T8 LED Tube Light (5000K)

More About Keystone LED Products

Keystone LED Panels - Panel lighting fixtures with innovative power and color selectability allowing the user to adjust both the wattage and color temperature. This modern technology makes keystone LED panels one of the more modern and desirable solutions for commercial and office lighting.

Keystone LED Tubes - One of the most popular options for applications with existing strip lighting or new installs with T8 or T5 style fixtures, Keystone's wide selection of LED tubes are designed for every type of tube style fixture used today. There are tubes designed to work with existing ballasts, to be directly wired or even adaptable for both. They come in a variety of wattage and color options to suit each individual application requirement.

Keystone Drivers - LED drivers offered in a variety of different configurations to suit any conceivable user need. The key to any LED lighting fixture, these drivers come in both fixed and adjustable power outputs, as well as both standard and compact case sizes for maximum flexibility in configuration. There are even microprocessor controlled smart drivers to give users a wide range of adjustability, dimming capability and a nearly infinite amount of power output settings.

Keystone LED Sign Hero - Intended for use in backlit informational and advertising signs, these lamps are specifically designed to replace the fluorescent type tube lights previously used in this unique application. They feature adjustable end caps and a sturdy aluminum and industrial plastic construction for a long service life. With over double the energy efficiency, these have proven to be immensely popular for all types of backlit sign applications.

Keystone LED Flood Lights - These ubiquitous lighting fixtures are used in a variety of different outdoor applications, from landscape lighting to safety and security lighting for industrial, commercial and even residential properties. Keystone’s flood lights feature the latest in LED chip and driver technology, all packaged within a weathertight aluminum housing. Available in multiple wattage choices for varying lumen output, there is a perfect flood light for every specific application.

More About Keystone Technologies

Keystone Technologies is one of the premier U.S. based LED lighting manufacturers in existence today. With over 75 years experience providing innovative and high quality lighting solutions, they are the go to for electrical contractors, building managers and savvy lighting designers across all types of different industries. Keystone offers a host of different lighting fixtures and options for different applications, including retail, industrial facilities, offices and more.

With a rich background in traditional technologies such as fluorescent tube style lights, Keystone entered the LED marketplace in 2007 with industry leading driver technology. Over time, they were able to advance driver technology to the point where it could fit within an T8 size tube. Since then, Keystone has been one of the top choices in replacement and retrofit LED tube lights, providing an optimal balance of performance, value and longevity. In fact, they were the number one choice when the United Nations was seeking to modernize their existing lighting with LED T8 replacement tubes.

In addition to producing high performance drivers and LED bulbs and tubes, Keystone is also a leader in complete fixtures and integrated LED technologies. Not only do they produce their own line of fixtures, but they also produce them for a number of well known private label lighting companies. Their flat panel edge and side lit panels have been taking the commercial, office and retail world by storm, leading a revolution in stylistic and high performance drop ceiling and surface mount lighting. We are proud to carry Keystone Technologies as one of our most popular and successful lighting brands.

Manufacturer Information

Name: Keystone Technologies
Address: 2750 Morris Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446
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