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Knuckle Mount Flood Light

Knuckle Mounted LED Flood Lights

Knuckle mounts are used to place flood lights on outdoor applications that require illumination around a specific area. This type of mounting is commonly used where mounting via ½ conduit threading is preferred. Our knuckle mount LED flood lights are used in business, municipalities and parking facilities throughout the country.

Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

16 items

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Signage Lighting

Knuckle mount LED flood lights are a popular method of providing illumination to signage found in front of businesses, neighborhoods, or commercial buildings. As you can see in this image, the fixture is installed at ground level and can fully illuminate the sign for any onlookers. This fixture can be adjusted with an 180 degree adjustable knuckle mount arm.

Knuckle mount LED flood light planted in the ground casting illumination on signage directly in front of the fixture

Flagpole Lighting

Another popular application for knuckle mount LED flood lights are illuminating flag poles. The 180 degree adjustable knuckle mount arm can be pointed upward and cast illumination throughout the pole lighting all the way up to the flag. This way, the flag is fully visible during evening hours to pedestrians and vehicles passing by.

American flag on a pole that's being properly illuminated by two knuckle mount LED flood light fixtures pointed upward

About Knuckle Mounting For Outdoor Fixtures

Flood lights by far are the most effective commercial outdoor lighting solutions available on the market today. This is largely due to their reliability, versatility and durability in tough weather conditions. They are very popular in applications such as gas stations, parking lots, parking garages, municipal street and general outdoor lighting applications requiring intense illumination in a robust, compact package.

Knuckle mounts allow flood light fixtures to be mounted on poles, walls or any other mount that uses ½ conduit connections. This provides directional lighting to a specific area, improving visibility, safety and security. These mounts provide a nearly unlimited range of motion either up, down or side to side. The versatility of these mounts makes them a popular choice in the flood light marketplace.

The U.S. Department of Energy describes flood light applications in an exterior lighting study they conducted. According to the study,

“Floodlight luminaires are veritable luminaires in the exterior market. The focus of the luminaire is to focus/direct light, so not only do floodlight luminaires light flags, building facades, architectural features, but floodlights can also provide general illumination when an area luminaire cannot be sufficiently utilized.” (U.S. Department of Energy, September 11, 2011 Exterior Lighting Scoping Study)

Frequently Asked Questions

Knuckle Mounted LED Flood Light

Q. What is a knuckle mount?
A knuckle mount is a vertical mount with an adjustable top allowing you to move an attached object back and forth. The mount has a half inch conduit at the bottom in order to attach the mount on a desired area. Knuckle mounts are popular for outdoor flood lights due to the adjustable functionality which allows for aimable illumination.

Q. Where are knuckle mounts used?
Knuckle mounts are commonly used for outdoor lighting fixtures such as LED flood lights. These mounts are easily installed in outside areas and can be pointed upward or downward. This adjustability makes knuckle mounts ideal for illuminating billboards, signage, trees, displays, and other upward/downward illumination needs in outside settings.

Q. What is a knuckle mount LED flood light?
Since knuckle mounts are a highly popular mounting option for LED flood lights, the mounts are often sold together with the fixture. As a result, knuckle mount flood lights remain a common category for outdoor security lighting.

Q. How do you install a knuckle mount LED flood light?
These are installed via a ½ conduit connector. The wires from the light are fed through the opening and then the light is threaded into the mounting location. The knuckle mount can then be adjusted to ensure the light illuminates the desired area(s).