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Batting Cage Lighting

LED Batting Cage Lights

We carry a variety of top quality indoor and outdoor LED batting cage lights that are weatherproof and dustproof rated. These commercial quality lights provide bright illumination with high energy efficiency that’s dispersed with a specialized lens to avoid distracting athletes. Browse our selection of batting cage lights or get a free professional lighting plan from our sports lighting experts.

What is Batting Cage Lighting?

Batting cage lighting refers to the specific type of lighting used in indoor and outdoor batting cages to ensure optimal visibility for baseball and softball players. Proper illumination is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of the practice, as players need to be able to clearly see the ball in order to hit it accurately. The lighting should be bright enough for players to see the ball clearly, but not so bright that it causes glare or shadows that could interfere with visibility.

What Kind of Lights Are Used for Batting Cages?

For indoor batting cages, you can use either UFO high bay lights or linear high bay lights. These lights are often used in conjunction with a wire-guard accessory to protect the light from the fixture from baseball or softball.

For outdoor batting cages, you’ll want to use LED sports lights or LED flood lights with sufficient power to illuminate the area.

Professional Batting Cage Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a 3D batting cage lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. In this example, two 505 watt LED sports lights were mounted 29 ft high and two 400 watt LED area flood lights were mounted 26 ft high. The batting cage illuminated was 70ft x 14ft while the pitching cage was 66 ft x 15 ft.

3D model of a batting pitching cage lighting design showing two 400 watt LED area flood lights mounted 26 ft high.
3D model of a batting pitching cage lighting design showing two 505 watt LED sports lights mounted 29 ft high.

Batting Cage Dimensions: 70ft x 14ft
Pitching Cage Dimensions: 66 ft x 15 ft
Fixture 1 Type: 505W LED Sports Lights (2 PCS)
Fixture 2 Type: 400W LED Area Light (2 PCS)
Fixture Count: 2 PCS of each, 4 PCS total
Fixture Certifications: DLC Premium, IP65 Weather Resistant
LED Sports Light Angle: 60 degree X, 20 Degree Y direction tilt
LED Area Light Angle: 70 degree X, 18 Degree Y direction tilt
Pitching Cage Illumination: 32.4fc
Batting Cage Illumination: 14.5fc

Batting Cage Lighting Results

Two LED sports lights mounted on a pole illuminating a pitching cage at night
LED Pitching Cage Lights Mounted
Bright LED lights illuminating the ground inside a pitching cage at night.
LED Pitching Cage Ground Illumination
View inside a batting cage with LED flood lights illuminating the area at night.
LED Batting Cage Ground Illumination
The area around an outdoor batting cage and pitching cage with bright illumination from LED flood and sports lights on poles.
LED Batting Cage Area Illumination

Batting Cage Lighting Requirements

The recommended level of brightness can depend on various factors, such as whether the cage is used for amateur or professional practice. It's also important for the lighting to be evenly distributed throughout the cage so that there are no dark spots or overly bright areas that could affect visibility. This is typically achieved by strategically positioning multiple light fixtures around the cage.

In terms of specifics, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) suggests a lighting level of 500 lux for recreational level, while professional level could require lighting levels up to 1000 lux or more. However, the actual requirements can vary depending on factors like the speed of the pitch and the age and skill level of the players.

Indoor Batting Cage Lighting

When setting up the lighting for an indoor batting cage, it's essential to strike the right balance between visibility and comfort. Bright, evenly distributed light ensures players can see the ball clearly and consistently, regardless of where they're standing in the cage. At the same time, the light shouldn't be so intense that it causes glare or heats up the indoor space excessively.

We offer indoor batting cage lights that are protected against dust and use a specialized lens to disperse the light in a way that’s bright without interfering with athlete visibility. These lighting fixtures are also referred to as LED UFO High Bays. The indoor batting cage lights can also use a wire-guard accessory for additional protection against athletes hitting the baseball/softball and potentially breaking a fixture.

Outdoor Batting Cage Lighting

When it comes to outdoor batting cage lighting, the fixtures used should be weather-resistant and able to withstand conditions like rain, wind, and temperature changes. It's also important to consider the impact of the lighting on the surrounding area and to position the lights in a way that minimizes light pollution.

We use outdoor batting cage lights that are IP66 Rated to withstand any harsh weather condition. These lighting fixtures are also referred to as LED Sports Flood Lights.