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T8 4 ft LED Tubes

4 ft. LED T8 Tubes

Our 4 ft. LED T8 tubes are designed with cutting-edge LED technology to maximize energy-efficiency, reduce cost, and provide top quality illumination. Retrofit or replace your fluorescent high bays, troffers, or strip fixtures with modern LED T8 bulbs.

LED Tube Color Temperatures

LED tube color temperatures showing 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, 5000K daylight

3000K LED Tube Lights - LED tubes with a Color Temperature of 3000 Kelvin provide a warm yellow tinted illumination. This color is generally ideal for restaurant and hospitality applications as it gives off a low lit relaxing and welcoming ambience.

3500K LED Tube Lights - LED tubes with a Color Temperature of 3500 Kelvin provide a warm white illumination. This color is also ideal for providing a relaxing and welcoming environment. The color is similar to 3000K but with a whiter tint.

4000K LED Tube Lights - LED tubes with a Color Temperature of 4000 Kelvin provide a neutral white illumination. This color is typically ideal for office settings, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, and other areas where people spend significant time for work or other activities.

5000K LED Tube Lights - LED tubes with a Color Temperature of 5000 Kelvin provide a white daylight color that most closely replicates natural sunlight. This is the most popular color for LED tube lights and can be found in all types of applications such as previously mentioned areas as well as warehouses, storage areas, parking structures, garages, and a myriad of commercial and industrial settings.

6000K LED Tube Lights - LED tubes with a Color Temperature of 6000 Kelvin provide a cool white color with a slightly blue tint. This color provides a more exotic and luxurious look. 6000K LED tubes are commonly used within laboratories and other R&D applications as well as certain architectural lighting applications and high end retail stores.

What Are 4 foot T8 Tubes?

4-foot T8 tubes are a type of lamp that are commonly used in commercial and residential lighting fixtures. The "T8" designation refers to the tube diameter, which is 8 eighths of an inch, or 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter. These tubes are 4 feet (about 1.22 meters) in length, making them a popular choice for overhead lighting in offices, schools, retail spaces, and many other settings.

T8 tubes are known for their energy efficiency, relatively low cost, and good color rendering, making them suitable for a wide range of lighting applications. They operate with a specific type of ballast, which regulates the current to the lamp, and they are available in various color temperatures, allowing users to choose the desired ambiance for their space (e.g., warm white, cool white, daylight).

In recent years, LED replacements for 4-foot T8 fluorescent tubes have become increasingly popular due to their higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance costs, along with the fact that they do not contain mercury, making them more environmentally friendly.

What is Color Temperature?

Simply put, color temperature refers to the color of light emitted from the bulb or fixture. The color of lighting is measured on a color temperature scale using Kelvin (K). This was formally known, and commonly referred to as the Coordinated Color Temperature (CCT).

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, ranging from 1,000K to 10,000k. Natural sunlight varies from approximately 5,000k to 6500K, depending on the time of the day and weather conditions. The overwhelming majority of commercial and industrial lighting falls into this range.

The below graphic illustrates the overall kelvin range and equivalent types of lights that fall within this scale.

A chart showing a wide scale of varying color temperature ranges measured in kelvins with their corresponding everyday colors for reference

LED Tube Light Store

Our selection of LED tube lights are trusted by electrical contractors and property managers across North America. These LED tubes are highly cost-effective and include state-of-the-art technology that allows customers to adjust the light to their desired wattage, lumens, or color temperature. Many of our LED tubes are also able to operate with or without a ballast including single and double ended wiring connections.

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