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LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy Lights

Discover the perfect blend of commercial-grade quality and affordability with our LED canopy lights. Designed to meet a wide array of outdoor lighting requirements, these fixtures are perfect for illuminating parking garages, gas stations, carports, overhangs, building exteriors and more.

Our selection caters to every need, offering color selectable, wattage selectable, vapor-tight, weather-proof, motion sensor-equipped, and battery backup options. This ensures you find the precise lighting solution to fit your specific requirements, enhancing safety and convenience in any setting.

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LED Canopy Lights Overview

The LED canopy lights we offer are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the lighting needs for any parking lot or commercial structure with overhangs.

Watts - Our LED canopy lights range from 25 watts to 150 watts.

Lumens - Our LED canopy lights range from 2,900lm - 21,000lm

Color Temperature (Kevin) - We offer 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K LED canopy lights including specialized fixtures with adjustable color temperature (CCT)

Power Selectable (Watts) - We also offer LED canopy lights with power select technology allowing the user to adjust the wattage up and down.

Emergency Battery Backup - Some of our LED canopy lights are equipped with an emergency battery backup system to ensure continuous illumination during power outages. This feature is essential for maintaining safety and security in parking lots and commercial structures.

Motion Sensor - Some of our LED canopy lights have integrated motion sensors. These advanced fixtures automatically adjust lighting levels based on detected movement, ensuring that light is provided where and when it's needed.

What is an LED Canopy Light?

LED canopy lights are robust, rectangular fixtures engineered to provide bright, uniform lighting from overhead structures such as gas station canopies, parking garage ceilings, and outdoor overhangs. These lights are specifically designed to fit into the flat architecture of a canopy, offering a sleek and integrated look that maximizes both aesthetics and illumination efficiency. This design approach makes LED canopy lights a favored lighting solution for commercial and industrial areas that require well-lit environments for safety, visibility, and customer comfort.

Unlike traditional flood lights or wall packs, LED canopy lights distribute light evenly across a wide area directly below them, making them an ideal choice for locations that demand consistent, bright lighting across the entire surface. Their design is tailored for spaces where both the quality of light and the physical appearance of the fixture are crucial, ensuring that these areas are not only well-lit but also visually appealing.

Types of LED Canopy Lights

There are several types of LED canopy lights depending how you distinguish them. One of the primary distinguishing factors is how they are mounted on the ceiling or overhang. To put this in perspective, we’ll briefly describe the difference between recessed and surface mounted LED canopy lights.

Recessed LED Canopy Lights - Recessed LED canopy lights are designed to be installed into the ceiling or canopy structure, offering a clean, integrated look that doesn't protrude into the space below. This type of lighting is ideal for locations that aim for a minimalist aesthetic without compromising on brightness. Recessed lights are commonly used in covered walkways, entryways, and underpasses where seamless integration with the architecture is desired.

Surface Mount LED Canopy Lights - Surface mount LED canopy lights are mounted directly onto the surface of the ceiling or canopy, making them easy to install and maintain. They are a practical choice for retrofitting existing structures where cutting into the ceiling for recessed lighting is not feasible. Surface mount lights offer robust illumination and are suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, including outdoor seating areas, loading docks, and storage areas.

Another distinguishing factor between LED canopy lights is the shape of the fixture. In the next section, we’ll illustrate the difference between round and square LED canopy lights.

Professional LED Canopy Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a 3D LED canopy lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. In this example, four 27W, 3,800 Lumen Canopy Lights were mounted and used to illuminate a commercial porch area with an overhang.

3D lighting design of 4 LED canopy lights illuminating a commercial patio
Commercial LED Canopy Lighting Example
3D lighting design of 4 LED canopy lights illuminating a commercial patio with the lighting distribution and footcandles.
Commercial LED Canopy Lighting Illumination

Fixture Type: 27W LED Canopy Light
Fixture Count: 4 PCS total
Average Illumination: Insert Number
Maximum Illumination: Insert Number

Common Applications for LED Canopy Lights

Canopy lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility and safety in various outdoor and covered environments. Its applications are diverse, each catering to specific needs to improve the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the spaces they illuminate. Here are some common applications for canopy lighting:

Round LED Canopy Lights

Round LED canopy lights feature a circular design that distributes light evenly in all directions. They are commonly used in settings where aesthetic appeal is as important as functionality, such as at entrances, walkways, and in decorative outdoor areas. Their compact, sleek design allows for an unobtrusive installation that complements modern architecture.

Square Canopy Lights

Square LED canopy lights provide a more directed light distribution compared to round styles, making them ideal for illuminating specific areas with precision. Their angular design fits well with contemporary architectural styles and is often chosen for its modern appearance.

The square LED canopy light is a perfect lighting solution for car ports, parking garages, gas stations and other commercial lighting applications. This outdoor lighting fixture is easily installed and is constructed with durable powder coating to ensure durability through harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Overhang Lighting

Outdoor areas such as banks, gas stations, and drive-thrus often have an canopy or overhang over them to protect equipment from the weather. It's important to have adequitte lighting within these overhangs in order to ensure safety and visibility. Here's an example of a photometric lighting plan we produces for a commercial overhang.

Gas Station Canopy Lighting

A gas station being lit by LED lights during night hours
Photometric of a tunnel using 40W Canopy Lights

When you have a business that runs 24 hours a day, and your primary source of revenue is underneath a canopy, having a reliable source of lighting for evening hours is paramount. LED canopy lights offer high energy efficiency along with the necessary levels of brightness to properly illuminate areas around the fuel pumps. This provides safety and convenience for customers while saving costs for your business.

In 2009, SMUD conducted research projects to evaluate the potential benefits of LED lighting across various applications, including gas station canopies, leading to the development of commercial rebate programs for LED technologies. A test at a 7-Eleven store in Citrus Heights, California, supported by a SMUD research grant, demonstrated notable improvements with LED lighting:

  • Enhanced initial illumination levels and reduced visual glare and light pollution.
  • Significant energy savings of 63 to 80%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are canopy lights?
As the name suggests, canopy lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that can be attached to the ceilings of canopies and provide illumination underneath the structure.

Q. Where are canopy lights used?
Canopy lights are commonly installed for outdoor commercial lighting applications such as gas stations, car ports, parking garages, automotive shops, banks, and other areas where a canopy overlooks the setting.

Q. What are the different types of canopy lights?
Generally speaking, these lighting fixtures will come in a square or round shape The light source is commonly an HID (high-intensity discharge) bulb such as metal-halide or sodium vapor or LED diodes.