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Commercial Garage LED Lighting Case Study

This is a case study involving a business using our T8 LED tubes and T8 strip fixtures to replace fluorescent lights in their storage area. Prior to the replacement, the fluorescent lights were noisy and occupying a great deal of ceiling space. The LED T8 tube fixtures greatly reduced the occupied ceiling space, improved the level of lighting, eliminated noise, and provided a more energy efficient and environmentally lighting option. Continue reading to learn more about this case study.

Before and After

Four lighting fixtures with fluorescent tubes providing dim illumination to a garage workshop area before switching to LED T8 strip fixtures
Three LED strip lighting fixtures providing bright illumination to a garage workshop area after replacing the old fluorescent fixtures


Products Used

Keystone LED T8 Strip Fixture – 1×4, No Lamps
  • Brand: Keystone
  • Part Number: KT-DDSLEDT8-4-2L-DP
  • Product Code: QJQ-29
  • Certifications: UL, RoHS
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 48.4″ x 4.42″ x 2.10″
  • Finish: Post painted white steel body
  • Base: G13
  • Connection: Single Ended Wiring
18W 4FT LED T8BC Tubes – X-Series – 5000K
  • Brand: Straits Lighting
  • Part Number: 811052453
  • Product Code: SL917T8BC
  • Replacement: 40W FL-T8-4′
  • Watts: 18W
  • Volts: 100/277V
  • Certifications: UL, DLC, RoHS, LM79
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 48.00″ x 1.20″ x 1.50″
  • Construction: Aluminum Heat Sink, Aluminum Casing, Plastic Lens (Clear/Frosted)
  • Dimming: Non-Dimmable
  • Kelvin: 5000K
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Lumens: 2567
  • Lens: Frosted

More About The Products

LED T8 Strip Fixture – The LED T8 Strip fixture was used to replace the outdated fixtures in the garage. This was a 1×4 fixture with a Polycarbonate Aluminum design which was far lighter than the steel fluorescent fixture. The fixture holds two LED T8 tubes which are sold separately. This indoor ceiling light has a high lumen output which is perfect for any work area where precision is essential.

X-Series LED Tubes – X-Series LED T8 Tubes were coupled with the LED T8 Strip Fixture and used to replace fluorescent light bulbs inside the garage. These LED lamps provided brighter and more energy efficient illumination throughout the work area. The X-Series is known for longevity and durability which reduces the cost of maintenance. This efficiency and durability makes X-Series lamps ideal for most indoor commercial lighting applications. These LED tube lights are Type A Type B. Ballast compatibility and single/double end wiring capabilities make installation fast for retrofits and new builds.

Garage Lighting Safety

Besides the performance and longevity benefits of LED lighting for garages, there are significant safety improvements as well. Especially in storage areas and garages, lighting setups are typically not planned out with visibility in mind, usually utilizing substandard fixtures, bulbs and poor placement. Older lighting technologies have significant limitations in terms of beam angle, light produced and CRI ratings. When the switch is made over to LEDs, this opens a host of opportunities for better lighting quality and improved visibility. LED lights not only produce far more lumen output per watt than their traditional fluorescent and incandescent counterparts, but they also produce a light with a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating, resulting in significantly improved visibility. Combined with the directional nature of LED chips allowing for more efficient use of light output, this makes for a large improvement in the safety of garage and storage space users, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by poor visibility. In fact, it is for this very reason that LED lighting is recommended by leading safety experts, not just in garages but everywhere lighting is used.