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Forklift Safety Lights

LED Forklift Lights For Worker Safety

Our LED forklift safety lights are easily installed, highly visible, and promote an overall safe work environment. These lights are UL Certified and IP65 Rated which means they’re certified to withstand harsh environments. These flashing strobe beacons can be used on any forklift, or industrial vehicle.

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Information On Forklift Lights

Orange LED safety strobe light on top of a forklift flashing and emitting a bright orange visible beam

Forklift lights are essential for preventing workplace accidents and helping forklift operators navigate their environment. If these lights are outdated or not properly maintained, workers may face unnecessary risk.

In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific guidelines under Regulation 1910.178(h)(2) regarding forklift lighting in order to promote a safe working environment.

There are many types of forklift lights including your standard headlights, tail lights, brake lights, etc. One of the most modern solutions for forklift and worker safety are strobe beacon lights. Safety strobe beacon lights are mounted on top of the vehicle and emit a bright ray of light that warns foot traffic of possible danger.

Forklift Warning Lights

Forklift strobe lights serve as an excellent warning system for pedestrians and other vehicles within the vicinity. These strobe lights may activate when the forklift begins to move, alters direction, changes speed, or when lifting a heavy object.

LED Safety Strobe Beacon

Single orange safety strobe beacon light that mounts on top of forklifts to prevent accidents

Safety strobe beacons are a reliable solution for industrial and work safety. OSHA recognizes strobe lights as an acceptable warning signal for various heavy construction machinery.

We offer top quality safety strobe beacons for forklifts and industrial vehicles. Our LED strobe lights are not only brighter and more consistent than traditional strobe lighting systems, they also require little to no maintenance. Their reduced electricity consumption allows vehicles with limited electrical capacity such as HiLos to free up more power for other accessories or even more safety lighting if desired.

These strobe beacons produce 6 watts of LED light and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s important to note, that these beacons require a strobe light driver in order for them to operate.

Industrial Safety Solutions

The safety strobe beacon lights we offer provide an excellent solution for industrial safety. These lights can be mounted on the top of forklifts as well as other construction vehicles to protect workers and ensure regulatory compliance. is dedicated to helping commercial and industrial facilities promote a safe environment. In addition to strobe lights for mobile construction vehicles we provide cutting-edge safety lighting solutions for heavy stationary machinery such as overhead cranes.