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Mini Golf Lights

Mini Golf Lights

We carry a variety of top quality indoor and outdoor LED mini golf lights that are protected against dust and harsh weather. These commercial quality lights provide bright illumination with high energy efficiency that’s dispersed with a specialized lens to avoid distracting golfers Browse our selection of miniature golf course lights or get a free professional lighting plan from our sports lighting experts.

What is Mini Golf Lighting?

Miniature Golf Lighting refers to the specialized illumination used for both indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses, ensuring optimal visibility, safety, and gameplay experience. The right lighting setup is essential for players to clearly discern the golf ball, course obstacles, holes, and pathways, irrespective of whether it's a casual round or a competitive game. Proper lighting helps enhance the overall gaming experience while minimizing shadows and preventing glare, which is especially crucial in making accurate putts and navigating challenging course features.

What Kind of Lights Are Used for Miniature Golf Courses

For indoor miniature golf courses, you might consider using LED UFO high bay lights or LED Linear High Bay Lights. These lights often come with protective covers or enclosures to shield them from potential impacts or tampering in areas with interactive or moving course elements.

For outdoor miniature golf courses, it's recommended to use LED landscape lights or LED flood lights with the necessary power to ensure the entire course is brightly and uniformly illuminated.

Miniature Golf Course Lighting Design

Here’s an example of a 3D miniature golf course lighting photometric design constructed by our professional lighting engineers. In this example,

Miniature Golf Course Lighting Requirements

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) provides recommendations for sports and recreational lighting, including miniature golf, in its publication "IES RP-6-15: Sports and Recreational Area Lighting". The specific requirements or recommendations for miniature golf course lighting will depend on the complexity of the course and whether it's located indoors or outdoors.

Here's a general breakdown of the IES guidelines for miniature golf course lighting:

  • Indoor Miniature Golf Courses:
    • Recreational Play: Around 250 lux (approximately 25 foot-candles).
    • Intermediate Play (e.g., larger indoor facilities, competitive events): 400 lux (approximately 40 foot-candles).
    • Professional or Themed Play (e.g., advanced courses, televised events): 600 lux to 1000 lux (approximately 60 to 100 foot-candles).
  • Outdoor Miniature Golf Courses:
    • Recreational Play: 150 lux (approximately 15 foot-candles).
    • Intermediate Play: 250 lux (approximately 25 foot-candles).
    • Professional or Themed Play: 400 lux (approximately 40 foot-candles).
    • Uniformity: The recommended uniformity ratio might differ based on the course design but is generally around a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio (maximum to minimum brightness).
    • Glare Control: Essential for miniature golf, especially with courses that have elevated or multi-level holes. Lighting fixtures should be designed and positioned to minimize glare for players.
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI): High CRI values are desirable as they ensure colors, especially of obstacles and course features, are displayed more vividly, enhancing the playing experience.
    • Control of Spill Light and Light Pollution: For outdoor courses, especially close to residential areas or wildlife habitats, it's vital to control spill light to reduce disturbances.
    • Durability: Given the interactive nature of mini-golf, with players moving around and potentially bumping or knocking fixtures, it's crucial to choose durable lighting solutions that can endure wear and tear.

Indoor Mini Golf Lighting

When it comes to indoor miniature golf course lighting, the goal is to provide even, vibrant illumination that eliminates shadows and reduces glare. The entirety of the course, including the holes, obstacles, pathways, and even the score areas, needs to be well-lit. LED lights are the top choice for their energy efficiency, long-lasting nature, exceptional light quality, and limited heat output.

The playing terrain should be illuminated effectively to ensure that the ball, hole locations, and other course markings are distinctly visible. The color rendering index (CRI) of the lights is another essential factor to note. CRI measures how accurately a light source depicts colors. For miniature golf courses, a high CRI is advantageous as it ensures players can vividly see the various course features and accurately navigate obstacles.

We provide lighting solutions for indoor miniature golf courses that are shielded from dust and interference. These come with a specialized lens that spreads the light uniformly, delivering brightness without compromising players' visibility. Such fixtures are often referred to as LED UFO High Bay Lights or LED Linear High Bays.

Outdoor Mini Golf Lighting

Outdoor miniature golf courses demand intricate lighting designs. It's crucial to position lights to reduce shadows and glare, ensuring that players have optimal visibility, especially during evening or nighttime rounds. High-intensity landscape lights or floodlights are typically employed to illuminate these courses after dark.

The specific lighting requirements for a miniature golf course can depend on several factors, including the course's size, its complexity, its primary audience (casual visitors versus competitive players), and any relevant local regulations. Hence, consulting with an experienced lighting designer or a seasoned course manager is advisable when planning lighting for an outdoor miniature golf setting.

We provide lights for outdoor mini golf courses that come with an IP66 rating, ensuring they're durable and can handle various weather conditions. These lighting solutions are commonly referred to as LED landscape lights, LED flood lights, or LED pathway lights.