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Parking Lot LED Lighting Case Study

This case study involves a parking lot that used our LED flood lights to replace existing metal halide flood lights. According to the customer, and from photos taken, there was a significant increase in brightness with consistent illumination of the entire width of the area needing to be lit. The customer also used dusk-til-dawn photocell lighting technology to ensure the lights turn on at 8:00 PM and turn off between 3-4 AM.

Old metal halide flood light fixture the size of a shoebox that was taken off a parking lot pole

Parking Lot Lighting Design

The parking lot was originally using metal halide flood lights. These flood light fixtures were replaced with 80 watt LED flood lights. switching to LEDs increased the overall brightness within this outdoor area while saving significant cost for their company.

Example of a parking lot lighting project that was improved from metal halides to LEDs the fixture is mounted on a tall parking pole and illuminating the entire lot
Top view of a parking lot for a parking lot lighting project
False color 3D rendering of parking lot lights on poles with the foot candles and illumination distribution at the bottom
3D rendering of parking lot lighting showing a series of poles illuminating a lot.

Project Details

Right underneath the lights the illumination was 25.0 fc. The photometric predicted the max to be 24.2 fc at 2.5 ft elevation. At the three perimeters (residential, apartments, and senior living), the horizontal illumination is 0.0 fc, as predicted by the photometric. Perpendicular illumination is between 0.1 to 0.2 fc.


Not only did the switch result in a markedly improved brightness and uniform illumination across the area, but the integration of the dusk-til-dawn photocell technology also ensured optimal lighting hours, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and security. The customer’s feedback, paired with visual evidence from the photos, underscores the superior performance of the LED flood lights. Furthermore, the project details confirm that the lighting achieved the desired metrics, meeting both illumination and safety standards. This case serves as a testament to the potential of LED lighting solutions in optimizing both functionality and cost savings for outdoor spaces.

Customer Feedback

The customer submitted feedback after the conclusion of this lighting project. According to the customer,

“I wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you over the last month and a half. You have gone above and beyond to make sure we had all the pertinent data for the fixtures and the lights. I will keep your information if we have a need for lighting in the future. I will also pass on your company information to anyone I hear has a lighting issue.”