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Exterior Stairwell Lighting

Outdoor Stairwell Lighting

Commercial LED Lights offers a wide range of lighting solutions for all types of exterior stairway applications. Our high performance fixtures offer cutting edge technology with strong illumination output and high energy efficiency.

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Outdoor Stair Lighting Fixture Types

A stairway in a parking garage is illuminated using a vapor tight linear LED fixture mounted above

Commercial and industrial facilities utilize exterior stairways to allow for ingress and egress of customers, employees and other individuals. Because these areas are outdoors and often subject to poor weather conditions, lack of sunlight, etc, it is important that they have good visibility to ensure safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents. The best way to ensure this is through the use of outdoor rated stairway lighting fixtures that will provide adequate visibility regardless of the conditions.

Thankfully, lighting technology has improved rapidly over the past decade with dramatic improvements in performance as well as cost reduction and reliability. Commercial LED Lights is proud to be a provider of industry leading outdoor stairway lighting solutions for every type of facility application. Our lights are ideal for ensuring safety for users and providing enhanced security for the facility, while saving owners a significant amount in annual maintenance and energy costs.

Outdoor Stair Lighting Fixture Types

The basement of a parking garage is shown with vapor tight fixtures mounted on the concrete ceiling above

Exterior stairways in commercial and industrial buildings can be configured in a number of different ways, and are quite flexible in regards to the type of fixture that can be used. The biggest consideration to keep in mind with exterior stairway lighting and outdoor lighting in general is the weather resistance rating of the fixture itself. Outside of that, there are several common types of outdoor fixtures utilized in these applications, which are often used in conjunction with each other in different areas of a stairway in order to provide a solid balance of efficiency and effectiveness. Listed below are the most common lighting fixture types used in outdoor stairwell applications:

Vapor Tight Fixtures - Intended for use specifically in areas where there are concerns about moisture and particle ingress, vapor tight fixtures are typically used in outdoor stairway applications along walls and overhead covered awnings. Their housing is designed to prevent the ingress of moisture and debris in order to ensure long term reliable operation of the fixture.

Flood Lights - Designed for outdoor applications that require serious weather resistance while providing exceptional lumen output, flood lights are perfect for outdoor stairways that do not have covered entryways. Their durable alloy housing is impervious to all temperatures and weather conditions, and is easily mountable in any area around stairwells.

Canopy Lights - Perfect for overhangs and canopies covering exterior stairwells, these lights are sealed from the elements and offer solid lumen output in a straightforward and durable package. They are flush mounted, eliminating any exposed wiring and have a clean finished look.

Why Use LEDs?

There are many reasons why choosing LEDs for stairway lighting is the best choice for commercial and industrial applications, specifically in regards to its serious improvements in both energy efficiency and visibility, as well as an overall better quality of light. In addition to this, LED bulbs and fixtures have a considerably longer service life than traditional lighting technologies, which means that facilities will have far less downtime for these critical ingress and egress areas.

Because most accidents in stairways occur due to poor visibility, illumination is a top priority for building managers and owners. This is where LED lighting shines, as it not only produces high candlepower outputs but also has a noticeably improved lighting accuracy, thanks to its higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating. In fact, LED lights across the board have some of the highest CRI ratings in the lighting industry, which reduces eye strain and allows for easier and more natural color recognition, ultimately improving real world visibility.

In addition to longer service lives and improved visibility, LED technology is also dramatically more energy efficient than traditional forms of lighting, with most users noticing an energy consumption reduction of up to 70% over their old setups. For commercial and industrial applications where these lights are often on for 12 to 24 hours a day, this savings in electricity can cover the costs of the upgrade within the first year of operation and continue to save costs for years to come.