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LED Lights For Business

Benefits of LED Lights for Business

Lighting in a variety of workplace settings including an office, warehouse, hospital, and commercial building exterior. These are examples of areas that may have OSHA lighting requirements for a safe work environment.

Quality lighting is essential for all types of businesses, whether they be retail, commercial, or industrial operations. Like other business necessities, lighting carries with it inherent ongoing costs that a business must pay in order to continue operations. In order to maximize efficiency and profitability of a business, most decision makers and managers put considerable effort into reducing these ongoing costs of business necessities wherever possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to improve the efficiency and performance of lighting through the use of LED technology.

As a major retailer of commercial LED lighting solutions, we are intimately familiar with its application and use in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments. Our excellent selection of commercial lighting products have helped thousands of satisfied customers improve the energy efficiency and safety of their business operations. Below we have compiled a list of six major benefits of LED lighting for commercial applications.

Six Benefits of LED Lighting For Business

  1. Cost Savings
    There are a couple of main ways in which LED lighting saves money for users. The first and most obvious benefit is the dramatic reduction in energy consumption compared to all other forms of lighting. Another benefit is the near elimination of regular maintenance requirements. This saves a considerable amount over the lifespan of the light, in both labor costs, materials and disposal costs for old bulbs, ballasts, etc.
  2. Longer Life
    LED bulbs and fixtures have an exponentially longer lifespan than traditional lighting units such as HIDs, fluorescents and sodium lamps. In addition to this, the light output throughout their rated lifespan is consistent, unlike other types of lighting which have noticeably reduced light output over time. Even after their rated lifespan numbering in the tens of thousands of hours, LEDs still produce brighter light than regular bulbs nearing the end of their life.
  3. Better Quality Light
    An often overlooked benefit of LED lighting is the better quality of light it produces. LED lighting has a significantly improved color rendering when compared to traditional forms of lighting. This higher CRI rating increases the accuracy of the light in replicating colors and provides a safer work environment due to better visibility for workers and staff. It also helps to improve a facility’s appearance and makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.
  4. Produces a Better Work Environment
    LED lighting has zero glare and noticeably less tiring on your eyes over extended periods of time. Business owners who have upgraded their lighting to LEDs have noticed improved productivity and job satisfaction from their employees as well as increased sales in retail stores due to a more pleasant shopping experience. The improved safety isn’t just a result of the improved quality of light that LEDs provide – unlike traditional forms of lighting LEDs do not use toxic heavy metals and chemicals. This makes end of life disposal easier and removes the need for special cleanup procedures if a light is accidently destroyed or damaged.
  5. Upgrading is Easy
    It has never been easier to upgrade your facility to LED technology. There are a wide range of options for business owners to choose from depending on the application requirements, budgets, etc. From drop-in bulbs that work with existing fixtures to full on replacement fixtures designed to integrate seamlessly with renovations and new construction, there is an LED solution for every need.
  6. Dramatic improvement in energy efficiency
    While being energy efficient has the obvious benefit of reducing operating costs and being more environmentally friendly, there are additional benefits that may not be apparent to most. One of the first benefits is the ability to run additional lights for increased lumen output without increasing the overall energy consumption of a facility. Another benefit is that for portable lighting applications or lighting that may need to be powered by on-site generators, the reduced electricity consumption of LED lighting means that generators can be smaller which reduces capital investment and operating costs.

Popular Business LED Lighting Applications

LED lighting is popular across a wide range of applications throughout the commercial and industrial sectors. Its versatility and performance make it a solid choice for just about any application requiring quality and efficient lighting. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most popular applications LED lighting is used for: