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Pharmacy Lighting

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Commercial Quality Pharmacy Lighting

LED drop ceiling troffer lights illuminating the area around a small pharmacy

Having proper illumination throughout a facility that operates in healthcare and medicine is critical. This is critical not only for general workplace safety, but also to help prevent mistakes such as medication errors that could jeopardize an individual’s health and put a pharmacy at risk for potential liability.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs stresses the importance of proper pharmacy lighting in their official Pharmacy Service Design Guide. According to the guide, “Lighting systems are essential for the Pharmacy staff to perform and function safely, efficiently, and effectively.” (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2018, Pharmacy Service Design Guide, section 2.3.7 Electrical Systems)

At Commercial LED Lights, we have commercial grade lighting fixtures for retail stores, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities. These lights are RoHS Compliant, uL Listed, LM79 Tested, and specially designed for commercial applications. This design and certification helps to ensure safe, effective, and energy efficient illumination throughout a pharmacy.

Pharmacy Lighting Considerations

1. Safety - Whether you’re opening a new pharmacy, or looking to improve your existing lighting system, the safety of staff and customers should be the first priority. Using lighting fixtures that are designed for commercial applications and have necessary performance and safety certifications can help ensure safety throughout a facility. Also, higher CRI light such as that produced by LED fixtures improves visibility dramatically, reducing mistakes and workplace accidents.

2. Cost - Infrastructure and building expenditures are always a consideration for companies, especially in today's business world with tightening budgets. However long term cost considerations are often lost when decision makers are looking to upgrade their facilities - usually going with the least expensive option without considering the bigger picture. While LED lighting fixtures have a higher initial cost, they are far less expensive in the long run due to their exceptional energy efficiency, long life and minimal maintenance requirements.

3. Replacing or Retrofitting - When upgrading a pharmacy to LED lighting, there are a couple of options. The first is replacing the existing lighting fixtures entirely with a new LED unit. The second is retrofitting existing lighting fixtures to use LED bulbs. The choice will depend on the type of existing lighting fixture and whether it is economically and technically feasible to upgrade, as well as aesthetic considerations. In certain cases, upgrading the entire fixture is part of a larger refresh of a pharmacy and makes the most sense.

4. Fixture Type - There is a wide range of fixtures applicable to retail and commercial pharmacies. Generally speaking, the most popular type for indoor applications is troffer lights, which seamlessly integrate into existing drop ceilings. Another common type is strip lighting, which is used for storage rooms and non-public facing areas, due to its low cost and utility. On the exterior, canopy lights are used for drive-through pharmacy windows, as well as wall packs for the exteriors of buildings. For larger pharmacies, parking lot flood lights are used to ensure a safe environment for customers.

5. Color Temperature - While often overlooked, color temperature is an important consideration for retail pharmacies. Color temperature is the hue of the light itself, defined in its equivalent temperature in degrees kelvin. The most common color temperature for retail and commercial lighting is 5000K, which happens to also be the closest match to natural sunlight. Generally speaking, any light in the 4000-5000K range is ideal for pharmacy purposes, as it provides the best overall visibility and sets a pleasant mood.

6. Wattage and Lumen Output - One of the most difficult tasks for those looking to upgrade their lighting to LED technology is determining the correct wattage output for their new fixtures. The lighting output of traditional fixtures was commonly measured based on wattage, as most fixtures of a similar wattage produced a similar light output. With modern LED technology however, this isn’t always the case. The best way to determine the appropriate wattage LED fixture is to match as closely as possible the lumen output of existing fixtures, or to raise the lumen output to the desired level. In short, the best way to shop for LED fixtures is by lumen output and not wattage.

Indoor Pharmacy Lighting

Square shaped LED troffer lights on the ceiling inside a pharmacy

Suspended Fixtures - As the name implies, these fixtures hang from a ceiling or other mounting point from above. Suspended LED fixtures are simple and straightforward to install, and aesthetically pleasing for interior designs with a more minimalist approach.

Troffer Lights - These lights are designed specifically to be mounted in drop-ceilings, integrating with the existing ceiling tile system. While identical in appearance to traditional troffer lighting fixtures, LED troffers bring pharmacies into the 21st century with top of the line lighting technology.

Flat Panels - These fixtures offer the sleekest type of fixture available, with an exceptionally low profile for maximum vertical clearance. With the capability of being mounted in drop-ceilings or directly onto flat ceiling surfaces, flat panel LED fixtures are quickly becoming a top choice for retail pharmacy lighting, as well as general interior applications across the board.

Exterior Pharmacy Lighting

Good quality outdoor pharmacy lighting ensures adequate illumination throughout the parking lot. Having a properly lit parking lot during evening hours adds security around the premises and provides both customers and staff with a feeling of safety. Additionally, quality outdoor lighting helps with building security, and ensures that customers can easily locate the facility at night.

Pole Mounted Lighting Fixtures - Ideal for parking lots, walkways and other public access outdoor areas, LED pole mounted fixtures are a great choice for pharmacies looking to ensure maximum security and safety for their customers, employees and the general public using their outdoor areas.

LED Flood Lights - For applications requiring bright and wide lighting coverage, LED flood lights are by far the most popular choice on the market today. Unlike traditional flood lights, LEDs do not require maintenance and have an exceptionally long service life. This makes them ideal for applications such as high mounted flood lights where access is limited.

LED Wall Packs - These are easily mounted wall lighting fixtures that enhance security around building entrances, alleyways, emergency exits, and other areas around the perimeter of a facility. They are particularly popular with retail pharmacies due to the high amount of foot traffic around the building.

LED Canopy Lights - Mounted underneath overhangs and canopies, these lights provide drive through pharmacies with exceptional LED illumination. They are also popular in applications where a building has large overhangs over entrances and pedestrian walkways. These lights help to increase visibility for customers and employees, which improves both safety and security.