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LED Bollard Lights

LED Bollard Lights & Pathway Lighting

Bollard lights are one of the most popular forms of pathway lighting particularly for commercial lighting applications. Bollard lights offer a robust and stylish solution that seamlessly integrates into a variety of architectural settings. Their durable construction makes them ideal for high-traffic areas where both illumination and device longevity are crucial.

The LED bollard lights we carry are trusted by electrical contractors, government agencies, and project managers across the world. We also offer solar powered bollard lights for environmentally friendly projects.

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LED Bollard Lights Overview

The LED Bollard Lights we offer are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the lighting needs for any pathway, landscape, or outdoor facility requiring ground-level illumination.

Watts - Our regular LED bollard lights are 26 watts while our solar powered bollard lights have wattage up to 1.8 watts, with impressive Lumens Per Watt (lm/W) capabilities

Lumens - Our regular LED bollard lights are 3,100 while our solar powered bollard lights have 266

Color Temperature (Kevin) - We offer 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K LED bollard lights including specialized fixtures with adjustable color temperature (CCT)

Length - Our LED bollard lighting fixtures range from 2.5 ft to 3.5 ft in length

What Are Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights are outdoor lighting fixtures designed to illuminate walkways, pathways, and landscape features. These sturdy, upright fixtures provide ground-level lighting, making them ideal for enhancing visibility and safety in pedestrian areas.

Typically, bollard lights are cylindrical and range from about two to four feet in height. They serve both functional and decorative purposes, casting light downward to illuminate the ground while adding an aesthetic element to outdoor spaces. Their robust construction allows them to withstand various weather conditions, making them a popular choice for commercial and residential areas alike.

Bollard Lighting Applications

Bollard lighting is versatile and can be effectively used in various settings to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some common applications for bollard lights:

Pathways and Walkways: Bollard lights are commonly used to illuminate paths and walkways in parks, residential areas, and campuses, providing safe navigation and a visually pleasing atmosphere.

Commercial Exteriors: Businesses use bollard lighting to light up exteriors, parking lots, and pedestrian areas to improve safety and visibility, making these spaces welcoming for customers and employees.

Public Spaces: They are also ideal for public plazas, waterfront walkways, and outdoor seating areas in restaurants and cafes, offering adequate lighting that complements the overall design theme.

Architectural Accentuating: Bollard lights can be strategically placed to accentuate architectural features or artwork in outdoor spaces, adding depth and character to the design.

Security: Bollard lights can improve security by illuminating dark corners of a property, reducing potential hiding spots and deterring criminal activity.

Restaurant Exteriors: Bollard lights set a warm, inviting tone for guests as they approach a restaurant. They light the way to entrances and outdoor dining areas, enhancing the dining experience from the moment patrons arrive.

Hospital Exteriors: Bollard lights provide crucial visibility around hospital entrances, ensuring that these areas are accessible and safe for patients arriving under all conditions, especially during nighttime.

Mall Exteriors: Bollard lights illuminate the pathways leading up to mall entrances, making them safe and inviting for shoppers arriving or leaving after dark.

Bollard Light Spacing

When spacing bollard lights, it's crucial to consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects to ensure proper illumination and visual harmony. The spacing is largely dictated by the purpose of the lighting—ambient lighting for general areas requires wider gaps between fixtures compared to pathway lighting, where closer spacing is necessary for safety and security. The intensity and beam spread of the lights also play a significant role; more powerful lights with broader beams can be spaced further apart, while those with narrower beams may need to be positioned closer to achieve even coverage.

Typically, bollard lights are spaced about 8 to 12 feet apart, but this can vary based on the factors mentioned above. It's always a good idea to consult with a lighting designer who can provide guidance based on the specific details of your project and the lighting products you are using.

LED Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are specialized outdoor lighting fixtures designed to illuminate walkways, garden paths, and the edges of driveways. These lights are usually placed at ground level or just above it, providing soft, directed light to enhance visibility and safety along paths. Pathway lights come in various styles, from traditional lanterns to modern minimalist designs, allowing them to blend seamlessly with different landscaping aesthetics.

Pathway lighting fixtures are typically spaced strategically to create an inviting pathway while highlighting landscape features and ensuring safe navigation through outdoor spaces. Pathway lights also contribute to the overall ambiance of an area, making it both functional and visually appealing.

Bollard lights are one of the more popular types of pathway lights particularly for commercial lighting applications. In fact, there was a government study conducted involving a detailed evaluation of a temporary demonstration of pedestrian crosswalk bollard lighting in the City of Aspen, CO. In this study, photometric measurements and pedestrian feedback were collected, indicating that the bollard lighting significantly enhanced visibility for drivers and was well-received by pedestrians for its safety, functionality, and appearance. The setup proved effective in providing higher contrast and visibility compared to standard overhead lighting, which is often optimized for vehicle traffic rather than pedestrian visibility.

Solar Bollard Lights

Solar bollard lights are an eco-friendly lighting solution that harnesses solar energy to illuminate outdoor spaces. These standalone fixtures are equipped with solar panels on top, which collect solar energy during the day and store it in batteries to power the lights after dusk. They are particularly popular in places where installing traditional wired lighting would be disruptive or too costly, such as in remote or landscaped areas.

The design of solar bollard lights typically allows for a straightforward installation process with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. This feature makes them ideal for pathways, parks, residential landscapes, and commercial exteriors where maintaining aesthetic integrity is crucial. They provide a reliable source of light without the ongoing energy costs and carbon emissions associated with conventional lighting.

Solar bollard lights are also designed to be durable and weather-resistant, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions while continuously providing essential lighting after sunset. This self-sustaining feature ensures that even during power outages or in areas without electrical infrastructure, lighting remains consistent and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are bollard lights used for?
Bollard lights are primarily used for illumination in outdoor areas. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing safety by lighting up walkways, pathways, and driveways, enhancing visibility and security. Additionally, they are used to accentuate landscaping, highlight architectural features, and create a welcoming ambiance in commercial and residential areas.

Q. How do you install bollard lights?
Installing bollard lights generally involves a few key steps. First, you need to choose the right locations along the path or area where the lights will be placed. After mapping out the placement, dig holes for the bollard bases and secure them with concrete for stability. Wiring must be routed appropriately if they are not solar-powered, adhering to local electrical codes. Finally, connect the wiring to the main power source, ensuring all connections are secure and waterproof.

Q. How do you choose bollard lights?
Choosing the right bollard lights depends on several factors. Consider the purpose—whether it's for security, pathway illumination, or decorative purposes. The height, material, and durability in various weather conditions are also important, as well as the light output and energy efficiency. For aesthetic coherence, select a style and finish that complement the surrounding environment and architecture. Solar options might be preferred for energy efficiency and easier installation.

Q. Are bollard lights good for pathway lighting?
Yes, bollard lights are excellent for pathway lighting. They provide a low-level illumination that is perfect for lighting up paths safely without the glare that higher lights can cause. Bollard lights evenly space out light along pathways, making them visible and navigable after dark. Their sturdy construction typically resists outdoor elements well, making them a durable choice for lighting pathways in parks, gardens, residential areas, and commercial spaces.