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Race Track Lights

LED Racetrack Lighting

We carry a variety of top quality indoor and outdoor race track lights that are waterproof and protected against dust as well as harsh weather. These commercial quality lights provide bright illumination with high energy efficiency that’s dispersed with a specialized lens to avoid distracting drivers and spectators.

Whether your application involves a horse arena, car speedway, drag strip, or other type of race track, we can help you find the perfect lighting solution.

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The Importance of Race Track Lighting

Quality lighting for race tracks and racing events has an easily noticeable and well known impact on visibility for fans, spectators and media crews. However, something not often thought about is how lighting affects race participants and track workers. Equipping a track facility with the best lighting possible ensures that drivers, participants and workers have optimal visibility. This increase in visibility results in decreased reaction times from drivers, riders and participants and improved safety overall.

What Type of Lights Are Used for Race Tracks?

While there are a number of race track lighting options available on the market today, most tracks use LED technology for new installations and retrofits. There are a number of different reasons for this, but it comes down to several key advantages LED lighting offers. These include things such as increased energy efficiency, service life increases for the lighting fixtures, and an increase in lighting accuracy.

Ground view perspective of a racetrack showing the finish line and grandstands illuminated by LED floodlights

There are several specific LED light fixture options race track owners choose for their facility’s needs. Some of our most popular are our flood lights, which provide a wide beam angle and evenly distribute light over a large area. These lights come in a variety of wattages, mount types and sizes depending on specific user requirements.

Generally speaking, LED lights suitable for race track illumination start in the 80 watt range and increase in power from there. The higher the wattage, the greater the intensity of the light and the larger the area it can effectively illuminate. Mount types are simply a matter of personal preference, and can be selected either to match existing mounting fixtures during retrofitting or to suit specific design requirements of new installations. The most popular mounting options for our flood lights when used in race track applications are yoke mounts, and slip fitter mounts. These two mounting options provide users the widest range of mounting options and configurations.

LED Racetrack Lighting

The first and most obvious benefit is the dramatic increase in energy efficiency of LED lighting compared to practically any other type of light. The most common type of light in the past for track lighting is metal halide high intensity discharge lamps, halogen bulbs or high pressure sodium lamps. While these older lamps are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they are not even close to the efficiency of LED lamps. When switching to LEDs from existing types of lighting, customers typically see up to a 70% improvement in energy efficiency with the same level of lumen output. The second benefit is the significantly longer lifespan of the lights themselves, as well as the reduction or elimination entirely of maintenance costs. Traditional styles of lighting have much higher maintenance costs due to the relatively short useful service life of the bulbs themselves and the supporting equipment needed to run them. LED lighting on the other hand requires almost no maintenance, and has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours or more - double or triple that of traditional lighting.

For most, the last major benefit isn’t readily apparent to most but it is equally important. LED lighting by its nature has significantly higher lighting accuracy than traditional lighting, which makes it easier to accurately see colors and detail. An increase in lighting accuracy makes a huge difference in high speed environments such as race tracks where a fraction of a second reaction time can change safety outcomes. It also makes for a generally more pleasant environment, which helps to bring back repeat fans and spectators, as well as improve the mood of employees and workers.