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LED Pitching Cage/Batting Cage Lighting Case Study

LED Pitching Cage/Batting Cage Lighting Case Study

In this case study, we delve into a specific scenario involving a pitching/batting cage that sought to optimize its lighting conditions. After careful assessment, our team recommended the use of our cutting-edge LED sports lights and LED area/flood lights, tailored to meet the illumination requirements of this environment.

Batting Cage Lighting Design

Here’s an example of the 3D batting cage lighting photometric design conducted by our professional lighting engineers. In this example Two 505W Sports lights were mounted at 29 feet high and two 400W Area Lights were mounted at 26 feet high. A second photometric design was also conducted for a pitching cage next to the batting cage.

3D model of a batting pitching cage lighting design showing two 400 watt LED area flood lights mounted 26 ft high.
3D model of a batting pitching cage lighting design showing two 505 watt LED sports lights mounted 29 ft high.

Batting Cage Dimensions: 70ft x 14ft
Pitching Cage Dimensions: 66 ft x 15 ft
Fixture 1 Type: 505W LED Sports Lights (2 PCS)
Fixture 2 Type: 400W LED Area Light (2 PCS)
Fixture Count: 2 PCS of each, 4 PCS total
Fixture Certifications: DLC Premium, IP65 Weather Resistant
LED Sports Light Angle: 60 degree X, 20 Degree Y direction tilt
LED Area Light Angle: 70 degree X, 18 Degree Y direction tilt
Pitching Cage Illumination: 32.4fc
Batting Cage Illumination: 14.5fc

Batting Cage Lighting Results

Two LED sports lights mounted on a pole illuminating a pitching cage at night
LED Pitching Cage Lights Mounted
Bright LED lights illuminating the ground inside a pitching cage at night.
LED Pitching Cage Ground Illumination
View inside a batting cage with LED flood lights illuminating the area at night.
LED Batting Cage Ground Illumination
The area around an outdoor batting cage and pitching cage with bright illumination from LED flood and sports lights on poles.
LED Batting Cage Area Illumination

After the installation of the LED area lights and LED sports lights around the batting and pitching cage, results were overwhelmingly positive. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the brightness and uniformity of the illumination. The meticulously crafted 3D photometric design by our lighting engineers proved to be effective in achieving the desired lighting outcomes.

The client’s recognition extended beyond the superior light distribution; they were equally appreciative of the expert guidance and comprehensive methodology our team employed throughout the project. The upgraded lighting arrangement in the batting cage has notably enhanced visibility and safety conditions, contributing significantly to the elevated experience of the facility. Our commitment to delivering tailored lighting solutions that blend technical precision and aesthetic appeal has once again demonstrated its value, affirming our client’s trust in our services.