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80W LED Sign Projector - Safety & Compliance Signs

Special Order item. Please call to order.
Availability: In stock
  • Brand:Straits Lighting
  • Watts:80W
  • Kelvin:6500K
  • Voltage:85-265V AC
  • Beam Angle:15°/25°/40°
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~6 Weeks From Order
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The SL930PRO is an 80W LED sign projector used for casting highly visible and indestructible LED logos in order to protect pedestrians and ensure compliance throughout your work area. These logos are customizable to virtually any size or specifications of your choosing. Commonly used LED safety logos include, stop signs, forklift traffic signs, red warning circles, and more.

LED sign and logo projector lights solve many of the hassles associated with traditional signs such as visibility, movement, etc. Our LED sign projector has easy 0-90 degree adjustable mounting along with simple installation and adaptability. The user can select up to 3 custom LED logos and operate them with the simple click of a button on a remote. The size of these logos or signs can also be customized to the user’s preference.

Product Variations

SKU Watts
20260051 80W
20260052 100W
20260053 150W
20260054 200W
20260056 300W
20260055 400W
20260057 600W
More Information
BrandStraits Lighting
Product CodeSL930PRO
Rated Life Hours30,000
CertificationsIP65, RoHS
Product Size (L x W x H)9.65" x 5.7" x 5.24"
ConstructionOSRAM LED, Heavy-duty Aluminum
Volts85-265V AC
Min Operating Temp-30°C
Max Operating Temp55°C
Beam Angle15°/25°/40°
Warranty2 Years

LED Sign Projector FAQs

Q. What logos come with the sign projector?
Our LED sign projector comes with a set of standard stock logos such as an LED stop sign, forklift traffic sign, pedestrian crossing sign, etc. You can see the various logo options listed here. You may choose up to three separate logos with your projector.

Q. How do I choose a logo for the sign projector?
In order to choose from the existing logos, simply contact us over the phone or via email and select up to three standard logos. You can email your request to [email protected]. If you want a custom logo that’s not listed on the website, be sure to detail that in your request.

Q. Can I use my own custom logo?
Yes, in order to choose a custom logo with your LED sign projector, email the logo in .jpg format to [email protected]. Please note, that there may be additional fees associated with using custom logos for your projector.

What is a LED Sign Projector gobo?
An LED sign projector gobo is a type of lighting equipment that uses LED technology to project custom images or text onto a surface. The term "gobo" is short for "go between" or "goes before optics," and refers to a stencil or template that is placed in front of the light source to shape the light into a specific pattern or image.

In the context of an LED sign projector, a gobo is typically a small, circular or square piece of metal or glass that is etched with a design or logo. The gobo is inserted into the projector, and when the light is turned on, it shines through the gobo and onto a surface, creating a customized image or message.

Q. What sizes are available for the LED sign projector?
We currently have LED sign projectors available in 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 400W, and 600W. You can see the gobo size and brightness for each of our different sign projectors in the product specification sheet.

Q. What is the “lead time” for an LED sign projector?
After ordering your projector, you should receive it within 4-6 weeks.