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Foot Door Opener

Foot Door Opener

News story about a green hands-free foot operated door opener known as 'the toad opener'

The Toad Opener™ is a new foot operated door opener that allows people to enter through doors hands-free. This reduces the spread of germs in restaurants, bathrooms, and other commercial or residential settings.

  • Increase accessibility while reducing germs and costs
  • Easy installation
  • No drilling
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Set Descending Direction

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No Drilling Or Damage To Your Door

One unique selling point for the hands-free door openers we sell is that they require absolutely no drilling. Almost all other products out there on the market require drilling holes in order to attach the unit. Our products are 100% removable and leave no damage to your door before or after installation.

Reopen Your Business Safely

After the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been many changes. This includes new sanitary requirements for a business to operate as well as people being more careful when interacting in public. Using our hands-free door openers can help promote a more germ-free environment by reducing the amount of touch-points throughout a facility. This helps your customers feel a peace of mind when navigating your facility and looks very positive for your business in that you’re promoting sanitary conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a “foot door opener?”
As the name suggests, a foot operated door opener is a device that allows you to open a door hands-free by using your foot. The device is typically a lever that’s located at the base of the door. This lever allows someone to open the door by pressing down on it with their foot.

Q. Why should you use a foot operated door opener?
Using a hands-free door opener reduces the risk of transmitting contagions especially in areas with high volumes of people such as restaurants or in highly infectious areas such as bathrooms. Reducing the risk of transmission is especially important in today’s world with the recent global health crisis. Reducing the number of touch-points throughout a facility is a sure way to promote a more sanitary environment. In addition to reducing germs, these devices also are highly convenient as you can open doors while carrying objects or when your hands are otherwise full.

Q. Where can a foot operated door opener be used?
These devices are commonly used in areas with high volumes of people such as restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. The device can be installed on virtually any door with a handle such as the front door, bathroom doors, and other rooms where customers and staff may potentially enter. Foot operated door openers can also be used for refrigerator doors and a variety of other applications including:

  • Bars or Nightclubs
  • Hospitals or Medical Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Courts or Law Offices
  • Residential Homes With Sliding Doors
  • Stadiums
  • Government Buildings (i.e. City Halls)
  • Schools or Universities
  • Any other area with a commercial or sliding door

Q. What if I have a custom request or a large order?
If you have a special request such as a certain color not found within our store or require a lot of units to fill your facility we can work directly with the manufacturer to meet your demand. Simply, call our number or send us a message through our contact form and we’ll provide you with a special quote based on the nature of your request.