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Overhead Crane Manufacturers

Largest Overhead Crane Manufacturers

Used in heavy industry and commercial shipping throughout the world, overhead cranes are a vital part of domestic and international business. Also referred to as bridge cranes, suspended cranes or overhead traveling cranes, these machines are designed to be reliable and efficient material handling devices that are often more cost effective in large operations than using the ubiquitous forklift or Hi-Lo truck. They also reduce the need for human interaction with loads, which not only saves on labor hours but also improves worker safety.

As international commerce continues to expand, the global marketplace for industrial overhead cranes has kept pace, with the overall market size projected to be in the neighborhood of $5.76 billion by 2025. Growth in the automotive industry as well as increased government investment in infrastructure development have also contributed to the overhead crane marketplace expansion, with a projected CAGR of approximately 5% for the foreseeable future. This growth is largely concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region of the world due to the emerging economies located there.

Four 140 watt Straits LED crane safety lights mounted on the trolley of an overhead crane in the background. The lights are projecting a red warning box around the crane load

New Crane Safety Initiatives

Demonstration of LED safety lines forming a box around an overhead crane loading area, and live image examples

As the production of overhead cranes continues to increase, the importance of promoting a safe work environment around these large industrial machines is more important than ever. Accidents involving overhead cranes not only may cause catastrophic injury, but can also result in massive damage to a company’s reputation and finances.

Luckily, many overhead crane companies have taken initiative and implemented affordable new technologies to proactively prevent these catastrophic accidents. One of these technologies involves installing LED crane safety lights which attach to the trolley on overhead cranes.

This allows the crane to project visible blue and red LED warning lights to illuminate dangerous areas around the load; thus, serving as a warning to protect workers while increasing precision for crane operators.

Crane Design Details

While the specific details, materials and nuances of each individual crane and manufacturer vary slightly, by and large the cranes follow the same basic design principles with the same fundamental set of parts. The defining feature of an overhead crane is the hoist which is set on a trolley that moves along either single or dual parallel runway beams. These runways are normally mounted on the sides of a building in the instance of a simple single axis crane, or on additional rails which allow for dual axis movement. Commonly used in factories, metal industry, locomotive repair and shipping container facilities, these cranes are meant for lifting exceptionally heavy loads and therefore feature either single or dual beam construction.

Many businesses have found that it is more cost effective to purchase and install their own overhead crane instead of renting or leasing the cranes long term. However shopping for a new crane can be a daunting task, with many options available and a wide variety of manufacturers. In an effort to help clarify the overhead crane marketplace, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top crane manufacturers in both the USA as well as abroad.

Major U.S. Crane Manufacturers

Below is a list of major crane manufacturers in the United States. This list was selected based on annual sales numbers, and includes a general summary of each company. Also included are the location of the headquarters of each manufacturer and their respective employee headcounts.

Terex Corporation – Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Terex has 11,729 employees with $4 billion in annual revenue. With a history of producing machinery and industrial products dating back to 1933, the company sells a wide variety of cranes for different applications. These crane types include rough terrain, light towers, telehandlers, bulk handling, crushing and screening, and overhead cranes.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation – Founded over 150 years ago, Columbus McKinnon Corp is based out of Getzville, New York with 2,997 employees and an annual revenue of $876 million. Specializing in lifting and smart motion control technology, they offer a number of different options for hoisting and lifting equipment, including crane systems, rigging equipment, power and motion technology and process fluid transfer systems.

Mazzella Companies – Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Mazzella excels in the area of lifting and rigging equipment and services, as well as warehouse and metal roofing solutions. With 800 employees and an annual revenue of $185 million, they are a very successful and efficient operation. They even offer an overhead crane ebook to help assist customers in selecting the best overhead crane solution for their business.

Gorbel Cranes – Located in Fishers, New York, Gorbel Cranes employs 400 workers and brings in an annual revenue of approximately $51 million. They offer a large line of cranes as well as ergonomic lifting and fall protection products for general material handling purposes, with the goal of improving warehouse/workshop safety and efficiency.

Brehob Corporation – Specializing in cranes, hoists, air compressors and eclectic work, Brehob employs 213 workers and generates approximately $43 million in annual income. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company has offices throughout the country in order to provide the best service and selection of products.

American Crane and Hoist Corp – Based in Boston, Massachusetts, American Crane and Hoist Corporation employs 112 people and brings in an annual revenue of $28 million. This company specializes in jib cranes, overhead/bridge cranes, as well as hoists, winches and monorails. Most of their products are custom engineered for the specific customer application, resulting in the best possible performance and efficiency.

Ergonomic Partners – As a branch of Tri-State Overhead Crane, Ergonomic Partners is based in St. Louis, Missouri and employs 134 individuals while bringing in an annual revenue of $26 million. With over 50 years of experience in the crane industry, the company specializes in the manufacture of single and double girder top running and under running bridge cranes, as well as double girder gantry cranes, monorail track cranes, and jib cranes.

Engineered Material Handling Inc (EMH) – Employing 61 people in their Valley City, Ohio faculty, Engineered Material Handling is a custom crane manufacturer bringing in an annual revenue of approximately $12 million. They design, manufacture and distribute single and double girder top or under running overhead cranes, including custom designs for loads up to 300 tons.

Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service – Located in Dickson, Tennessee, Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service Corporation employs a small staff of 35 people and brings in an annual revenue of $7 million. Specializing in the manufacturing of overhead cranes, job and davit cranes and monorail hoists, this company’s customer base includes a wide range of industrial, government and commercial users.

Dearborn Overhead Crane – Based in Mishawaka Indiana, Dearborn Crane is a small outfit with 32 employees and an annual revenue of approximately $6 million. With experience dating back to 1947, the company has expertise in jib cranes, gantry cranes, workstation cranes, hoists and crane kits. They also carry a wide range of accessories for crane applications.

Top Crane Manufacturers Globally

Below is a list of the top crane manufacturers located outside of the United States, based on sales volume and overall company size. Included is a general overview of each company, including their location, staff size and annual revenue generated. Many of these companies also have locations and operations within the United States, despite their headquarters being based in another country.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd – Dating back to its founding in 1888, Sumitomo Heavy Industries is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of industrial machinery in Japan, employing 22,543 workers with an annual income of $7 billion. The company specializes in the manufacturing of machinery components as well as precision construction and industrial machinery, ships and environmental facilities.

Konecranes – As one of the largest crane manufacturers in the world, Konecranes is based in Hyvinkää, Finland and employs 16,371 people while bringing in $3 billion in annual revenue. They provide a wide range of lifting and crane equipment, with a number of offices globally including a large US location in Springfield, Ohio.

Cargotec – Based in Helsinki, Finland, Cargotec employs 11,987 workers globally while generating approximately $3 billion in annual revenue. The company is divided into three primary subdivisions, which are Kalmar (cargo and handling equip.), Haib (products for loading, lifting and unloading), and MacGregor (sea engineering solutions).

Weihua Group – Located in Changyuan, China, Weihua Crane employs 6,800 workers and brings in the equivalent of $3 billion in annual revenue. They are a large company providing a number of certified overhead cranes, including but not limited to: heavy duty single or double cranes to casting, grab, intelligent steel-pipe distribution cranes, overhead forging cranes and cranes for power plants and energy facilities. They also offer customized crane designs and services for customers who desire it.

KITO Corp – Founded in 1932, the KITO Corp is based in Yamanashi, Japan and specializes in large material handling equipment with a product range including manual and electric products, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, light and cleanroom cranes as well as custom designed cranes. They employ a staff of 2,308 workers and generate $489 million in annual revenue.

Eilbeck Cranes – Established in 1907, Eilbeck Cranes is a completely privately owned crane manufacturer based in Perth, Australia. They employ 152 workers as part of their operations, while generating $30 million in annual revenue. Their product lineup includes overhead cranes, jib cranes, electric wire rope hoists and chain hoists.

ABUS Kransysteme GmbH – Located in Gummersbach, Germany, ABUS Crane Systems employs 70 workers and generates $13 million in annual revenue. The company primarily focuses on different types of cranes, including overhead traveling cranes, HB systems, jib cranes, lightweight mobile gantry cranes. They also offer supporting products such as wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, as well as various crane and hoist components and accessories.

Mussell Crane Mfg. – Founded in 1991, Mussell Crane Manufacturing is based in Chilliwack, Canada and employs a staff of 21 workers while generating an impressive $11 million in annual revenue. Despite their size, they offer an impressive range of overhead cranes, as well as jib cranes, gantry cranes and all the supporting parts, accessories and related equipment.

Top Diversity Ownership Crane Manufacturers

For those interested in working with a minority owned company, we have listed a group of the top minority owned crane manufacturers in the USA. In order to qualify for minority ownership certification, the company must be over 50% owned, operated or controlled by a member of a minority group. In addition to this, some of these companies listed below are also considered small disadvantaged businesses, as well as others being veteran owned and women-owned. Included are details surrounding each company’s size, location and annual revenue numbers.

American Crane and Equipment Corporation – Located in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, American Crane and Equipment Corp is a small business that provides standardized catalog order equipment, as well as custom equipment and components to suit specific customer needs. They currently employ 180 workers and bring in an annual revenue of $35 million.

Material Flow and Conveyor Systems Inc. – Based in Donald, Oregon, Material Flow and Conveyor Systems is a small business that specializes in a variety of general contractor and industrial products, including overhead and gantry crane. They employ 35 people and bring in an annual revenue of $17.3 million.

Air Technical Industries – Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, Air Technical Industries was established in 1964 and employs 41 people while bringing in approximately $9.7 million in annual revenue. This veteran owned business sells cranes, lift tables and upenders to various industries including general mfg, energy and petrochemical, aerospace, defense, food and automotive suppliers and manufacturers.

Advanced Overhead Systems – As a veteran-owned company based out of Lakeland, Florida, Advanced Overhead Systems employs 26 workers and generates $6.9 million in annual revenue. Since its founding in 1992, this company has won the Southeast Regional Crane Builder of the Year award 13 times in addition to numerous other awards. It is a full service crane manufacturer, working with customers from the design stage to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing.

J. Herbert Corporation – Located in Kissimmee, Florida, J. Herbert Corporation is a small women-owned business of 23 workers that brings in $5.5 million in revenue annually. They specialize in overhead cranes and hoists, as well as monorails, trolleys, winches and other equipment such as lift tables and high powered lifting magnets.

Harriman Material Handling – Another women-owned business, Harriman Material Handling is located in Morristown, Indiana and employs 25 workers with an annual revenue of approximately $5 million. The company sells bridge cranes, crane runway systems, jib cranes, monorails, gantry cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment. In addition to this they also provide crane install services, system inspections, load testing and regular maintenance programs.

Trademark Hoist & Crane – Established in 1995, Trademark Hoist is a Pomona, California based crane manufacturer employing 20 workers and bringing in an annual revenue of $5 million. This minority owned, small disadvantaged company specializes in bridge cranes, jib cranes, monorails, hoists and workstation cranes.

The Bartholomew Company – Based in Hickville, New York, The Bartholomew Company was established in 1949 and employs 18 workers while bringing in an annual revenue of approximately $3 million. This minority women owned company specializes in overhead crane and hoist repair and service.