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LED Rebates for Commercial DTE Energy Customers

LED Rebates – Receive Instant Discounts

Commercial LED Lights is a qualified distributor for the DTE Energy Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program. This means that you receive instant discounts on our LED Lighting products if DTE Energy provides electricity to your business. By simply using LED products in place of fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting, your business can reduce lighting-related energy costs by up to 90 percent.

Eligibility for LED Rebates

There is no paperwork required to qualify for these discounts. The only requirements are that you’re a non-residential customer of DTE Energy. In other words, if DTE Energy is the electrical provider for your business, you will be eligible to receive instant discounts on LED lighting products offered through our online store.

These LED rebates can be applied for any commercial or industrial application. These applications include but are not limited to the following,

About The Lighting Instant Discount Program

The DTE Energy Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program connects businesses and trade allies with participating distributors to receive instant discounts on qualifying LED products at the time of purchase. Discounts are added for any qualifying Design Lights Consortium® or ENERGY STAR® LED products. All LED lighting products carried in our store qualify for this program and discounts will be applied to all eligible businesses.

DTE Energy is a Detroit-based energy company that provides electricity throughout the State of Michigan as well as a few other areas in the Midwest. To check if your business is eligible for LED rebates, simply view one of your monthly electric bills and check if DTE Energy is your provider.

Examples of LED Rebates

The savings for LED rebates are significant. For example, an LED tube that costs $10 and has a $4 rebate has a net cost of $6. The availability of rebates helps reduce the upfront costs and expedites the return on investment.

These savings can not only help companies save money on their lighting configurations, but also assist electrical contractors with winning project bids, since they would be paying less on lighting products.