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LED Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs For Commercial Use

Every year, millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers upgrade their existing traditional lighting fixtures to take advantage of the many benefits that LED lighting has to offer. Oftentimes, replacing existing fixtures with entirely new fixtures is not economically feasible or practical. Being able to upgrade or easily retrofit existing fixtures to accept modern technology brings with it the performance and energy efficiency benefits of LED lighting without the price tag and hassle to entirely new fixtures.

Commercial LED Lights offers a wide range of replacement LED bulbs for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our lights come in a wide selection of sizes, color temperatures and wattages. These lights offer dramatically improved performance and energy efficiency over traditional lights, increasing lumen output while simultaneously reducing costs. In addition to this, our selection of LED lights provide noticeably better color rendering, which results in a more pleasurable environment as well as an increase in visibility through improved lighting accuracy.

Types of LED Light Bulbs

LED Tubes - Our LED tubes come in both T5 and T8 sizes as well as many different configurations and lengths. These lights offer a drop in replacement for existing fluorescent tube fixtures, and can be set up with or without traditional ballasts. With superior energy efficiency, lumen output, and color accuracy, upgrading to LED tubes is an easy choice.

Corn Lamps - These lamps are exceptionally popular as drop-in replacements for existing metal halide, high-pressure sodium lamps and CFL bulbs. Their name comes from their appearance, as the rows of LED chips resemble kernels of corn on a cob. Our selection of corn lamps offer a nearly 360° illumination pattern and provide an intense and efficient lighting option that can be used with common fixtures designed for E26 and E39 size bases.

LED Post Lights - Post lights are popular options for both indoor and outdoor applications that use standard E26 and E39 size base fixtures. These lights are often used in parking lots, parking garages, walkways and other outdoor spaces requiring long lasting eco-friendly lighting.

Buoy Lights - These are direct drop in lights for applications that use existing EX39 and E39 style fixtures. Buoy lights are purpose built to withstand harsh conditions, high temperatures and extended operating hours commonly found in commercial, warehouse and industrial environments. With their more focused directional lighting pattern, they do exceptionally well as high bay style lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are corn lamps or buoy lights better for my application?
This depends on several factors, such as whether the application is indoors or outdoors. Buoy lights are better suited to outdoor environments and are most popular for applications where moisture resistance is desired. However if you are looking for the widest and broadest light pattern possible and water resistance isn’t critical, corn lamps may be the best choice. Corn lamps are also rated for enclosed fixtures, whereas buoy lamps are intended to be operated in open air to allow for proper cooling.

Q. Do LED tubes require any modifications to my existing fixtures to work?
Generally speaking, no. However, depending on whether or not you want to use a ballast, you might need to do some minor modifications to the wiring to bypass the existing ballast.

Q. How much more efficient are LED lamps compared to traditional lighting?
LED lamps are exceptionally energy efficient compared to traditional styles of lighting such as incandescent, HID, high-pressure sodium lamps and CFLs. While exact efficiency numbers will depend on the specific lights being compared, there are generalized numbers that are considered applicable across the board. Compared to the equivalent output of traditional lighting LED lamps are roughly:

  • 75% more efficient than an equivalent lumen output incandescent
  • 50% more efficient than fluorescent
  • 80% more efficient than HIDs
  • Up to 20% more efficient than high-pressure sodium lamps