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Lighting Articles

LED Rebates for Commercial DTE Energy Customers

LED Rebates – Receive Instant Discounts Commercial LED Lights is a qualified distributor for the DTE Energy Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program. This means that you receive instant discounts on our LED Lighting products if DTE Energy provides electricity to your business. By simply using LED products in place of fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting, …

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Recommended Foot Candles

What are Foot Candles? In the world of lighting, there are several methods to measure a light’s output. While in the past this was typically measured simply by its wattage rating, the process is much more sophisticated today. As LED technology has rapidly evolved, methods to quantity a lights output have improved as well – …

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Center Beam Candlepower

The lighting world today has never been more technologically advanced, with extraordinarily powerful electronics and high output LEDs. With this advancement in technology comes more sophisticated forms of performance measurements, namely in terms of measuring light output. Historically speaking this was most commonly measured in watts, which was effectively the universal language used by industry …

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LED Technology

Lighting technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade thanks to new innovations in LED technology. LEDs, short for Light-Emitting Diodes, have seen widespread use since their commercial introduction nearly six decades ago as simple indicator lights for items such as control panels, stereos and various other types of electronic equipment. Today, LEDs have progressed …

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LED Lights For Business

Benefits of LED Lights for Business Quality lighting is essential for all types of businesses, whether they be retail, commercial, or industrial operations. Like other business necessities, lighting carries with it inherent ongoing costs that a business must pay in order to continue operations. In order to maximize efficiency and profitability of a business, most …

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Why Grow With LEDs

Alternative types of horticulture have grown exponentially in the past decade, mainly for indoor and urban operations. Because these types of growing operations usually do not have access to natural sunlight, artificial lighting is required. In order to provide plants with sufficient light to properly grow, light fixtures used for horticulture must have exceptionally good …

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Color Temperature

What Is Color Temperature? Artificial lighting comes in a wide range of colors to suit many different applications. In order to quantify this, the color of lighting is measured on a color temperature scale using Kelvin (K). Formally known as the Coordinated Color Temperature (CCT), this scale ranges from 1,000K all the way up to …

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Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index (CRI), simply put, is the measurement of a particular light’s accuracy in illuminating colors. This is measured on a numerical scale going up to 100, which is the CRI of a reference light. Known to color scientists as a “black body radiator”, a reference light is either traditional incandescent light or …

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