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UVC Lighting

UVC Lighting & Air Purification System

Introducing a new cutting-edge solution for germicidal air filtration. The Omni 4-in-1 Air Filtration Mobile System by Cello Lighting uses state-of-the-art UVC lighting and air purification technology to quickly and effectively deactivate microorganisms and sanitize desired areas. This system provides a highly effective method of providing safe and sanitary environments throughout schools, hospitals, workplaces, and other indoor environments where the spread of viruses or germs is a concern.

What distinguishes the Omni Air Filtration System from other air purification products is the ability for users to select specific modes on the device. For instance, the device can be used as a typical HEPA air filtration system which purifies the air around it, or you can select an additional mode of filtration such as UVC which sterilizes the air and surfaces with disinfecting ultraviolet light. This device can also be used for NPBI ionization to purify air while reducing odor. Additionally, this filtration system features a remote control for safe operation from distance.