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LED Shoebox Lights

LED Shoebox Lights

Shoebox lights are named for their distinctive design, which resembles a shoebox. These large box shaped fixtures are often pole mounted and found in parking lots as well as other large outdoor areas. Our LED shoebox lights have a slim, lightweight design and provide commercial quality lighting at affordable price points. Transform your outdoor area by replacing outdated metal halide shoebox lights with modern LED shoebox lighting fixtures that are designed for easy installation, flexible mounting, and cost-saving technology.

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What is a Shoebox Light?

A shoebox light is an outdoor lighting fixture designed to illuminate large areas like parking lots, streets, and public spaces. Its name comes from its resemblance to a shoebox, featuring a rectangular, flat design that efficiently houses the lighting components. This design enables a broad and uniform distribution of light, making shoebox lights a popular choice for commercial and industrial outdoor lighting needs.

The term "LED shoebox light" often refers to models with LED technology, known for their energy efficiency and longevity, though the design itself can accommodate various types of lighting technologies. Shoebox lights are also commonly referred to as flood lights or area lights.

Where Are LED Shoebox Lights Used?

LED shoebox lights are used for a variety of applications. This includes commercial, industrial, and sports lighting needs. Here are some common specific applications for shoebox lighting fixtures,

Mounting for LED Shoebox Lights

Different mounting options available for shoebox lights, such as an Arm Mount, Slipfitter Mount, Wall Mount, and Trunnion / Yoke Mount

Square Parking Poles - This mounting option is ideal for LED shoebox lights in parking lots with existing 2-⅜” square poles. It ensures a secure and stable installation, with solid flats for the mount to attach.

Round Parking Poles - These also make an ideal mounting option due to their simple and straightforward mounting. This option utilizes set screws to securely clamp down on the existing round pole with a diameter of up to 2-⅜” and gives a 360° rotation option for optimal placement.

Flat Surface / Yoke Mount - A versatile option, the flat surface or yoke mount is used for mounting the lights on flat surfaces like the sides of buildings or on top of structures. It offers adjustable angles for optimal light direction.

Arm Mount - The arm mount allows the shoebox light to extend outward from a pole or wall, providing a wider range of illumination. This is particularly useful for lighting areas that are away from the pole's base or for overcoming obstructions.

Slipfitter Mount - Designed to work with a square or round pole, this option is one of the most user friendly mounting options as it simply slides over an existing pole and tightens down via set screws. Wiring is conveniently routed through the pole itself, offering a clean streamlined appearance.

LED Shoebox Lighting Design

Example of a parking lot lighting project that was improved from metal halides to LEDs the fixture is mounted on a tall parking pole and illuminating the entire lot
Top view of a parking lot for a parking lot lighting project
False color 3D rendering of parking lot lights on poles with the foot candles and illumination distribution at the bottom
3D rendering of parking lot lighting showing a series of poles illuminating a lot.

This is a photometric lighting design of a parking lot that was originally using metal halide shoebox lights. These antiquated shoebox lighting fixtures were replaced with 80 watt LED shoebox lights. switching to LEDs increased the overall brightness within this outdoor area while saving significant cost for their company.

Right underneath the lights the illumination was 25.0 fc. The photometric predicted the max to be 24.2 fc at 2.5 ft elevation. At the three perimeters (residential, apartments, and senior living), the horizontal illumination is 0.0 fc, as predicted by the photometric. Perpendicular illumination is between 0.1 to 0.2 fc.

Not only did the switch result in a markedly improved brightness and uniform illumination across the area, but the integration of the dusk-til-dawn photocell technology also ensured optimal lighting hours, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and security.

Why Use LED Shoebox Lights for Parking Lot Lighting?

LED shoebox lights are an excellent choice for parking lot lighting due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and high-quality illumination. They consume much less power compared to traditional lighting solutions, leading to significant savings on energy bills. This efficiency is coupled with a much longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and cutting down on maintenance costs.

The quality of light provided by LED shoebox lights is also superior. They offer bright, uniform lighting that improves visibility and safety in parking lots. The higher color rendering index means the light is closer to natural daylight, enhancing clarity for drivers and pedestrians. Their directional nature ensures that light is focused where it's needed, minimizing light pollution.

Additionally, many LED shoebox lights are equipped with features like dimming capabilities, motion sensors, and smart controls. These features allow for more efficient and customizable lighting management, adapting to different needs and conditions.

Their durability makes them well-suited for outdoor environments, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions without compromising performance. This combination of efficiency, performance, and durability makes LED shoebox lights a smart and cost-effective choice for parking lot lighting.