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Lighting Articles

Types of Light Bulbs

A Series Light Bulbs A-Series light bulbs, often known as “A bulbs,” are the quintessential pear-shaped bulbs many envision when thinking of a light bulb. These bulbs are commonly used in various household fixtures, from table lamps to ceiling fixtures. …

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Commercial LED Lights logo over a background of an LED chip board

Center Beam Candlepower

The lighting world today has never been more technologically advanced, with extraordinarily powerful electronics and high output LEDs. With this advancement in technology comes more sophisticated forms of performance measurements, namely in terms of measuring light output. Historically speaking this …

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A diagram showing the primary components of an LED diode

LED Technology

Lighting technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade thanks to new innovations in LED technology. LEDs, short for Light-Emitting Diodes, have seen widespread use since their commercial introduction nearly six decades ago as simple indicator lights for items such …

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