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Linear LED High Bays

LED Linear High Bay Lights

Browse our selection of high quality linear LED high bay lights in various sizes including 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 fixtures. This includes linear high bays with motion sensor, power select, and color select technology to adjust lighting to the desired brightness and color.

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LED Linear High Bay Lights Overview

The LED linear high bay lights we offer are durable, energy-efficient, and meet the lighting needs for commercial and industrial facilities.

Watts - Our LED UFO high bays range from 50W up to 400W.

Lumens - Our LED UFO high bays range from 6,900lm - 52,000lm.

Color Temperature (Kevin) - We offer 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K LED UFO high bays including specialized fixtures with adjustable color temperature (CCT).

Fixture Size - We offer LED high bays in sizes of, 1x2, 1x4, 2x1, 2x2.

What is An LED Linear High Bay Light

Linear LED high bay lights are high powered square or rectangular shaped lighting fixtures that are designed to provide broad illumination from high ceilings that covers the area below. These fixtures derive their name from the straight linear beam pattern of the light projected from a long rectangular shaped fixture. This design makes linear LED high bay lights a popular lighting option for aisleways as well as commercial and industrial facilities with large floor spaces.

Linear high bays differ from UFO high bay lights in that they project a broader beam of light in a square or rectangular shaped pattern which make them a more ideal lighting option if your goal is to broadly illuminate a large area from a high ceiling point.

How Many LED Linear High Bay Lights Do I Need?

Infographic chart showing how many LED high bays are needed and recommended fixture spacing based on ceiling height. 10 to 19 foot ceilings require 12,000 to 21,000 lumens with 10 foot spacing while 40 foot ceilings require 47,000 lumens or more with 35 foot spacing.

In order to determine the number of high bay lights required to illuminate the space, you’ll need to determine several factors including,

  • Ceiling height
  • Dimensions of the space
  • Facility usage
  • Environmental factors

For example if you have a ceiling height that’s under 11 feet, we generally recommend using a high bay fixture that’s between 50-100 watts and 9,000-12,000 lumens.

As ceiling height increases, higher lumen output and wattage will be required to adequately illuminate the space.

Linear High Bay Fixture Spacing

When it comes to fixture spacing for Linear LED high bay lights, it’s important to consider the size of the lighting space as well as ceiling height.

Generally speaking, for ceiling heights that range from 15 to 40 feet high, you’ll want to space the fixtures as far apart as the ceiling height; for instance, fixtures mounted at 40 feet should be spaced around 40 feet apart, while fixtures mounted at 30 feet should be spaced about 30 feet apart.

Linear High Bay Applications

Linear LED high bay lights are ideal for commercial and industrial areas with ceiling heights ranging from 15-35 feet high. Common practical applications include but are not limited to the following,

Linear LED High Bay Light Uses

Linear high bay lights are the preferred choice of warehouses, workshops and industrial facilities throughout the world. In recent years, LED’s have come to dominate the high bay market due to their many advantages over traditional HID fixtures. LED Linear high bays are a popular choice for business owners and building managers looking for lighting solutions that offer reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance and longer lifespan.

Linear High Bay Lighting Guide

Warehouse, shop and industrial faculty owners and operators are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs in order to improve their business’s bottom line. One of the areas that always stands to be improved is lighting, which is generally considered a fixed cost. Historically, high bay lighting has always had a large impact on annual budgets. This is due to the high lumen requirements of facilities with high ceilings. For those looking to significantly reduce this large section of their operating budget, linear LED high bays have become the dominant choice. This is due to their dramatically increased energy efficiency, lower maintenance requirements and long lifespan.

Linear LED high bay lights are similar in purpose to UFO LED high bays in that they illuminate areas with elevated ceilings such as warehouses, workshops and industrial facilities. Usually these facilities have ceilings over 20’ tall, some even as tall as 40’. Lights mounted this high up must produce a large amount of light, spread evenly over a large area. Since these lights draw significantly more power than regular lights mounted on lower ceilings, their efficiency is paramount to avoid unnecessary energy expenditures.

The biggest difference between Linear high bays and their UFO counterparts is the way in which the light is distributed. UFO LED high bay lights distribute their light in an even round pattern, whereas linear high bay lights distribute their light in a rectangular pattern. This can have advantages in certain situations where illumination of walkways and long narrow areas is desired. Linear high bay lights can also be used in situations requiring intense light density, such as over a workspace or high traffic area.

Linear High Bays Lighting Design

Generally speaking, LED linear high bays range from 90 watts and 12,200 lumens all the way up to 400 watts and 56,000 lumens. Some of the more modern linear style high bays actually have switches to adjust the power output (watts) and color temperature (kelvin) to desired levels.

Photometric layouts can be used to determine the exact number of fixtures required to properly illuminate an area. Below is an example of a photometric plan created for a commercial gym. In this plan, there were 4 150 watt LED linear high bays used at 57 foot candles.

Photometric of a gym weight room with 4 linear high bays

Types of LED Linear High Bays

We offer several types of linear LED high bay lights for any warehouse application. The Packard Series features premium Samsung LED technology, producing a high quality of light. They are constructed with a shatterproof housing and are made of robust components - ensuring a long and trouble free lifespan. All of these lights feature DLC, UL, IP20, IP40, LM79 qualifications and come with a five year warranty. The Packard Series offers two primary types which we will describe in detail.

Packard Series 2x2 - These come in both 100W and 150W power ranges, producing 16,350 and 24,750 lumens respectively. For sizing purposes, the 100W version is designed to replace a 300W traditional high bay light and the 150W is designed to replace a 400W traditional high bay light. Both are 2’ long fixtures.

Packard Series 2x4 - This light comes only in a 200W version and produces a staggering 33,000 lumens. This light is designed to replace a 750W traditional high bay light and is a 4’ long fixture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Linear high bays?
Linear high bay lights are long rectangular lighting fixtures that are used in buildings with tall ceilings. These ceilings usually are between 20’ and 40’ in height and therefore require a high powered light in order to properly illuminate the ground below. These fixtures are typically hung from cables, chains or another type of apparatus.

Q. Where are Linear high bays used?
Linear high bays are often used in place of the traditional round UFO style lights when a rectangular light pattern is desired. They are also used in applications requiring extra levels of illumination for safety and efficiency reasons. Popular uses include areas such as workspaces, walkways and high traffic areas.

Q. Why should you use LED Linear high bays?
Using LED lights yield many advantages over traditional bulbs such as Halogens or Incandescents. This is especially true for commercial and industrial needs such as high bay ceilings. For example, LED bulbs are more durable, energy-efficient, and produce less harmful toxins when compared to other types of bulbs. In other words, switching to LEDs can save costs and promote safety throughout a facility. Linear high bays are a highly versatile lighting fixture; LED tubes are used in conjunction with this fixture to provide high quality energy-efficient illumination throughout any warehouse or commercial facility.

The California Lighting Technology Center discusses the impact of using LEDs for high bay lighting in a 2015 report. According to the report,

“By 2020, advanced products and best practices will transform the California lighting market to deliver a 60 to 80% reduction in statewide electrical lighting energy consumption from 2010 levels.” (UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center, 2015, Lighting Technology Overview)