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Healthcare Lighting

Hospital and Healthcare Lighting

A hospital waiting room with multiple rows of chairs facing the main check in desk and a hallway to the left. There are several round and square shaped hospital lighting fixtures on the ceiling that are illuminating the area.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are some of the most important segments of modern society, providing critical services and ensuring the health and well being of the population. As of 2019, the healthcare industry accounts for approximately 17.7% of annual GDP in the United States. In order for physicians, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide the best care, they require high quality lighting systems that are both reliable and efficient while providing excellent performance.

We provide state-of-the-art commercial lighting solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. These solutions provide long lasting energy efficient illumination that saves energy and costs for healthcare administrators. This also ensures patients and their families experience a more relaxing environment, which can improve overall patient satisfaction.

Save Energy And Costs

Making the right choice in selecting a healthcare lighting solution can go a long way in reducing overhead costs in both reduced energy consumption as well as maintenance costs. At, we offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions for hospitals, doctors offices and healthcare facilities. For those seeking highly durable lighting that provides exceptional illumination capabilities, look no further than our comprehensive selection of lighting solutions.

Indoor Healthcare Lighting

The indoor hospital lighting fixtures we offer provide quality illumination throughout stairwells, hallways, patient waiting rooms and other areas within the facility. Our tube lights and bulbs emit soft and soothing LED light that creates a pleasant experience for both patients and staff.

Outdoor Healthcare Lighting

The outdoor lighting fixtures we offer provide illumination and security on the outside of healthcare facilities. These lights create an eco-friendly secure environment throughout hospital parking lots, parking structures, and building exteriors.

LED Lighting For Healthcare Facilities

There are a number of benefits for hospitals when switching over to LED lighting. The biggest benefits noticed when making the switch are significant improvements in energy efficiency, longevity, durability and the quality of the light produced. In the age of ever increasing overhead and operating costs, reducing annual lighting expenses goes a long way in improving sustainability and the bottom line. LED technology offers a unique and powerful way in which to accomplish this, with no significant downsides.

LED lights are up to 70% more efficient than traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescents, incandescents and HIDs. This reduction in energy consumption has a massive effect on ROI for large scale healthcare operations, which typically use hundreds of light fixtures throughout their facilities. In addition to the boost in efficiency, LED fixtures require zero maintenance. The elimination of maintenance requirements normally associated with traditional lighting saves a considerable amount in both parts and labor for building managers and facility crews.

On top of the energy efficiency and lowered maintenance costs, LED lighting provides a significantly better quality of lighting than traditional lighting methods. The quality of light produced is quantified using the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which measures a light's accuracy in replicating colors. LED lights provide a significantly higher CRI rating than traditional lighting, which improves visibility for healthcare workers, surgeons and doctors - reducing the likelihood for mistakes and accidents. It also improves the mood and general environment in healthcare facilities, making it a more pleasant experience for patients and their families.

The benefits of higher CRI lighting for healthcare facilities has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. In fact, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), one of the top standards organizations in the United States, notes this in their article regarding healthcare facility lighting:

“The implications of lighting on patient well-being are vast. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Institute found that lower levels of daytime light exposure were associated with worse mood, higher levels of fatigue, and pain in patients when compared with those who had better-lit rooms. This can have serious ramifications in a hospital setting, as patients may already be under stress due to illness and a lack of natural bright light may exacerbate their stress.” (ANSI, June 2017, ANSI/IES RP-29-20: Lighting Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities)

Healthcare Lighting Fixtures

There are a number of different LED fixtures available for healthcare facilities. The selection of a fixture depends on the particular application and area in which it is installed in a facility. Generally speaking, healthcare lighting fixtures are divided into two main categories - indoor and outdoor.

Due to the typically lower ceiling heights of hospitals, indoor lighting fixtures are usually troffers and tube lights, which provide wide and broad lighting. Outdoor lighting for healthcare facilities usually entails lighting for walkways, drop off areas as well as landscaping and parking lot lighting. Wall packs and canopy lights are the most common in parking garages, entryways and walkways, while flood lights and street lights make up the majority of parking lot and landscape lighting.