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LED Street Lights

LED Street And Roadway Lighting

Our selection of LED roadway and street lighting fixtures gives roadway owners and municipal managers the best illumination options possible. We have top quality lighting solutions regardless of the size of your roadway project.

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  1. A straits stf series led street light is shown with its reflector facing down and a photocell mounted on the top
    LED Street Light - 150W Cobrahead Roadway Fixture With Photocell - 21,000 Lumens
    • Brand:Straits Lighting
    • Watts:150W
    • Lumens:21,000
    • Kelvin:5000K
    • Voltage:100-277V
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LED Street Lighting Information

LED street light mounted on top of a parking pole during the day and night projecting illumination onto the roadway below

With today's crowded streets, highways and roadways quality lighting is vital for efficient and safe traffic flow. Luckily lighting technology has kept pace with this ever increasing traffic flow thanks to improvements in LED technology over the past decade. In fact, modern street lighting is almost exclusively LED now, with HIDs and sodium lamps largely being a thing of the past. There are several reasons for this, namely their energy efficiency, durability and the better quality of light they produce.

Street lights come in several different shapes and styles depending on the area in which it is installed. Generally speaking, these lights produce an intense beam designed to illuminate a wide area from high above. Typically these are mounted on a pole, or in certain instances on the sides of vertical surfaces such as dividing walls and barriers on highways and busier roadways.

All lighting fixtures used for this application come with an IEC ingress protection (IP) rating that protects the light against dust and water entering the housing. In order to stand up to heat, snow and other extreme weather conditions, they also feature aluminum casings with durable impact resistant lenses covering the LED modules within. There are various types of mounting options available depending on the location in which it is installed, ensuring that there is a light for your application.

Types of Street Lights

As mentioned previously, there are several different types of LED lighting fixtures on the market today that are well suited for street and road lighting. Below are some of the most popular types.

Street Lights - These are the most traditional type of roadway lighting on the market. Street lights offer a streamlined and straightforward approach, while also providing very intense lighting output. Due to their low profile and slim design, they have a maximum 150 watt range that outputs 6,500 lumens.

Slipfitter Mount Flood Light - A popular choice for applications with existing square or round poles. Slipfitter mount flood lights are designed to “slip” over top of the pole, with wiring conveniently run down the middle of the pole, eliminating any wiring hassles for a clean looking installation.

Extruded Arm Mount Flood Light - These lights are designed to attach to poles or other vertical surfaces that allow for a 90° mounting angle. Due to their fixed non-adjustable nature, extruded arm mount flood lights are one of the most durable options available for street and highway lighting.

Mountless Flood Light - These lights offer a unique option for those who are looking to fabricate their own custom mounting solutions. Like other flood lights, mountless flood lights come in a variety of wattage outputs, maxing out at 400 watts and 51,343 lumens.

LED Street Light Retrofits

Retrofitting existing street lighting fixtures is a popular option for those who are looking to keep the aesthetics of their existing fixtures while taking advantage of modern LED technology. It's also a solid choice for those who are looking to save money over replacing the entire fixture and have the ability and technical knowledge to wire the retrofit into place. Our retrofit kits come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate different fixtures and lumen outputs.